Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 97 The Difficult Task


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The next day, Natasha came into Nick Fury’s office casually. She didn’t say anything and just stood straight in the room, waiting for Nick Fury to finish speaking. She was satisfied enough with her ‘vacation,’ in fact she has already bored of not doing anything. She wanted to feel her adrenaline rushing again.

“Looks like you have become more beautiful in your vacation. Did you know that Dio has involved himself in a very pickle situation for us to solve? Oh, I bet you know, right? Since it was your job to tail him!” Nick Fury said furiously.

Seeing that Natasha didn’t show any emotion and seemed bored of Nick Fury’s ranting, he sighed and changed his approach.

“Since the problem is already solved, you will not be held accountable for anything that happened. But you need to complete your next assignment cleanly! Do you hear me? CLEANLY!” Nick Fury said with rage in his eyes.

“Yes, sir! Will do!” Natasha said confidently. She didn’t even ask about the details of her assignment! All she wanted was just went back to do her job!

“Now, sit down and take a look at this document.” Nick Fury said strictly.

She immediately did so and raised her brows as she was surprised to read the content of the document.

That was the report of several agents, including Coulson’s, that Nick has merged into one for Natasha to read.

Dio has done so much in a very little time table!

After Natasha finished reading the document, Nick Fury immediately ordered her to convince Dio to join SHIELD. She could agree to any condition that Dio gave as long as it wasn’t something completely unreasonable. And she must report back to Nick as soon as possible!

Natasha frowned as soon as she heard her assignment.

“You know that he doesn’t have a good impression on us, right? He was only interested in money! I don’t think anything else could impress him to join us.” Natasha said coldly. She didn’t want to do that assignment. After all, it was just going to be another failure!

“You know, if this task were easy, I wouldn’t leave it to you! You are the only person who has the longest contact with the target; therefore, you have the biggest probability of success! If all he really wants is money, just give it to him then!” Nick Fury said furiously.

SHIELD had so much resources to burn. He knew that at the end of the day, if all Dio wanted was money, he was sure that he could provide it!

Plus, if Dio could really cure Tony Stark from his illness, then Nick was sure that Tony would be one of SHIELD’s financial sponsors.

“If that’s already decided, then I can try to convince him!” Natasha said while sighing, she viewed that task to be nothing but a hassle!

“I don’t want you to try, agent! I want you to succeed! This is the only assignment that you must not fail on! He is the most important asset by far!” Nick said furiously.

“Of course, Director! I will try my best!” Natasha said confidently.

“In addition to this task, I have another assignment for you as soon as you finish this one.” Nick Fury said while giving another document to Natasha.

Natasha immediately opened the document to read its content, and she immediately saw the name Bruce Banner in there. She knew that Bruce Banner was the name of a scientist who got into an accident not too long ago.

“A scientist, Director? How the hell is he useful for us?” Natasha said confusedly.

“Read the next page, agent! Don’t be a fool.” Nick Fury said coldly.

Natasha immediately turned the next page, and it was the data of a green humanoid creature, she could see that the creature was full of muscle mass! She read that the creature’s name was The Hulk! But she could see some facial features of the creature was the same as Bruce Banner.

“Is this the same person?” Natasha said curiously.

“Yes! The Hulk is Dr. Bruce Banner’s other personality. He was a very good physicist, but after an accident involving gamma radiation, the Hulk was born!” Nick Fury said casually.

“So, I need to convince this Hulk or Dr. Banner into joining SHIELD.” Natasha said confusedly.

“Yeah, one or another is just the same. But my advice, you should convince Dr. Banner! He was much more understanding and don’t make him mad, that is how he became the Hulk.” Nick Fury said while smirking to Natasha.

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