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C.L.S Chapter 198 Solo Duel


Yi Yuxuan and Yi Yuwei were startled by Ren Zhirou, who suddenly appeared beside Yi Tianyun.

Yi Yuwei suddenly remembered Shi Xueyun as she was the most beautiful woman who has stood beside Yi Tianyun, but after seeing Ren Zhirou, she wasn’t so sure which one was more beautiful.

“You! Who are you?” Lin Li said as he was also surprised to see a beautiful woman so suddenly.

Yi Tianyun ignored Lin Li for now and turned his attention towards Wang Qing. Seeing that Wang Qing was in his death door, Yi Tianyun threw the eternal fire to Wang Qing, and the flame completely engulfed Wang Qing in no time.


‘Successfully Killed Wang Qing!’

‘Reward: 250.000 Exp, 3.400 Crazy Points, Flowing Cloud Palms Martial Art, Turning The Heaven’s Step Martial Art’

Seeing Wang Qing was engulfed in flame, Lin Li cowered in fear.

“Now it’s your turn!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently towards Lin Li.

Hearing Yi Tianyun’s word, Lin Li was getting a chill down his spine. He didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to be this strong!

Yi Tianyun’s power was equal to a family chief, if not more!

“Let me go! I won’t bother you again! I have a strong influence you know! I am from Divine Rune Mansion! If you kill me, you will make Divine Rune Mansion your enemy!” Lin Li said while begging for Yi Tianyun to let him go.

“Divine Rune Mansion? Did you think they would know of what happened here? You choose the best place to die after all!” Yi Tianyun said with a sneer.

“They would have someone check things out for sure! Anyway, just let me go! I would even introduce you to Divine Rune Mansion after this!” Lin Li said to persuade Yi Tianyun to let him go.

“Me? Join Divine Rune Mansion? Are you blind? Or are you just that stupid? I am doing fine! I don’t need your stupid sect to achieve anything!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Lin Li.

Lin Li’s face becomes gloomy as he knew that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let him go no matter what!

“If that’s the case, I want a fair duel! You have to wait for my recovery first!” Lin Li said desperately.

“Oh, now you want a fair duel? What about your two dead helpers just now?” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“I, Lin Li challenge you to a solo duel!” Lin Li said while standing up and consumed several recovery medicinal pills to recover. He evidently felt ashamed that he had to survive this way but there was nothing else he can do.

“Wow, such determination! Ok, I accept your challenge!” Yi Tianyun said mockingly.

“She would have nothing to do with this duel! It is just you and me!” Lin Li said while pointing towards Ren Zhirou.

“Of course, as long as you win, you can walk out of here as if nothing happened!” Yi Tianyun said, assuring Lin Li to his challenge.

As Yi Tianyun finished speaking, Lin Li immediately rushed over towards him and quickly pulled his long sword and swung it toward Yi Tianyun. His sword glowed brightly as Yi Tianyun blocked it with his own sword. The bright glow blinded Yi Tianyun for a while and Lin Li immediately saw this as an opportunity to strike!

Lin Li made a move to strike Yi Tianyun’s throat to end his life, he immediately used all of his strength on this one final strike!

Yi Tianyun noticed the change of Spiritual Power around him, and he immediately released his aura to detect Lin Li’s movement as he couldn’t see at the moment.

Yi Tianyun immediately parried Lin Li’s strike and punched Lin Li in the stomach!

Lin Li couldn’t hold Yi Tianyun’s punching power, as he was thrown back towards the wall roughly, disarming him of his sword.

The power gap between the two was too big! There was no way Lin Li had a chance to win here.

“How can you be this powerful?” Lin Li said fear was constantly playing in his eyes.

“Son of a bitch!” Lin Li retorted and he immediately released a gust of wind to throw Yi Tianyun away. But Yi Tianyun released his own wind that quickly overpowered Lin Li’s wind and cut one of Lin Li’s arm off!

Lin Li screamed so hard, and he grabbed his severed arm. The pain made him sweat profusely and shivering non stop! He looked at Yi Tianyun with empty eyes, how could a teenager be this strong? Why would he make enemies of this monster? The question kept popping in Lin Li’s head as he didn’t have any hope left to live.

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