Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 170: Improved Lottery


The little note in the notification was really disappointing. There was no way a new recruit would have 200 favorability!

To force his way to recruit new members with high cultivation, he had to somehow increase their favorability to 200, which will take a long time. There really was no shortcut on this one! Moreover, the first step of Main Quest was challenging enough, to begin with. There was no easy way to increase the Rune Proficiency to fix all the Array in a short time. 

He rechecked the quest, and the completion of the first step of the Main Quest was only at 70%. There are still 30% more arrays on the ruins waiting to be fixed, which meant the 30% of Array in ruins was higher than Fourth Grade Array! 

“I’ll set this aside, for now, I guess I will check this improved lottery ticket. What is this all about?” Yi Tianyun said while opening the improved lottery wheel.

“hmmm, it uses almost the same wheel as the old one.” Yi Tianyun said as the wheel appeared.

The wheel looked the same, but the several categories have somewhat changed, now there was Consumables, Abilities, Cultivation Technique, Weapons, Defensive Equipment, Special Item, and Divine Ability category. He activated his Lucky Aura to maximize his chance to get the divine ability category, as it was still the best of the bunch.

“Lucky Aura, Activate!” he shouted. 

After activating his lucky aura, he immediately spun the wheel and hoped out loud to get Divine Ability. As the wheel began to slow down and stop, the arrow stopped on Consumable Category, which irritated Yi Tianyun a little bit. Even though he was using Lucky Aura, the luck wasn’t on his side! 

After a while, a box rolled out from the wheel, and Yi Tianyun immediately opens it. 


‘Successfully obtained 20x Exp Card!’

“Well, this is surprising, this is good! Now I didn’t have to buy one.” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. He spun the wheel once again and hoped for it to stop at the Divine Ability Category once again.

Sure enough, the wheel stopped, and the arrow points at Divine Ability! A box immediately fell from the wheel like the last one, and Yi Tianyun immediately opened it in excitement.


‘Successfully obtain Divine Ability: Teleportation!’

‘Teleportation: Instantly moved to anywhere within 1 KM radius from the player. Cooldown: 10 Minutes. Level up requires 1.000.000 Crazy Points.

“This is incredible! A teleportation Divine Ability! But this distance and cooldown are bad, though. I can move easily and fast enough for just one kilometer, there is no need to teleport for that distance! But maybe it will be better in terms of distance and cooldown as I level it up.” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. 

After he used all his tickets for the improved lottery, he checked for the price of one spin. He got startled after seeing the price he had to pay to spin one time. It needed 500.000 Crazy points! Now he didn’t feel so good about winning the 20x exp card as it was cheaper in the shop.

“Oh well. There is no need for me to get upset, I get this for free!” Yi Tianyun said, reassuring himself.

“There is no way I would spin this using the crazy points! The amount is just not worth it, better I level up the Crazy Mode or any other Divine Ability than this one.” Yi Tianyun said spitefully. 

Yi Tianyun had the number of crazy points to use the lottery for two more times, but he chose not to as he didn’t want the risk of losing his crazy points wastefully. 

“Ah, I’ll eventually get another ticket sometime later, maybe after some quest or after killing some enemies! There is no need for me to use my crazy points now.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

When he was about to leave, several Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin’s Guard comes to his side, informing that there were several unknown people outside the ruins searching for Zhu Yuwei, and they didn’t know any person with that name.

“They are looking for Zhu Yuwei?” Yi Tianyun asked frowningly, he never expected them to find out this fast, he thought that maybe there was a mole somewhere.

But the chance where they knew about Zhu Yuwei from the little clues Yi Tianyun left behind when he talked to them before.

“Okay, let me handle them.” Yi Tianyun said, dismissing the guard to go back to their post. He immediately walked to the front gate, and sure enough, they were exactly who he thought was searching for Zhu Yuwei. But sadly, there was no Zhu Yuxuan anywhere.

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