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C.L.S Chapter 181: Second


“We did bring this young man. It is a First Grade Divine Rune but, it is not your average First Grade Divine Rune now is it?” Zhu Tianhong said to Wang Family Head mockingly.

Both Zhu Yuwei and Zhu Yuxuan on the side seemed to be pleased by the outcome of Yi Tianyun’s first tournament stage.

“How is this possible? A powerful young Divine Rune Master?” Wang Family Lord couldn’t believe Yi Tianyun somehow beat Lin Li in a Divine Rune Match like this.

On the stage, Lin Li himself was shocked by Yi Tianyun Multi-Layered Divine Rune.

“How can you engrave something so complicated?” He asked to Yi Tianyun with contempt.

“You said it yourself, I am only capable of engraving a First Grade Divine Rune! If you compare me to a pathetic child, then you are a baby!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

“How dare you!” Lin Li said, angered by Yi Tianyun’s word.

“I only told the truth! You said it first, so I’ll follow your example.” Yi Tianyun said mockingly. 

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! Multi-Layered Divine Rune just catch me off-guard! This is just the beginning. You will not best me again!” Lin Li said, frustrated.

Lin Li didn’t know the extent of Yi Tianyun’s skill yet, to engrave a Multi-Layered Divine Rune, they need to have a strong understanding of the Divine Rune itself! There is no telling in what level Yi Tianyun really is.

By winning the First stage, Yi Tianyun received much attention from the spectator seat. No one thought that a young boy would beat a Divine Rune Mansion’s Disciple! 

As the scores are recorded, Yi Tianyun won the first place position and Lin Li in the second place position. They both have a full score on the first stage, but Yi Tianyun was deemed slightly better with his Multi-Layered Divine Rune! 

Li Tianlong suddenly spooks, causing the chattering around the spectator seat to stops. 

“I didn’t expect to see someone to engrave a Multi-Layered Divine Rune on the first stage. Because of this unprecedented event. I will change the rule of the next stage as well as the rest of the tournament. This outcome really pleased me! the family around the Star Pavilion still has fought in them after all!” Li Tianlong said, made a sweat drop on a few Family Lord on the spectator seat and the Main Pavilion’s Deacon faces. 

Usually, the tournament was organized by the Lord of Star Pavilion, Li Tianlong himself, but few deacons knew what the rule was, as they had to prepare for the tournament accordingly.

Because of that, some Family Lord bribed deacon to leak rules and details of the stage, so they could become the best on each stage. This change of rules would result in the deacon losing their credibility on the tournament, and the Family Lord would not win the tournament like they predicted.

They could only pray that the tournament rules and content didn’t differ too far from the original rules and content. They couldn’t protest regarding this change because of Li Tianlong’s authority. He couldn’t be bribed nor could be challenged. After he made a decision, it would be hard to change his mind!

“The second stage would be themed ‘speed’! In one hour, the more Divine Rune you engrave on a piece of Rune Paper, the more point you would get! This time the grade of the Divine Rune would be assessed as well, as the lower the grade, the lower the point you would get, and vice versa! Now, a First Grade Divine Rune is 1 point, Second Grade Divine Rune is 2 points, Third Grade Divine Rune is 5 points, and the Fourth Grade Divine Rune would get 10 points! And the special Divine Rune like Multi-Layered Divine Rune like the previous one is graded the same as their potential grade. Like the previous Three Layered Divine Rune would get 5 points as it is potentially the same as a Third grade Divine Rune. Let the best wins!” Li Tianlong said as he explained the second stage rules.

The second stage is not that hard to understand as the theme was ‘speed.’ All you need to do is engrave as many Divine Rune as you possibly could. But this meant that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to use a low-grade Divine Rune as his points will worth less than a high-grade Divine Rune. Yi Tianyun would have to think of other strategies to win the second stage!

Yi Tianyun had to consider the one hour allocation time as best as his skill would allow, there was no need to go for a high-grade Divine Rune if he took to long to make it! 


‘Successfully took first place the first stage of the Divine Rune Tournament.’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Divine Rune Mastery.’


‘Took first place on the second stage of the Divine Rune Tournament.’

‘Completion would receive 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Divine Rune Mastery.’

The quest continued to develop, this fact made Yi Tianyun smile. He could get a Divine Rune Mastery quickly this way. He could advance to the next level of Divine Rune Master soon!

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