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C.L.S Chapter 171 True Meaning


Deacon Huang arrived with several other people that Yi Tianyun assumed was from Star Pavilion too, sadly, Zhu Yuxuan wasn’t here. 

“Why are you here?” Yi Tianyun asked directly. 

Deacon Huang who didn’t know the teenager in front of him, was frowning his face from the teenager’s rudeness. But he couldn’t do anything as this was not his territory, “I am a deacon of Star Pavilion from Heavenly Border Continent, can I have a talk with one of your elders?” he said politely. 

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised that Deacon Huang didn’t remember him until he remembered that he used a thousand faces mask earlier in the Heavenly Border Continent. But Yi Tianyun could somehow guess their reason for coming this far.

“I am an elder here on Jade Sect! just state your business to me.” Yi Tianyun said casually. 

“You are an elder here? and you said Jade Sect?” Deacon Huang said, surprised. All he knew that this place was called Jade Palace, renaming it to Jade Sect that meant that the Faction has recently ranked up somehow. Was that the reason why they were able to annihilate Profound Azure Mansion? Deacon Huang thought to himself. 

“Yes, is there any problem with that?” Yi Tianyun said while raising one of his eyebrows. 

“Cut the bullshit, kid! There was no way you become an elder at such a young age!” one of the people that come with Deacon Huang said angrily. 

“Did you question our Elder Yi? Are you prepared for the consequences for disrespecting our elder!” One of the guards of Jade Sect that stationed nearby who was also following their conversation from the beginning barged in from irritation, thinking that a stranger dared to disrespect his elder.

People from Star Pavilion became speechless, seeing the genuine anger the guard was showing. Deacon Huang immediately raised his hand, indicating to his man to stay quiet. He didn’t know the power of Jade Sect. All he knew was the fact that they recently destroyed Profound Azure Mansion single-handedly!

“Sorry for disrespecting you, we were surprised to see an elder at such a young age. We are here searching one of our people, by the name of Zhu Yuwei, did you ever hear of her by any chance? That’s all we’re here for.” Deacon Huang said politely.

“We didn’t have any person by that name here in Jade Sect!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. But in a way, he was telling the truth. Only a few people in Jade Sect knew the real name of Zi Yuwei.

“If that’s the case, then we would take our leave, thank you for your time Elder Yi. If, somehow, you heard the news of the Zhu Yuwei, please let us know. We will reward you greatly for it.” Deacon Huang said while smiling. 

Yi Tianyun only waved his hand and turned back, he wasn’t interested in the slightest about their proposal. Any reward from Star Pavilion wouldn’t be good enough for him, Yi Tianyun thought to himself. Not far from the gate, Yi Tianyun encountered Zhu Yuwei, who stood behind the gate.

“Elder Yi, that is Star Pavilion, isn’t it? Did my sister come too?” Zhu Yuwei said worriedly. 

“Relax, the only one with high status among them is only Deacon Huang. Your sister isn’t there with them.” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

“You want to go out there and take a look at them? I can help you if you want.” Yi Tianyun said casually. 

“There is no need for that, Elder Yi. We still have much more to do here in Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins before it stabilizes.” Zhu Yuwei said casually, but the look in her eyes said otherwise. She absolutely missed her sister.

“There is no need to lie to yourself, you know. I will be with you if you want, there is no way that I would let you face them by yourself. In fact, I would be going to Heavenly Border Continent in a few days. You could come with me if you are ready to meet them.” Yi Tianyun said seriously. He didn’t say that just so Zhu Yuwei would tag along as well, no. He really needed to go there to find a way to cultivate his Divine Rune Mastery! He intended to go to Heaven’s Top Mansion to see is there by any chance they would become allies. Even if Heaven’s Top Mansion’s reputation was currently in the mud, they still had some connection to Jade Sect.

“Old Xuan, besides the Great Array of Fortification, what other great array is there that needs to be fixed?” Yi Tianyun asked in advance to prepare himself. 

“Hmmm, there is the Great Array of Flight, but it is currently broken. I don’t really know the actual condition of that array. All that I know is that the previous master brings back a Divine Rune Master with him to fix that array, and they failed to fix it. In fact, it has been already broken when the previous owner inherited the status.” Old Xuan said, contemplating his memory.

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were bulging from surprise.

“There is a Great Array of Flight in here!” Yi Tianyun said in a complete surprise.

“Well yeah, but I don’t know the necessary Divine Rune Mastery required to fix it, like I said, even a Divine Rune Master failed to fix it.” Old Xuan said in reluctance.

“It was covered in moss and dust over time, no one pays attention to that array afterward.” Old Xuan added.

Yi Tianyun became silent, he contemplated the integrity of the quest. He didn’t have to leave the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins, because he needed to move the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruin itself. Directly controlling the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to fly over to Heavenly Border Continent, this place is a flying fortress! 

“If that was the case, that’s more reason I need to go to Heaven’s Top Mansion!” Yi Tianyun said nervously. He knew that Spirit King Xuan Tian, who was the first owner of this place, came from Heaven’s Top Mansion, so there was a chance that they might have some clue about it.

He was a bit relieved that Heaven’s Top Mansion is in bad condition too right now. If the Heaven’s Top Mansion was still in its prime condition, there was no way that they would consider Yi Tianyun’s offer.

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