Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 276 High Price


The whole place was surprised to hear that the Jade Spirit Stone’s price has reached 200 Lower Grade Soul Tools!

But it was not over yet, someone from the VIP room next to Yi Tianyun also bid 300 Lower Grade Soul Tool as their price, which caused continuous increment bidding price among the crowds.

Then a meek voice came from another VIP room, increasing the price to 500 Lower Grade Soul Tool.

Many people were shocked to hear that price.

They didn’t see that much increment coming!

Yi Tianyun knew that was his time to bid and immediately said that he would bid for 800 Lower Grade Soul Tool!

Yi Tianyun’s price has silenced everyone on the hall; it was way too much for the Jade Spirit Stone!

Everyone looked at the VIP room where Yi Tianyun currently sat at; they wanted to see the face of the rich guy who managed to silence them!

Li Ya knew that voice belonged to the Young Master that she invited in herself, she knew that he was a rich man, but even she didn’t expect that he had that much money on him!

From the VIP room next to Yi Tianyun, he heard another bid from a young man’s voice saying he will pay 810 Lower Grade Soul Tool for the Jade Spirit Stone.

That young man also talked in a threatening way to Yi Tianyun, saying that he was from the Divine Rune Division of Netherworld Empire and he really wanted the Jade Spirit Stone for the Netherworld Empire, he also said that if Yi Tianyun still increased the price to buy the stone, the Netherworld Empire will punish him for that.

Yi Tianyun sighed as he heard the man spoke, and immediately after the young man’s speech, he increased the price once again to 850 Lower Grade Soul Tool!

The man who threatened Yi Tianyun before fell silent due to Yi Tianyun’s unexpected course of action!

Not only did Yi Tianyun increase the price once again, but he also ignored him completely!

Didn’t he know who he was!

He was Li Hao of the Netherworld Empire!

He will make sure Yi Tianyun paid for that humiliation!

No one else dared to bid as everyone realized that the price was already too high!

“You know what! Have it your way then, buy it for me. As soon as you left the Star Pavilion, I will surely take what is mine!” Li Hao said for only Yi Tianyun to hear.

Yi Tianyun’s face became cold.

As expected of Netherworld Empire’s scum.

They sure knew how to make his blood boiled.

If that man really picked a fight with him afterward, Yi Tianyun will make sure to kill him in the most brutal way!

Li Ya than proceeded to make sure there was no other bidder who wanted to bid for the Jade Spirit Stone and then closed it while saying the Jade Spirit Stones were successfully bought by the Young Master at the VIP room!

Many people craned their necks to see who the man capable of buying the stone with such a high price was!

Normal people, even a rich one, won’t be able to buy a Jade Spirit Stone with that price!

It was simply too much for the right mind!

However, Yi Tianyun was satisfied that he finally got his hands on the Jade Spirit Stone.

He wasn’t afraid to spend his resources on the things that he needed!

If he didn’t have any Soul Tool left after that, he just needed to find another Netherworld Empire’s headquarter and destroyed it while also looting the place to his heart content!

Right after the Jade Spirit Stone, Li Ya immediately brought another item to the stage.

The item was covered with red clothes to cover the aura of the item.

“These are the medicinal pills, which is very useful for any faction. These Medicinal Pills are called Spirit Congealing Pill! It can help the Spirit Refinement Cultivator breakthrough to the Core Condensation stage! It will 100% level up a Spirit Refinement Peak Stage Cultivator to Core Condensation immediately while having a 50% chance for the 9th layer Spirit Refinement cultivator. This auction has a total of 5 pills, which will be sold as a whole!” Li Ya said excitedly.

When she finished her speech, everyone had a surprised look on their face.

That meant the pill could help 5 Spirit refinement cultivators broke through to Core Condensation Cultivators!

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