Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 275 Bidding Rules


After Li Ya left him alone in the VIP room, Yi Tianyun calmly sipped his tea while waiting for the auction to begin. He noticed that the cultivators from all over the places were coming one by one.

The auction will start soon, he knew that much after seeing that the auction hall was already packed with cultivators.

Soon enough, Li Ya entered the stage. She seemed to be the auctioneer for that occasion; she announced that the auction would start in a minute and that the bidder could buy whatever they wished. She announced it with a smile on her face while also signaling her staff to bring up the first item.

But like in the hallway with Yi Tianyun earlier, Li Ya once again got another uncomfortable stares and rumors from the cultivators in the auction hall.

They were all saying that Li Ya was an incompetent cultivator, and she was there as a gift from Pavilion Lord Li because she couldn’t do anything else.

Li Ya heard it all, but she tried her best to ignore it, she felt awkward after hearing it all, but she wanted to maintain her professionalism and continued the auction without any hindrance.

She immediately announced the first treasure to auction, and that was a Middle-Grade Soul Tool Heavenly Cold Jade Sword with 4th Grade Extreme Cold Divine Rune on it.

That sword will create a blast of ice wave as it was swung; it was an amazing weapon for cultivators with an ice affinity.

The starting bid was 1.000 Jade Spirit Stone with a minimum increment of 100.

After she said all that, everyone was getting excited, especially the cultivators with ice affinity.

The price was steadily going up, and Yi Tianyun noticed that the weapon would eventually be expensive at the end of the day.

But he didn’t have any interest in buying that one, he could make it himself!

Even the Divine Rune was not something that special!

After the sword, there were at least 20 more items that have been sold to the bidder, and the Jade Spirit Stone that Yi Tianyun was searching for finally will be auctioned!

The Jade Spirit Stone was ranked 3rd of the most expensive item that the auction will sell, and therefore it will be auctioned at the latter half!

The last two items that were more expensive than the Jade Spirit Stone were supposed to be a medicinal type item, and the last one was unknown.

Yi Tianyun didn’t particularly care about the last two items, with his ability to Forge Weapon and Armor, and to refine Medicinal Pills, he thought that it was a hassle to buy anything of that sort. He could create it himself if he really needed it!

In the VIP room, while waiting for the Jade Spirit Stone to show up Yi Tianyun brought out his refining tools and began to refine many Lower Grade Soul Tools, he thought that was the best time to refine some as he was bored of waiting! He will be able to refine Middle-Grade Soul Tools and High-Grade Soul Tools eventually!

He knew that refining a Medicinal Pills and Refining Weapon and Armor will have a significant impact on the improvement of his Faction later on. He kept refining until he heard Li Ya sounded excited once again.

“The next item is mainly for Divine Rune Master. I believe that everyone has already known the item, and that is the Huge Jade Spirit Stone! It has a variable weight to it as the lowest is 200 lbs, and the highest is 300 lbs. I believe this Jade Spirit Stone is essential for creating a Great Array!” Li Ya said excitedly while also pulling out the cover for the Jade Spirit Stone.

The cultivators were all excited to see that Jade Spirit Stone finally showed up, but there were not that many who were excited enough since there were only a few Divine Rune Masters among the crowds, and the Huge Jade Spirit Stone had a little to no value to the cultivator who wasn’t a Divine Rune Master.

“Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t want to sell these stone per piece and thus has to be auctioned as one item, because of that, the price will be higher, and this time the main currency would be a Soul Tool! As lower Grade Soul Tool would be used as the default currency. Middle-Grade Soul Tool would equal to 30 Lower Grade Soul Tool, and High-Grade Soul Tool would be equal to 100 Lower Grade Soul Tool. The starting price is 10 Lower Grade Soul Tool with an increment of 10! Let the bid start!” Li Ya said excitedly.

Many excited cultivators started to raise the price as they saw fit while Yi Tianyun was still waiting for his turn to come.

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