Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 165: Decline


Profound Azure Mansion has successfully evoked anger in Yi Tianyun’s emotions. Never did he think that the Old Ancestor Blood Fiend would go as far as using children’s blood qi to prolong his own life. There were just so many people who could do before stepping into a monster!


‘Successfully completed the hidden quest [Rescue the trapped children from the devil’s lair]’

‘Reward: 100.000 Crazy Points, 100 Prestige Point.’

Yi Tianyun noticed the system’s notification, but not the slightest hint of happiness on his face. No! all he felt was anger toward such cruelty towards children. He couldn’t think of what other old ancestors did to sustain their own life. After Blood Fiend and Black Soul, it became hard for him to see old ancestors in a different light other than disgust!

Sure, he was not a saint, either. He has his own share of sin, but never did he do it for his own entertainment! It was just in his nature to destroy anyone who wronged his loved ones and tried to harm him. 

“Yi Tianyun! Stop thinking unnecessary stuff, there are things that we couldn’t stop, and there are things that somehow flies to our shoes. And fortunately, this is one of those that we could change for the better. So come on, let’s go home and take care of these children.” Shi Xueyun said while smiling warmly to Yi Tianyun.

“You are right, better think of the future than pondering the past! Let’s go!” Yi Tianyun signaled the Black Dragon to lower his body and let the children mount climb onto its back.

At first, all the children were scared of the dragon in front of them. But because Shi Xueyun’s kind and soothing words, they finally calmed down and climb onto the Black Dragon back. 

After all the children safely rested on the Black Dragon back, Yi Tianyun signaled the Black Dragon to fly off towards Jade Palace, not knowing that there was a pair of eyes watching over them for a while now.

“Profound Azure Mansion is decimated! Who is this brat? He even has a Black Dragon under his control! I need to report this to the emperor, there is unrest on this continent!” Said the middle-aged man as he stared at the Black Dragon flew into the horizon. He immediately left, leaving no trace behind.

Soon enough, Yi Tianyun arrived at Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, where there have been no changes whatsoever in the place.

Due to the spoils of war from Profound Azure Mansion, Jade Palace was in a good financial state right now.

It became Zhu Yuwei’s responsibility to manage it, as well as Yi Tianyun suggested her. 

However, when Yi Tianyun landed and finished taking the children inside the ruins. He noticed that Zhu Yuwei was currently having a conversation with people from the Rain Pavilion. 

“Pavilion Lord Zi, we beg of you to return to the pavilion. You are indispensable for Rain Pavilion!” one person said.

“Yeah! Elder Yu didn’t know what he is doing, and clearly, we didn’t have anything to do with him! He did everything on his own accord!” another said.

“Yeah! If it is up to us, we surely will help you and Jade Palace! There is no reason throwing out a good relation aside!” the final person said.

Zhu Yuwei just sighed and said, “But I’m pretty sure that Elder Yu followed me around, not only to monitor me but also to correct my actions deemed unfit was all an order from you Pavilion Lord Wang, am I wrong?” With a cold tone. She wasn’t a fool, she knew when she has been undermined and betrayed! There may be a second chance, but the third one was out of the question! 

Now, after she finally decided to leave the pavilion to support Jade Palace, they finally realized their mistake!

With her gone, the Rain Pavilion would have a hard time to make a good deal with Jade Palace again. Seeing that Jade Palace even successfully destroyed a powerful sect like Profound Azure Mansion, not having a trade deal with Jade Palace now was the worst-case scenario for them.

Hearing Zhu Yuwei’s word, the middle-aged man known as Pavilion Lord Wang of the Rain Pavilion was stunned. With the cultivation of Eighth Level of Core Condensation, he was clearly powerful, but he had to beg for Zhu Yuwei to return.

“We don’t mean any of that! There is clearly a misunderstanding about elder Yu. Now, if you want, I will make you the General Vice Pavilion Lord of Rain Pavilion, I can offer you this at best…”

He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentences as Zhu Yuwei stopped him from talking by waving them off. She refused the offer without any hesitation! Seeing her this determined to not getting back to people who betrayed her, Yi Tianyun applauded while laughing loudly.

“Well said! Many thanks to you guys for keep throwing her aside, it really gave her the final push to join us. But I am very sorry, we still have many things to do here in ruins, so that’s all for now, you can drop by again later, okay!” Yi Tianyun said, smiling sarcastically.

“Elder Yi! No, Great Lord Yi! We are sorry for troubling you at this time of day, we are hoping that we can pave our relations once more. I am willing to give you a fifty percent discount every time you purchase materials from our pavilion!” Pavilion Lord Wang said while bowing a little to Yi Tianyun, showing his respect. 

This deal is far from profit, but he is prepared to have the deficit as long as Yi Tianyun and Jade Palace became their ally once again. But sadly, Yi Tianyun didn’t see the necessity to accept their offer.

“We need nothing for a while, so please leave immediately!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Pavilion Lord Wang sighed and turned to leave immediately. He was clearly upset and disappointed that they couldn’t get a strong faction like Jade Palace as their partner, but there was nothing he can do now as it was clearly his mistake in the past.

“Well then, this is where we bid farewell. Nice meeting you, Elder Yi.” Pavilion Lord Wang said while disappointment still lingered in his eyes.

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