Crazy Leveling System

C.L.S Chapter 192 Keep Increase the EXP Rate


The effect of Dark North Divine Art has tripled compared to before Yi Tianyun level up, it now had the effect of absorbing six times the experience!

Yi Tianyun was really happy about this development and immediately absorbed the spiritual energy again, the amount of Energy being absorbed causing a vortex of spiritual energy constantly spiraling toward Yi Tianyun with great speed!

’12.000 Exp, 13.000 Exp, 12.800 Exp, . . . ‘

The amount was really on a whole different level than before, but Yi Tianyun thought that Dark North Divine Art still had some untapped potential that he couldn’t access right now, because the Absorbing Stars Great Technique couldn’t keep up with the amount of Exp provided by Dark North Divine Art.

He frowned upon realizing this piece of information that was crucial as of now, he was in a place that could provide him a bountiful of experience.

He immediately realized that he had another type of energy collector skill that he hasn’t used yet.

“I forgot! I still have the Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art! The description says that this skill could enhance the amount of spiritual energy I can absorb, well now is the time to try it out!” Yi Tianyun said while immediately activating the skill.

Almost instantly, the vortex of spiritual energy that spiraling toward Yi Tianyun became faster and a lot wider than before, meaning that the amount of exp he absorbed now has been enhanced by several times.

’23.000 Exp, 24.000 Exp, 22.000 Exp, . . .’

This is the maximum amount that he could absorb as of now, but Yi Tianyun didn’t want to waste this precious chance, considering he didn’t know when the opportunity to enter a place of high density of spiritual energy like this would happen again in the future!

“Crazy Mode, Activate!” He shouted.

The experience he got exploded beyond belief!

‘180.000 Exp, 182.000 Exp, 178.000 Exp, 190.000 Exp, . . . ‘

He didn’t stop there. He immediately activated all the Exp Card that he had at the moment. He used a 20x Exp Card and a 10x Exp Card, making the Exp he got skyrocketed once again!

‘1.289.000 Exp, 1.198.000 Exp, 960.000 Exp, . . . ‘

Yi Tianyun was excited as he knew that he would be leveling up anytime soon!

However, as Yi Tianyun excitedly absorbed a crazy amount of Spiritual Energy on the pond, the spiritual energy on the place itself began to diminish and dried out. The water at the pond began to recede, and the grassland around it gradually became barren.

As the day pass, a sweet sound was finally heard by Yi Tianyun.


‘Congratulations to the host successfully leveled up to Eighth Level Spirit Core!’

After almost 4 days, he successfully leveled up twice in this place, which was totally an excellent outcome for Yi Tianyun. But he still felt kind of bad, that he didn’t have Exp Card anymore that he could use to increase the amount of exp he could get.

He kept thinking of a way to increase the amount of exp rate he could get when suddenly he remembered that he still has an unused Enhanced Lottery Roulette Ticket he could use.

He immediately activated his Lucky Aura to increase his luck, and then he used the Enhanced Lottery Roulette.

After spinning quite rapidly, the arrow slowed down to a standstill point, and it stopped at Special Item!

Yi Tianyun suddenly received a box in his inventory, which took him by surprise. He knew that a special item really was special, as in ‘only below divine ability’ kind of special! He couldn’t wait any longer and immediately opened the box revealing the item inside.

‘Phoenix Wing (Not Upgradable)’

‘Effect: Enabling the wearer to fly at a certain speed.’

Yi Tianyun was shocked! He didn’t expect to get a special item that would allow him to fly! Normally, the ability to fly wasn’t available in the lower level. It will be usable after reaching a Core Transformation, which was still far away for Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun was satisfied, even though he didn’t get the Exp Card, he still found something precious! When he walked toward the pond, he suddenly slipped and immediately sunk into the bottom of the pond!

He was trying to swim upward when the water began to form a vortex that sucked him into a tunnel. After a while, he finally was thrown outside by the water vortex.

Yi Tianyun was confused, as he didn’t sense any danger earlier. After opening his eyes,  he was surprised once again!

He was in a whole new area, he didn’t recognize the place he was currently in. The place was adorned in a beautiful flower patch and a jade stone door.

Yi Tianyun looked around the place, and he couldn’t find any exit except for the Jade stone door. He immediately noticed that his lucky aura was still activated, meaning that he entered this place by a stroke of complete luck!

He already explored all the nooks and cranny of the Heavenly Jade Pond and not once that he found this place, yet once he activated his lucky aura, he somehow found this place!

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