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C.L.S Chapter 166 Decision


After the Rain Pavilion Lord Wang and his men left the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruin, Yi Tianyun smiled to Zhu Yuwei, “Elder Zhu, isn’t it better for you to accept their proposal? It’s not a bad offer.” He asked.

“Elder Yi, you are joking, right? There is no way I would come back there again. They already undermined me and betrayed me a couple of times. I am sure they won’t think twice to do it again! Since I became an elder of Jade Palace thanks to you, I will devote myself for Jade Palace pledge my loyalty to Jade Palace and die for Jade Palace if necessary!” Zhu Yuwei said boldly.

Everyone who heard her words was astonished for a second, they never expected Zhu Yuwei to be this resolved and loyal. 

Yi Tianyun, however, was a little embarrassed to have questioned Zhu Yuwei’s choice when he himself was the one who gave her the elder position for Jade Palace.

“If you say so, then Jade Palace would give you the support you needed. I assure you that no one will betray you in this sect as long as I can help it.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly. He knows that Zhu Yuwei had the talent to become a great cultivator in the future. Zhu Yuwei just smiled meaningfully after hearing Yi Tianyun’s word. 

“Miss, where are we?” said one child, breaking the silence.

Everyone’s attention shifted toward the group of children that Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun brought back from their journey to Profound Azure Mansion Headquarter. They became curious about why they brought back this many children to Jade Palace.

After seeing everyone’s curious face, Shi Xueyun sighed and told them about the children’s circumstances. She told them everything that happened in Profound Azure Mansion HQ from the start to where they found the children and the condition they were in, this story brought everyone to tears and fury in their heart. Their anger to Profound Azure Mansion intensified as the story ended. 

Immediately, Shi Xueyun took out every treasure that she and Yi Tianyun found on the Profound Azure Mansion HQ and distributed it to the elders of Jade Palace. The Elders were surprised when they noticed that the treasure they brought back were rare and valuable. 

“This much treasure and all of them are absolutely magnificent in terms of quality as well. So many Earth Level Martial Arts too, we even got High-Grade Spirit Tools and Soul Tools! This is unbelievable, Lord Shi!” one of the elders said enthusiastically. 

“That’s not all we also got our hands on Cultivation and Medicinal Pills to help everyone to cultivate!” another elder said.

Everyone became excited about the finding. They were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of useful items they got, first was from the spoils of war in Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins and now this. 

“This is great! With this, we can become a Second Level Faction easily!” an elder said excitedly.

“Yeah, this is so great! Now, when should we return to the palace?” another elder asked with excitement.

“Go back? Do we need to go back? Why don’t we just stay here and fix this place to accommodate us and use it as our new HQ?” Yi Tianyun said seriously. Everyone became speechless after hearing Yi Tianyun’s suggestion, there was shock on several elder’s faces and contemplating look on another. 

“I know that we have many good memories in that place and thus have a hard time to abandon it. But if we look from another perspective, this place has a greater spirit reserve and better defensive capabilities. That way, the disciple can cultivate without worry, but this is just my opinion. In the end, if majorities decided to go back, that is fine too. We can use this place as the cultivation base if that is the case.” Yi Tianyun said, proposing his idea.

All the elders became hesitant, they didn’t know what to do. There is truth in Yi Tianyun’s word, they knew that this place is so much better than the previous HQ, but on the other hand, they can’t abandon the memories of the ancestor that easily. 

“I agree with Yi Tianyun. This is not because I have a soft spot for Yi Tianyun, it’s because what he said is unmistakably the truth. Our ancestors themselves migrated from Heavenly Borders Continent. They too left their home because of the reason that was already forgotten, that too can happen to us! All I am saying is, this place is much better, and isn’t it better for us to pursue the greater power if we have the chance and means for it?” Shi Xueyun said solemnly. 

After hearing Shi Xueyun’s word, they came to accept the idea to move permanently here.

“Old ancestor, how about this idea? Are you okay with it?” asked one of the elders to the Old Ancestor of Jade Palace.

The old ancestor looked at them with smile, “This is your time, if that’s what you want, have some confidence, and believe in your own decision. I personally wanted to relocate Jade Palace back to Heavenly Borders Continent before my life burns out. But that is just my dream. If we couldn’t pull it off, then so be it.” The old ancestor said with a warm smile.

Everyone acknowledged the old ancestor’s wish and nodded their head in response. They didn’t say anything else and dispersed to make some preparation to turn Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to their new headquarter.

In the following day, the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins sounded more lively than usual, many elders were busy to plan this relocation. Zhu Yuwei began buying and bringing things they need to make the place suitable for becoming an HQ.

Yi Tianyun left on his own with nothing to do. Sure, he could cultivate while things are proceeding smoothly, but however, the amount of exp he could get was too little for his liking.

As of his Crazy Points, he felt that he shouldn’t use it carelessly. If, by any chance, he encountered an opponent more powerful than the Old Ancestor Blood Fiend, he had no choice but to level up his Crazy Mode. But as for now, he needed to save it to see what the future brought to him next.

“Old Xuan, can you fix the Spirit Gathering Array in here? Please tell me everything about the materials you need. I will try my best to procure more Divine Runes needed for it.” Yi Tianyun said as he shifted his attention to the great array that protected the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

If the Great Array were in peak condition, it would be easier to cultivate in Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, thus make everyone’s cultivation easier.

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