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C.L.S Chapter 191 Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond


Yi Tianyun followed the elder through a long pathway inside the Chief’s Pavilion. Soon enough, Yi Tianyun entered a special path different from the other path he has crossed.

The surrounding looked totally different, there was Divine Rune engraved along the side of the pathway, which seemed to be a countermeasure for an intruder, but Yi Tianyun didn’t know for sure what the Divine Rune was used for as he didn’t have any interest on them for the moment.

“Beyond here lies the Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond. Come, let’s get you inside!” the elder took him to the door where two guards at Core Condensation Cultivation Stage were standing by.

“Elder Yun, what’s the occasion?” asked the guard to the Elder.

“This is the Winner of Star Pavilion Divine Rune Tournament, he is here to redeem his reward.” Elder Yun said while taking out the token previously given by Yi Tianyun to him.

“He’s eligible for using the pond for 5 days, Pavilion Lord Li himself is the one who issues this reward.” Elder Yun explained the situation to the guards.

The Guards took the token from Elder Yun and scrutinized it.

“This is indeed the token from Pavilion Lord Li, according to the reward, you can freely use the pond for 5 days.” The guard said while pushing the double door behind them.

As the door opened, a strong wave of spiritual energy hit Yi Tianyun, it was a refreshing wave as if encouraging Yi Tianyun to enter immediately.

The Spiritual Energy here was clearly purer than in the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, it was more powerful and concentrated here!

As the door opened enough for 1 person, the guards hurriedly urged Yi Tianyun to enter and promised to open the door again in 5 days. Yi Tianyun nodded his head in understanding and entered the place immediately.

As Yi Tianyun arrived inside the pond, he felt in awe. The place was undoubtedly beautiful and full of spiritual energy. The pond itself wasn’t a pond at all, it was a lake!

The surroundings of the lake were full of beautiful plant that seemed to be a high-quality spirit medicine plants, some of them were even 5th Grade Medicinal Pills.

Yi Tianyun immediately observed the place with his appraisal eye, and the info immediately appeared.

Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond: 5th Grade Spiritual Veins. Produce 5th Grade Spirit Medicine. The abundant Spiritual Energy surrounding the veins made it suitable for the cultivation of Spirit Core Stage.

“I only  5 days, I can’t waste any more time!” Yi Tianyun said to himself. He immediately sat and started to meditate, while doing so, he quickly gained exp.

‘500 Exp, 300 Exp, 460 Exp, . . . ‘

The spiritual energy gradually poured onto him, he hasn’t even begun yet! He activated his Crazy Mode and Absorbing Stars Great Technique, and immediately he received a huge amount of experience at once!

’32.000 Exp, 35.000 Exp, 34.000 Exp…’

While absorbing the Spiritual energy Yi Tianyun thought to himself on how to obtain more experience quickly. He thought that he needed to level up Absorbing Stars Great Technique, but it required too many Crazy Points to do so.

He immediately noticed that the Absorbing Stars Great Technique wasn’t his main source of Exp, most of his exp was from Dark North Divine Art! Without it, the Absorbing Stars Great Technique wouldn’t turn Spiritual Energy into Exp!

He weighted it all over while absorbing the spiritual energy inside the pond. As the day passed, pleasant info suddenly appeared.


‘Congratulations to the host successfully promoted to Seventh Level Spirit Core!’

After he leveled up, Yi Tianyun gave up on using the Crazy Mode as it consumed too many crazy points. He inspected the Dark North Divine Art to see what he could do right now. He noticed that the skill required 7.000 more mastery points to level up!

“If it’s just 7.000 Mastery Points, I can level it up myself, can’t I?”

“Oh well, I’ll set that aside, I needed to continue absorbing exp for now!” Yi Tianyun thought as he still hasn’t made up his mind just yet. At the end of the day, he rechecked the skills to plan his next move.

He noticed that the skills had 3.000 more mastery points than before. This info surprised Yi Tianyun a little bit, even though he gained mastery points relatively fast, but it was still not enough for him.

“Forget it, I need to level this up fast!” He said while opening the shop and purchased the Middle-Grade Earth Level Dark North Divine Art for 300.000 Crazy Points.

He immediately fused the one he bought just now with his own.


‘Successfully Fuse Dark North Divine Art! Received 5.000 Mastery Points!’


‘Successfully promoted Dark North Divine Art into High-Grade Earth Level Martial Art! Enhance the absorbing speed six times! The next level required 1.000.000 Mastery Points.’

“Great! Finally, level up the damn skill! I am eager to know the effect now!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

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