Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 96 Where is Agent Natasha


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“How is Tony holding up?” Nick Fury asked as he remembered that Tony was struck by thunder, and he was currently in the hospital.

“Fortunately, the ark reactor was replaceable, and his life is not in any immediate danger, but he still has to stay in the hospital for quite a while.” Coulson said solemnly.

“Now, I would like to know about Dio’s healing ability. I know that your report didn’t say anything about it in detail so, is it really that miraculous?” Nick Fury asked curiously.

“Yes! Many people on the site already pronounced the kid is already dead because of his injuries is not treatable. But after Dio rescued the target and hide for several minutes, the kid does not only escape the fatal injuries. It’s like there’s no trace of injuries at all! It feels like seeing a magician’s sleight of hand. You thought you see something until it’s not there!” Coulson said while describing his feeling once he saw Dio’s miraculous healing as best as he could.

“I already asked Pete himself as he woke up from the anesthetic earlier, and he said that Dio only put his hand on his wound, and then he feels an intense pain that he couldn’t bear. There is no cooking included, and while he was blackout from his injuries before that, he could feel a warm aura that enveloped him, which brings him back to life. We still don’t know anything about this aura he talks about. It may be one of Dio’s ability too.” Coulson said, explaining things that he didn’t write in his report.

“And I also heard you mentioned something about a talking snail? What is this snail that you are talking about?” Nick Fury said curiously.

“It is not talking. It is more like a spiritual connection, a mental link, or even telepathy if you would. Dio put one snail on my body without me noticing, and then he spoke to me through the snail, he also explained that I should transmit what I want to say like think about it and the snail will send it through. It is a bizarre feeling! Our researcher is currently experimenting on the snail to see what technology is behind all that.” Coulson said with a shocked expression.

“It is a communication medium? Like a cell phone, maybe?” Nick Fury said confusedly.

“It is more like the receiver can hear the thoughts of the other party. Well, it does sound like cell phones in a way.” Coulson said while rubbing his head. He couldn’t describe the details of what he felt and what he did at that moment without feeling like an idiot.

Nick Fury couldn’t help but think of Dio as someone he really needed on his special team.

Dio had the miraculous healing ability while also having the unknown power of the invisible monster, and now, Dio even had a special way of communicating with others? He had too many abilities that will be very useful in a war-like situation.

Nick Fury didn’t think much of that Mutant situation; he currently focused on building his ‘Special Team’ of special people.

In his mind, mutant is just a human with a different gene; it was normal evolution on this earth.

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In the end of the day, if there was a crisis which could destroy the earth, human and mutant will have to unite to prevent the destruction of the world.

That thinking was exactly why he didn’t associate himself with the likes of William Stryker, the man like William Stryker was just another power-hungry fool in his eyes.

“Where is Agent Natasha now?” Fury asked curiously.

“I don’t know, sir. I thought that you gave her a mission to trail Dio every day.” Coulson said curiously.

“Has she done that? I never received any report from her these days. If she really does her job properly, I would have seen a report!” Fury said furiously.

Coulson immediately shut his mouth as to not anger Fury any further.

Nick Fury immediately ordered Coulson to contact Agent Natasha and told her to return to the HQ immediately, which Coulson immediately worked on.

However, Coulson asked Nick Fury before leaving his office on what will SHIELD do about the mutant kid.

Nick Fury immediately said that the kid should be put in the internal prison for a while, and he was thinking of giving the kid a new start with his family later on.

Coulson nodded and left Fury’s office while smiling lightly. He knew that Fury wasn’t a heartless man.

As the director of SHIELD, Fury has gone through so much trouble himself.

There was no way that he couldn’t sympathize with the kid’s situation.

After Coulson has left the office, Nick Fury immediately turned his computer on and checked on ping in Miami.

How could he not know anything about Natasha’s whereabouts?

He felt stupid not to check her daily!

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