Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 169: Complete Main Quest


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After Yi Tianyun fixed the Large Spirit Gathering Array, he continued to fix other Array that he could fix for now. This time he had a great advantage where he didn’t have to activate the heavenly eyes to fix an array anymore.

Old Xuan, who accompanied Yi Tianyun where ever he goes to show the way, was surprised seeing Yi Tianyun’s capabilities. After all, he didn’t know Yi Tianyun had a talent for Divine Rune. 

After fixing every Fourth Level Array and below, the spiritual power around the ruins became stronger than before.

This time the spiritual power inside Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins was denser than those from the Heavenly Border Continent. This is the real capabilities of a holy land! He was pleased with this fact. With this, surely Jade Palace could become Jade Sect soon, maybe even Jade Mansion!

“Now, let me see higher level Array than those that I already fixed!” Yi Tianyun said to Old Xuan casually.

“Are you really gonna fix a Fifth Level Array by yourself?” Old Xuan asked disbelievingly.

“I will try to gauge the difficulties first, then make plans for it later if I think I couldn’t do it right then.” Yi Tianyun said calculatingly. 

“If that’s what you want, I would only serve! The Array that you seek is right here.” Old Xuan said while directing Yi Tianyun to the Fifth Level array’s whereabout.

As Yi Tianyun examined the Array with the Appraisal Eye, he could see that his chance of successfully fixing the Array was as low as 10%! He was quite a bit startled by this number. He didn’t lose hope as he activated his Heavenly Eyes once more to check the difference, and once again, he was disappointed and shocked.

The success rate certainly improved, but sadly, it was nowhere near his expectation, it only improved to 30%! Yi Tianyun just sighed and progress to analyze the pros and cons for forcefully fixing the Array.

After some thought, Yi Tianyun came to the conclusion that the demerit was too much. He didn’t know when an enemy will strike, and he couldn’t risk just being a sitting duck inside the ruins

“Elder Yi! Elder Yi!” suddenly, Yi Tianyun heard someone shouting his name to catch his attention. It turned out to be several elders who were looking bright from amazement.

“Elder Yi, the concentration of the Spiritual Power here was suddenly improved! What is going on?” one elder said gleamingly. 

“Oh, that’s because I just fixed it. Now the disciples should be able to cultivate faster.” Yi Tianyun said boldly.

“This is your doing? You can fix an array?” one of the elders asked disbelievingly. ‘This is too much, how can someone has it all! He can Forge a weapon, Refining Pill, and now fixing Array? It is just too much!’ the elder thinks to himself, amazed by Yi Tianyun’s talent. 

“Yes, but I still can’t fix some of them.” Yi Tianyun said humbly.

“Now that this place can gather more spiritual power and we have quite an amount of pills at our disposal, I hope that you guys can help the disciples to cultivate faster so that our Jade Palace could become a Second Level Faction soon!” Yi Tianyun added dismissively with a smile on his face.

The elders that came seeking him are all nodded immediately with a light smile, they immediately dispersed to do their own stuff to boost Jade Palace’s power! 

After they all left the vicinity, Yi Tianyun immediately returned to his room and tried to cultivate his mastery. He forged and refined every single material he found at Profound Azure Mansion’s Headquarter, setting aside the Divine rune at the moment.

As the divine rune crafting requires a special requirement, Yi Tianyun couldn’t cultivate his Divine Rune Mastery right now, so he opts to do the mastery of the other developing skills.

Without Yi Tianyun realizing it, about half a month has passed. When he was in the middle of forging another Soul Tool, a system notification suddenly rang, surprising him a little bit.


‘Congratulations to host for completing the main quest [The Jade Palace Promotion], Successfully promote Jade Palace into a Jade Sect!’

‘Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 1 Standard Lottery Ticket, 1 Improved Lottery Ticket, 100.000 Crazy Points.’ 


‘New Main Quest Update! [Strong Sect]’

‘Promote Jade Sect into Jade Mansion and relocate it to Heavenly Borders Continent!’

‘Completion Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 Crazy Points, 100.000 Mastery Points (can be assigned to the host’s liking), 100.000 Sin Points, 1x Life.’

‘Note: every Core Disciple of the faction must reach 200 favorability points.’


‘Main Quest Step Update’

‘First Step: Fix all Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins’ Array.’

‘Completion Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 10.000 Divine Rune Mastery Mastery.’

‘Note: The repair must be done by the host alone!’

Yi Tianyun was shocked as he didn’t expect to receive this notification this soon. The one that really got him was the reward for completing the main quest, it will give him 100 million Exp!

On top of that, 100.000 Sin Points was just ridiculous! To this point, he never got 4 digits Sin Points at once, so to be able to get his hand to such amount of Sin Points was really intriguing. 

After reading the details for a while, Yi Tianyun was filled with excitement once more! Because of the little word that he dismissed earlier. He got another extra life! He didn’t expect this at all, an ultra-rare item at a high price! 

But this was a given, the quest itself was really in great difficulty.

Not only to promote the Jade Sect into Jade Mansion but also to relocate the faction to Heavenly Borders Continent! He couldn’t even recruit a high-level cultivator to achieve this, because the requirement stated that the Core Disciple must have 200 Favorability Points. There was no way a new recruit could have that amount of favorability, even if Yi Tianyun gave a lot of gifts to increase the favorability, he doubted that it would rise that high!

But it was better this way, to have a core disciple at that high favorability points surely would secure the disciple’s loyalty to Jade Sect!

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