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C.L.S Chapter 193 Water Crystal Coffin


Within the next few moments, a hole appeared once again in the spot that he was thrown out from the water vortex before. This meant that the hole could be used to return to the pond!

From the look around this place, he knew that Star Pavilion didn’t know about this place. The amount of wild grass and the lack of guards completely affirming that. Unlike the previous area, the amount of medicinal herbs in this place was blooming plentifully.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t stop himself from collecting all that he needs as no guards were telling him otherwise!

Once he was done harvesting medicinal herbs, he knocked on the door and shouted for any kind of answer from behind the door, and he got nothing but silence from it. Once he was sure there was no one behind the door, he opened it carefully to anticipate any sort of traps that could be waiting for him.

Once he was convinced that the entire place was saved, he walked in the room and the room immediately lit up brightly. The light was coming from the Jade Spiritual Stone that adorned the room!

Yi Tianyun thought to himself that no wonder the pond hat so many Spiritual Energy, this place was covered in Jade Spiritual Stone!

As he proceeded further into the room, he noticed a separate room that is much colder than the one he was currently in, while the cold was not freezing for Yi Tianyun, this for an average human, even a body refinement cultivator will freeze in no time on this temperature! He walked inside to examine the cold room, as to find anything for himself.

He immediately noticed that in the center of the room laid a water crystal coffin, the same as the one used by the Old Ancestor of the Profound Azure Mansion. Yi Tianyun immediately checked the coffin to know about the person lying inside, only to find a body inside the coffin. The body was of a beautiful woman and she was surrounded by a white lotus inside and outside the coffin. As Yi Tianyun inspected the white lotus, he noticed that the white lotus was a very rare lotus called Ice Heaven’s Snow Lotus!

This lotus was an ingredient for a 5th Grade Spirit Medicine, Yi Tianyun didn’t know what the use of these flowers for a lifeless woman was. She didn’t exert any spiritual aura at all!

It seemed that whoever put the body here, was trying to preserve the body. The Ice Heaven’s Snow Lotus and an abundant amount of Spiritual Energy would maintain the woman’s body until the vein was destroyed!

Yi Tianyun immediately paid respect to the woman in the coffin as he didn’t want to disrupt someone else’s grave. He stopped looking around the coffin, respecting the grave. He instead roamed around the room for something else he could find.

He immediately noticed some words engraved into the wall. The words written were ‘Snow Lotus opened and Life restarted!’ Yi Tianyun read the words loudly as he didn’t know the meaning of the word itself.

Suddenly a sound of ice breaking could be heard closely behind his back. Yi Tianyun quickly turned around and see that the Ice Heaven’s Snow Lotus outside the coffin was starting to bloom. He was surprised, he didn’t know what the meaning of this blooming lotus is.

Yi Tianyun thought over the words carefully, leading him to the conclusion that when the lotus was blooming, the woman will come back to life. But that was impossible, the dead couldn’t be brought back to life! But he couldn’t help himself to think about what would happen and what will he do if the woman actually come back to life.

He was just smiling to himself, thinking how silly his train of thought was. He started to walk toward the exit of the room when suddenly a loud crack was sounded in the direction of the coffin. Yi Tianyun reflectively turned around and saw what the source of the sound was!

Yi Tianyun immediately turned pale, once he noticed that the coffin lid was wide open! He also noticed that the woman inside was slightly moving, like a waking up movement after a slumber!

Yi Tianyun was asking himself what would he do now, will he run outside and returned to the pond and left this woman alone, or will he dare to confront the woman and fight her if she turned out to be an enemy. 

When he was busy thinking about his next move, the woman was finally able to open her eyes. Her blue eyes were staring right to Yi Tianyun. She immediately sat and looked at Yi Tianyun with confusion.

This look that the woman gave, slightly gave Yi Tianyun chill! He couldn’t help but think what the woman truly was? Was she a human? Or was she a ghost?!

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