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C.L.S Chapter 183: Need More


Yi Tianyun continued to draw First Grade Divine Rune despite everyone’s mockery.

Everyone thought that there was no way that Yi Tianyun would be able to catch up with their representative now. As with his speed, he will only be able to draw up to five First Grade Divine Rune. 

Li Tianlong just shook his head on his seat. At first, he thought highly of Yi Tianyun’s skill. So he made a specific change to bring out Yi Tianyun’s skill. He never expected Yi Tianyun to draw a First Grade Divine Rune again. He was really disappointed, some spectators also shared the same feeling with Li Tianlong who thought that Yi Tianyun would do something remarkable, even Zhu Tianhong himself thought that Yi Tianyun would do anything to win.

Yi Tianyun quickly proved them wrong. After he was finished drawing his first First Grade Divine Rune, he felt that he could draw them faster with a 100% success rate. So he started to draw the First Grade Divine Rune like crazy!

The Divine Rune Paper was rapidly filled as Yi Tianyun increased his pace.

This change in Yi Tianyun’s speed was quickly noticed by others.

Seeing Yi Tianyun’s drawing speed really astonished them. They’ve never seen anything like this before. After a short amount of time, Yi Tianyun already amassed 5 to 6 Divine Rune, compared to others who were still working on their first Divine Rune. 

“What is going on? How can he suddenly draw that fast?” One spectator said, surprised at seeing Yi Tianyun’s speed.

No one could answer his question as everyone was in shock, seeing Yi Tianyun surpassing everyone’s score. 

Lin Li also began to notice what was going on, and once he glanced toward Yi Tianyun, his face changed from happy to gloomy in an instant. He saw Yi Tianyun was drawing his Divine Rune with a speed that defied all common sense! 

Li Tianlong was shocked beyond belief, he jumped off his seat and looked at Yi Tianyun’s work up close, even he couldn’t believe how intrigued he was at someone like Yi Tianyun right now.

“Sorry, but can I have more Divine Rune Paper here? I’ve already used up the first batch.” Yi Tianyun said calmly to one of the deacons standing near him. 

“Oh, god!” The deacon snapped back into reality and immediately ran to retrieve some stack of Divine Rune Paper. Afterward, he quickly gave them to Yi Tianyun. 

Yi Tianyun immediately drew more of First Grade Divine Rune once he got his hand on more Divine Rune Paper. His speed quickly cut through the fresh batch of Divine Rune Paper.

“That is not normal! How could that be compared to the others?” One contestant said worriedly.

“He already surpassed us all merely by using First Grade Divine Rune!” Another contestant said who got cold feet after how fast Yi Tianyun drew.

Other contestants only shook their heads, they couldn’t compare themselves to Yi Tianyun.

They decided to focus themselves on their own Divine Rune, as they didn’t want to be left behind too far by Yi Tianyun.

Lin Li that was stunned by Yi Tianyun’s speed, unknowingly failed his Divine Rune drawings as he didn’t pay attention to it. The paper he used was immediately burnt out, as proof of his fail attempt.

“Excuse me, are you giving a handicap just now?” Yi Tianyun said mockingly to Lin Li. 

Lin Li was clearly furious from Yi Tianyun’s taunt, but he kept his calm for now as he needed to finish his Divine Rune as fast as possible.

Time passed by quickly, and as all the sand of the hourglass flipped to the other side, the deacon immediately showed a sign to the contestants meaning the time was up.

Everyone quickly stopped with the Divine Rune Stroke still in their hands.

Yi Tianyun already had a thick stack of Divine Rune in his hand, which was incomparable with others’ thin stack of Divine Rune. Everyone who looked at Yi Tianyun’s stack knew that there was at least 30 Divine Rune there.

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