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C.L.S Chapter 168 Restores Large-Scale Spirit Gathering Array!


Yi Tianyun goes on fixing spree for the Spirit Gathering Array around the ruins, Old Xuan seeing this was a little bit dumbfounded by the fact that his current master was capable of fixing the array. 


‘Successfully repaired Spirit Gathering Array!’

‘Reward: 2.000 Exp, 50 Mastery Points… .’


‘Successfully . . . ‘

He finally finished fixing the Spirit Gathering Array that is easy to fix according to Old Xuan, and now the spiritual energy inside the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins has gotten denser and more concentrated than before.

Only Large Spirit Gathering Array was left damaged, which, according to Old Xuan, needed a Divine Rune Master to be fixed, but he will never know if he didn’t see it for himself. 

“Yi Tianyun! Are you the one repairing all this Spirit Gathering Array?” Shi Xueyun suddenly came. 

“Yes, did you feel the difference in the quality of spiritual energy?” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“Of course, I feel it, the quality is so much stronger, and even the disciples already feel it themselves. I never thought that you are capable of fixing the array.” Shi Xueyun said she was impressed yet again on Yi Tianyun’s skills.

“This is just a skill that I newly discovered myself, aunt. It’s good that the disciple can utilize the effect of the newly fixed array, now all that is left is the Large Spirit Gathering Array, and I am done. But then again, with my current ability, I think that the ruins would only recover around 80% at the most. There is still so much skill that I need to learn to be able to fix all of these.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“You already know this much, take it easy!” Shi Xueyun said with a beautiful smile.

“That’s the thing, the more you know, the more you realize that you’re lacking.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly. 

“Don’t be too stubborn, rest yourself and take it easy! You have done enough.” Shi Xueyun said, assuring.

“Yes, aunt, I will rest in due time. now that you are here, I have a proposal to make.” Yi Tianyun said, changing the topic. 

“What do you have in mind?” Shi Xueyun said, smiling. 

“I have an idea to divide the disciple into different categories so that they can focus their cultivation in a more directed and applicable area from their innate ability. Like blacksmithing, divine rune, alchemy, and such. This will develop Jade Palace much faster!” Yi Tianyun said devoutly.

He was convinced that his idea would make Jade Palace more powerful, this idea couldn’t be used before because it would consume too many resources, and they couldn’t afford it at that time. In this new environment, the disciples would have to consume many pills to cultivate as effective as possible. This could be said the same for the blacksmithing and pill refining, as they need more material to forge to progress their mastery.

To put it bluntly, a sect must have a considerable amount of resources for this to be applicable. However, after the attack of Profound Azure Mansion, they got a lot of resources, enough to actually pull this off!

“I kind of have a similar idea as you, we have the resources needed for this. there is really nothing that stops us from doing so anyway.” Shi Xueyun said, smiling, “With that in mind, I will assign Elder Zhu to be in charge of this plan.” She was amicable with assigning the disciple in order. 

Yi Tianyun nodded and smiled at Shi Xueyun as he agreed with her. With nothing more to say, Yi Tianyun proceeded to the Fourth Grade Spirit Gathering Array that Old Xuan said, requiring Divine Rune Master level to be fixed. He checked it with his appraisal eye, and sure enough, the success probability is only at 30%!

He rechecked it this time using his Heavenly Eyes, his eyes immediately flashed in a blue hue, and shockingly the success rate improved significantly! It improved staggeringly to 80%, leaving Yi Tianyun speechless when he saw the significant improvement. He immediately took out his Divine Rune Stroke and Divine Wood to begin fixing the array.

“Master, are you really gonna fix the array yourself?” Old Xuan asked, not sure that Yi Tianyun would be able to fix the large array.

“Yes, there should be no problem. Even if I fail, the repercussion wouldn’t be that severe. Besides, I think the success rate isn’t that bad, so I have to try at the very least.” Yi Tianyun said boldly.

He didn’t just say this out of optimism. The amount of damage on this array was quite big, so if he somehow failed the reparation, the damage to the array wouldn’t be more severe than it currently has. With that in mind, Yi Tianyun proceeded to fix the array like he said he would.

With a great concentration and Heavenly Eyes constantly activated, he finally fixed the Fourth Grade Spirit Gathering Array perfectly.


‘Successfully repaired the Large Spirit Gathering Array!’

‘Reward: 15.000 Exp, 500 Divine Rune Mastery Points.’


‘Congratulations to host, Basic Level Divine Rune Mastery leveled up to Middle-Level Divine Rune Mastery!’

He finally leveled up his Divine Rune Mastery just enough for him to not use his Heavenly Eyes anymore to fix the remaining Spirit Gathering Array in ruins. After all the Spirit Gathering Array was finally fixed, the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins was filled with a divine breeze, and everyone inside could sense the spiritual power has risen dramatically! 

“Perfect! With this, the main quest should be completed in half a month!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. In addition, Jade Palace would be stronger, his own main quest would be completed!

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