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C.L.S Chapter 177: The Competition Rewards


At the same time, someone approached Zhu Tianhong and said, “Zhu Family Head, long time no see! How many people did you bring this time? if you did not bring that many, that’s fine.” 

“Wang Family Head, don’t you worry, we bring some with us today.” Zhu Tianhong said with an indifferent attitude. 

“I hope you can win some of the game. Who is that little boy? Don’t tell me he is the one you brought today. Hmmm, he has a fine physique, must be Second Grade Divine Rune Master, not bad!” the old man who said that was known to be Wang Family Head.

Yi Tianyun immediately realized the Wang Family Head has many sin points judging from how easy it was to hate him.

“You don’t need to know his rank.” Zhu Tianhong said while keeping his cold attitude.

“Zhu Family Head, there is no need to be so cold. I know that the previous aid you brought isn’t that good. If by any chance, Zhu Family lacks some manpower, I can help you with that! I can send you some of my men to help out.” Wang Family Lord said while smirking to Zhu Tianhong.

“There is no need for you to help, we have everything under control.” Zhu Tianhong said while still on his cold attitude.

“Haha, sure! Keep telling yourself that line. Let’s go in. They would begin shortly!” Wang Family Lord said while smirking.

Zhu Tianhong only nodded his head and started to walk in, Yi Tianyun followed from behind. He now knew that the Star Pavilion really had a bad relationship with their family. 

Inside the venue, Yi Tianyun looked around and saw many people that was divided into several areas. He noticed that inside each square, consisted of a small number of people, not more than five.

It seems that one area is for one family, and they could contribute up to five participants for the tournament. He noticed that the age gap wasn’t too big. The youngest was around 23 – 24 years old, and the oldest at 30 years old.

“This is for your family token, it represents our Zhu Family.” Zhu Tianhong said while giving Yi Tianyun a token that has the word Zhu engraved in the middle of it. 

This tournament was organized by the Main Lord of Star Pavilion. He personally checked the level of all branches and conduct the judging himself. With his cultivation level at Second Level Core Transformation, there was no doubt that he was qualified to become the judges of the match.

Yi Tianyun was a little surprised, this is the power of Third Grade Faction. There was no doubt that they were more powerful than the Profound Azure Mansion. Yi Tianyun took the token from Zhu Tianhong’s hand and asked, “What is this tournament about?” 

“No one knows except for the Main Lord of Star Pavilion, he is the one who designs the tournament each year.” Zhu Tianhong said solemnly. 

Soon enough, an old man walked into the stage, followed by several middle-aged men, and everyone became silent at their presence. This old man was the Main Lord of Star Pavilion with the name of Li Tianlong, and his followers were the Main Pavilion’s Deacon.

Li Tianlong stood on the high platform and glanced all over his Pavilion Branch. His gaze held authorities that made some people tremble! “This tournament will begin soon, and here is the reward for the top three winners!” He said solemnly.

“The first place reward is Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond five days cultivation time!”

“The second place reward is my Divine Rune Cultivator Experience!”

“The third place is Divine Rune Stroke for Soul Tool!”

The reward was undoubtedly attractive, the Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond was a cultivation place with a high concentration of Spirit Power. It would be good if he could get his hand on that!

Yi Tianyun thought to himself. The second prize was not that bad either, with his Divine Rune Master Cultivator Experience. Yi Tianyun believed that his own Divine Rune Proficiency would improve significantly. And the final reward was good too, Divine Rune Stroke of Soul Tool was an expensive item that Yi Tianyun still didn’t know how to forge. With it, the success rate of his Divine Rune Proficiency would be significantly increased!

However, after a while, Yi Tianyun didn’t think the second reward was that good anymore. His Heavenly Eyes given by Ye Qingxuan was far stronger than any Divine Rune Cultivator Experience, and plus the memories of Ye Qingxuan could be said as the essence of Divine Rune Cultivation! There was no way that the old man’s experience would be any good for him. 

“I need to get my hand on the number one prize! With five days of cultivation time in that place, I am sure I would be able to absorb many Spirit Power!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.

Most of the participants couldn’t wait for the tournament to begin, they seemed to be aiming for the top three rewards too! There was no doubt that the family that didn’t get the top three positions will receive some sort of reward too, but it will be an internal reward that wouldn’t be any good to Yi Tianyun!

Li Tianlong on the high platform seemed satisfied with the excitement of the contestant. Although he thought that the reward wasn’t that good, apparently the contestant didn’t feel that way!

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