Crazy Leveling System

C.L.S Chapter 180: Scared


People laughed because of the anticipation that Yi Tianyun gave off as he drew his Divine Rune slowly. As the judge said, it was just a First Grade Divine Rune. The spectators couldn’t contain their laughter anymore. 

“Please test it!” Yi Tianyun said to the judge confidently. The judge just shook his head after seeing that Yi Tianyun still felt confident after drawing such a low-grade Divine Rune. 

“Alright! I will start at Fifth Level Body Refinement.” The judge said, and he proceeded to make a stance and punched the armor Yi Tianyun used as the media to his Divine Rune. Yi Tianyun smirked a little bit after seeing that his armor didn’t receive any damage.

“What the? How can it not receive any damage?” The judge said, feeling a little astounded. A First Grade Divine Rune should at least receive some damage if not broken after receiving an attack at this level.

“He used advanced Divine Rune Strokes! It must be at the Spirit Tool Rank at the very least!” someone shouted from the crowds stand. 

Everyone began to murmur about how wasteful it is to have someone with a low graded Divine Rune Mastery to hold such a high-grade tool. Moreover, they began to degrade Zhu Family Head for giving a low-grade Divine Rune Master such a high-grade tool. 

“Okay, I will increase my power by one level.” Said the judge to Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun only nodded and let the judge punched it once more.

After the judge punched the armor, it still didn’t receive any damage. The judge gradually increasing his power by one level each time, and the armor still didn’t break even until the First Level Spirit Refinement. Everyone became shocked by the fact that Yi Tianyun’s First Grade Divine Rune could withstand that level of power easily. 

“There’s no way that kid’s Divine Rune is at First Grade Divine rune! At least it must be Second Grade Divine Rune or above!” a man from the crowds shouted to the arena. Followed by several others that agreed with him.

The deacon who served as the judge was overwhelmed in no time by the noise that the crowds made accusing him of assessing Yi Tianyun’s Divine Rune incorrectly.

Li Tianlong immediately walks down to the arena, silencing everyone else and asked the judge about what is the problem.

“Pavilion Lord Li, I am very sure that this is a First Grade Divine Rune, but I can’t break it even a First Level Spirit Refinement power!” The deacon said worriedly.

Li Tianlong immediately took a look at Yi Tianyun’s work, and he went quiet for several seconds, shocked by what his eyes saw in front of him.

“This Divine Rune is a work of art! It is indeed a First Grade Divine Rune, but it is three-layered First Grade Divine rune, making it equal or more powerful than a peak Third Grade Divine Rune! This is a very peculiar Divine Rune. There is no way a normal attack would break it!” Li Tianlong said, voicing his excitement.

Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing Li Tianlong’s explanation, Zhu Tianhong just stared at Yi Tianyun and Li Tianlong with a wide eye. Nobody expected Yi Tianyun to use such a complicated Rune! In fact, nobody would make such a risky Divine Rune, because if you fail at the second or third layer of the Divine Rune, the previous layer would be destroyed! Leaving a huge mess behind, making it almost impossible to fix.

The most important thing is that the complicated Divine Rune was drawn by none other than Yi Tianyun, who previously get ridiculed and laughed at!

Now everybody was speechless, they couldn’t say anything as they felt some sort of shame for ridiculing such genius!

“You fail to notice this complicated Divine Rune? It seems that you are not that qualified to become a judge!” Li Tianlong said as they almost made a serious mistake for lowly grading this Divine Rune.

“There’s no need to test this Divine Rune any further, by my authority as Star Pavilion Lord, I granted this Divine Rune a perfect score! Forgive my deacon’s mistake for not noticing the grade of this Divine Rune!” Li Tianlong said solemnly to Yi Tianyun.

“You are a contestant from Zhu Family, right? Great, I would like some time to catch up with Zhu Family Head later!” Li Tianlong said excitedly.

Everyone became more shocked as a result was given by Li Tianlong in person, and mostly from the grade of the Divine Rune that required a high innate ability to draw successfully!

Lin Li, however, became furious! Yi Tianyun completely stole his thunder, he thought that Yi Tianyun was going for a First Grade Divine Rune, and suddenly he drew a three-layered Divine Rune! What a joke!

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