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C.L.S Chapter 176: Zhu Family Lord


The two sisters’ resolve really became somewhat of a shock to Yi Tianyun. He knew that the two really meant every single word that they said. Their favorability to Yi Tianyun was already raised beyond 200 points. This fact alone makes the quest he just got became irrelevant! 

“That is not necessary, I never want you two to go that far!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling and feeling very embarrassed.

“No, this is our will, you help us out from this horrible place. So, our loyalties are yours.” Zhu Yuxian said sincerely.

“We believe that you would lead us to a better path!” 

“You should rest for now. We will wait for the tournament together before you go off saying stuff.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling.

“Okay, I believe that you would be able to solve anything thrown at you.” Zhu Yuwei said, smiling. Yi Tianyun only shook his head from Zhu Yuwei’s word But didn’t refute anything for now. 

After moving to a private room, arranged by Zhu Family for this tournament. For the time being, while waiting for the tournament, Yi Tianyun asked for some materials to practice his Divine Rune skills and leveled up while he can. 

Soon, a sound of door knock was heard on Yi Tianyun’s room door, signaling that it was already time for the Divine Rune Tournament. As Soon as Yi Tianyun walks out of his room, he was welcomed by the two sisters.

“Are you ready for the tournament, Elder Yi? Did you need anything else for the tournament?” Zhu Yuwei asked. 

“No, I am ready! Let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said with a serious face. Zhu Yuwei just nodded and followed Yi Tianyun from behind with her elder sister. They walked outside of the Pavilion to be met with several feather cars and Deacon Huang who was already waiting for them. They nodded to each other and proceed to enter the car and drive to Pavilion Chief of Star Pavilion’s place.

This tournament venue was a place that couldn’t be entered by normal people even from the branch family. It required an invitation to enter this place!

When Yi Tianyun arrived at the place, he was immediately welcomed by many onlookers outside of the place. Even if they couldn’t enter the place to watch the match, they were still curious about the people participating in the tournament.

As Yi Tianyun looked around, he noticed that many carriages that seemed to be owned by a Family in Star Pavilion were decorated luxuriously, and he noticed that one of them was from the Zhu Family, indicating that the Zhu Family’s head was here already. 

As Yi Tianyun, Deacon Huang, and the two sisters made their way inside, they stopped in front of a middle-aged man that exerted power! He looked at them indifferently, and soon enough, his eyes landed on Yi Tianyun.

“This is the Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master that you talk about? I don’t believe you, he seems too young to be a Fourth Grade Divine Rune Master.” The middle-aged man said to Deacon Huang.

“Forgive me for being rude, young man, I am the Zhu Family’s Head and if you could really deliver like he said you would, I would gladly give you what you want, but if you don’t, then we will never meet each other again!” the middle-aged man said to Yi Tianyun.

“Rest assured, I won’t go back on my words! I am definitely will finish in the top three positions.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. 

“If that’s the case, go! I will make sure there is no one stopping you. I am sorry for the two sisters’ dilemma, but there must be a sacrifice for the greater good of the family if you win they will answer to you like our deal. And I will make sure that I will punish Deacon Liu for harassing you.” Zhu Tianhong, the middle-aged man said sincerely to Yi Tianyun. 

Yi Tianyun couldn’t find any negative emotion from Zhu Tianhong, but his behavior was just downright rude, and Yi Tianyun didn’t like it.

Yi Tianyun understood this behavior was because of the need to protect his family. And in such a big family, a sacrifice was necessary once in a while.

“I understand! Compared to those two in the Pavilion, knowing that you are more honest that you could betray me is better.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling. 

“I, Zhu Tianhong, promise that I would be fair to my family. You could dislike me, but this is my way of survival! I will not betray you as long as you still have value for me. We are not friends, there is no need for you to come to me if it doesn’t suit your interest, the same can be said for me too. But I can promise that I will not provoke you in any way.” Zhu Tianhong said indifferently.

“After all, even if you’re done cooperating with me, there is no saying that we will not cooperate in the future. Because of that, I dislike provoking anyone and making enemy. I am sorry if my word came off rude to you, but this is the truth!” Zhu Tianhong said indifferently. 

“It’s okay, I prefer that way.” Yi Tianyun said casually. Even if Zhu Tianhong was rude, at least Yi Tianyun knew that for now, he could be trusted. This person can’t be befriended, there is no telling where anyone’s value would end!

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