Crazy Leveling System

C.L.S Chapter 184 Score


Everyone was still in shock after seeing Yi Tianyun’s thick stack of Divine Rune, they still can’t believe it! 

“Ehem, assess the Divine Rune, please!” Li Tianlong said, breaking the silence from the shock.

The deacon immediately ran over to the contestant and assessed their Divine Rune and gave the scores accordingly. 

They started from Lin Li, and Lin Li got a 15 Points from the three Third Grade Divine Rune he drew. Then the next contestant got 14 points from two Third Grade Divine Rune and two Second Grade Divine Rune, and the next contestant tied with Lin Li with two Third Grade Divine Rune, two Second Grade Divine Rune and a First Grade Divine Rune. 

Lin Li felt insulted to have someone else tied in their score with him.

How could a Divine Rune Mansion Disciple such as himself to be compared with these nobody! Lin Li thought to himself. 

Subsequently, all other contestants were already scored by the deacon, and Yi Tianyun is the last one that would be scored by the deacon.

“32 First Grade Divine Rune! A total of 32 points!” The deacon said as he finished counting Yi Tianyun’s thick stack of Divine Rune. 

Everyone became silent once more, as the score was announced, everyone knew that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t lose the second stage no matter what!

Even if Lin Li didn’t fail one of his Divine Rune, he would be still short 12 points from Yi Tianyun!

There was nothing Lin Li can do to win in this stage! 

“Wang Family Head, thank you for letting me win this stage too!” Zhu Tianhong said while smirking. 

Wang Family Lord just glared at Zhu Tianhong as he didn’t have anything to say to that. However, he felt great hatred towards Yi Tianyun.

“There is still another stage to play, don’t be too happy now!” Wang Family Head said with contempt. 

“Well, no matter how many stages more left, we’ll end up victorious anyway. Tell me, am I wrong, Wang Family Lord?” Zhu Tianhong said with a smile.

“If the next game is the evaluation of high-grade Divine Rune, you think he would win with a First Grade Divine Rune? Lin Li has the skill to draw a Fourth Grade Divine Rune! Do you think your boy there would still win? Unless he draws a fifth-layered First Grade Divine Rune, there is no way he would win!” Wang Family Lord said with spite.

fifth-layered First Grade Divine Rune sure was higher or at least the same as Fourth Grade Divine Rune, but it was way more difficult! 

“He will make something from the high-grade Divine Rune, I am sure of it! No one tells him to keep making a First Grade Divine Rune here.” Zhu Tianhong said confidently. 

“Of course, let us wait and see!” Wang Family Lord said, still didn’t believe that Yi Tianyun was capable of making a high-grade Divine Rune. 

Zhu Yuxuan and Zhu Yuwei were very happy that Yi Tianyun won another stage.

“Elder Yi won again! Even the score gap between him and the second place was pretty huge!” Zhu Yuxuan said excitedly.

“Yeah, Elder Yi is amazing! I didn’t even know that he is a Divine Rune Master!” Zhu Yuwei said cheerily.

They kept watching Yi Tianyun excitedly on the spectator seat, ignoring everybody else.

However, Lin Li, on the stage, couldn’t accept that he lost against Yi Tianyun.

“This is impossible! How can someone draw a Divine Rune that fast! There is no way!” he said as he became more furious to Yi Tianyun.

“Didn’t you say I am a one-trick pony? Well, you are losing to me. So, what does that make you? A zero-trick pony? No, you are a baby that needs to cultivate more on his mother’s womb! Hahaha.” Yi Tianyun said while smirking.

Lin Li was so furious when he heard Yi Tianyun’s mockery, he never thought that Yi Tianyun could talk back to him like this.

“The result is astonishing, as I never expect First Grade Divine Rune will end up winning two stages in a row. I guess even a low-grade Divine Rune could be winning too. But, the next stage is the real challenge! It is time for you all to reach your full potential and show your strongest Divine Rune on your arsenal. We will judge the score by the level and complexity of the rune! So, let the best wins!” Li Tianlong said seriously. 

This next stage needed a strong Divine Rune to win. The stronger the Divine Rune, the higher the score will be. The test was not only about the Grade of the Divine Rune itself, the complexity of the rune, meaning that the personal attribute or personal status could be utilized to make the Divine Rune more powerful and complex! 

Hearing this explanation from Li Tianlong, Lin Li’s face was cheerful again! He knew that with his skills, he could do something Yi Tianyunn couldn’t!

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