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C.L.S Chapter 185 He Qianhan



‘Successfully completed [Win the second stage!]’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Divine Rune Mastery.’

Yi Tianyun smiled, knowing he got another Divine Rune Mastery from this tournament. Drawing a low-grade Divine Rune didn’t really give him anything at this moment.

He could draw a high-grade Divine Rune anytime, but he liked seeing his opponent’s faces when they lost to a low-grade Divine Rune. To put it simply, he just had a nasty personality!

Li Tianlong was delighted seeing that everyone on the arena still had so much vigor to go on. He didn’t expect the spectator would be this enthusiastic since he changed the rules. The content of this tournament changed so that it became a battle of attrition at this point, and that is not what he wanted himself.

“Now, this next stage would be scored respectively. 1st Grade Divine Rune will be divided into 3 categories, which are Low, Medium, and High, that would get a 1, 2, and 3 points respectively. 2nd Grade Divine Rune will also be divided into the same category which has 4, 5, and 6 points respectively. 3rd Grade Divine Rune would also be the same with 9, 14, and 19 points respectively, thus leaving 4th Grade Divine Rune with the scores 20, 40, and 60 points respectively. This scores indicated the difficulties of each rune. If you draw a multiple Divine Rune, the scores would be equal to the potential of the Divine Rune you drew, as such a triple-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune would have the scores of medium to high 3rd Grade Divine Rune would.” Li Tianlong said, explaining the scoring system.

“This stage of the tournament would have a different time limit from the previous one, this stage would have five hours time limit! It is your own choice what you will do within the time limit, whether to rest for a certain duration and draw later, or continuously draw the rune from the very beginning. I hope that you can show me an amazing Divine Rune at the end of the tournament!” Li Tianlong said explaining the rules further.

This stage would take a great amount of spirit power from the contestant, but it was still not worth using an elixir or a spiritual medicine to recover, Yi Tianyun thought to himself.


‘Successfully take [The third stage of perfection! Win the stage to win them all!]’

‘Reward for completion: 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Divine Rune Proficiency Mastery Point.

The reward is still the same as the previous quest, but this is already good enough for Yi Tianyun as all that he needed was just the Divine Rune Mastery at this point.

The Deacon of Main Star Pavilion came out with a larger hourglass this time, to provide the time limit necessary for the stage. They immediately turn the hourglass over as they put it on its place, announcing the beginning of the stage!

Most of the contestants went straight to draw their respective Divine Rune, and some of them chose to rest and meditate to recover their Spiritual Power.

“Do you still intend to continue drawing a 1st Grade Divine Rune at this point?” Lin Li asked to Yi Tianyun rudely, as he didn’t believe Yi Tianyun would be dumb enough to do so.

“Why would I leak my strategy to my enemy? This is none of your business!” Yi Tianyun said as he sat down and close his eyes to meditate.

However, Lin Li was furious hearing Yi Tianyun’s words. If there were no one else here right now, he would’ve burst out and attacked Yi Tianyun on the spot!

Lin Li tried to calm down his anger and proceeds to meditate to recover his spiritual power too, there was no doubt that the two previous stages consumed a lot of his spiritual power.

In two hours, there were already several contestants that finished their Divine Rune, but Lin Li and most of the contestants began to draw their Divine Rune as the clock reaches the third hour.

Lin Li’s moves attracted many attention from the spectators but soon enough the attention diverted towards a woman not so far from him.

“Look, that’s the representative from the Hua Family! Her Divine Rune looks strange!” one spectator said.

“Yeah, while everyone else’s was in a golden hue, hers had a strong red hue! It’s nothing like an average Divine Rune!” another said excitedly.

Because of this conversation, many spectators turned their attention to this woman, forgetting about Lin Li altogether.

The woman herself was on the verge of failing her Divine Rune, she was covered with sweat and her teeth were constantly clacking from extreme nervousness.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but shift his attention to her as he became more and more curious about the woman who suddenly became the center of attention.

“Ah, this one is an interesting rune indeed! A 3rd grade Divine Rune with dual attribute with a Fire-based attribute, this one is a rare Divine Rune I see.” Li Tianlong said as he too was attracted to the woman’s unique Divine Rune.

This divine Rune that the woman was drawing could enchant a weapon to imbue it with Fire Attribute, or enhance a fire attributed weapon to become more powerful! This Divine Rune was highly valued for an elemental swordsman.

Now, this Divine Rune would have the potential to be equal as the low-level 4th Grade Divine Rune, so she would at least score 20 points with this Divine Rune! This would also announce that the woman was very skilled!

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