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C.L.S Chapter 199 Kill


Yi Tianyun looked at Lin Li coldly, who was pathetically crawling in the ground, dripping in his own sweat. But Yi Tianyun has never shown mercy to his enemies, especially the one who successfully anger him!

“Isn’t this a duel, you said? Now get up!” Yi Tianyun retorted.

Lin Li had no other choice, and he tried to stand back up. He was in shock at how powerful Yi Tianyun really was. If he knew this, he wouldn’t make an enemy out of Yi Tianyun ever.

“How can you be this strong?” Lin Li asked with his hoarse voice.

Yi Tianyun didn’t answer his question and proceeded to grab Lin Li’s other arm and twisted it until it came off. Lin Li screamed in pain again, now he didn’t have any arms to fight back!

“Kill me! and Divine Rune Mansion would make sure you regret it!” Lin Li said angrily.

“Don’t you worry, if they came after me for this, I would make sure to destroy them too.” Yi Tianyun said with a mocking smile.

“Destroy Divine Rune Mansion? Are you crazy? Don’t get ahead of yourself just because you win against me, who do you think you are?” Lin Li said, mocking Yi Tianyun once more.

“Whether I can or can’t is none of your business. There is no way you would know what will happen next as you would be dead here and now.” Yi Tianyun said as he took out his eternal flames.

“No! Stop! You can’t do this!” Lin Li said, yelling to stop Yi Tianyun. His body was trembling from the fear of death in front of him.

“If the afterlife does exist, I hope you can see what I would do next!” Yi Tianyun said mockingly.

“Even in death, I would surely exact my revenge!” Lin Li said as his body burned in eternal flames.


‘Successfully killed Lin Li!’

‘Reward: 170.000 Exp, 2.400 Crazy Points, 500 Divine Rune Mastery, Heaven Cloud Palms Martial Art, 1x High-Grade Divine Rune Paper, 1x Energy Pill’

Yi Tianyun was a bit surprised, he didn’t know that killing a Divine Rune Master will give him Divine Rune Mastery! Now, he hoped that Divine Rune Mansion really went after him, he wouldn’t mind killing them all for the mastery!

Yi Tianyun signaled the sisters to come over and go home.

“Elder Yi, thank you very much for coming here and save us!” Yi Yuxuan said gratefully.

“it’s okay, this was my fault, to begin with! I was the one who dragged you both to my business!” Yi Tianyun said while showing his anger towards Lin Li, even though he already killed Lin Li, his anger haven’t fully subsided.

“It’s okay. We are okay, aren’t we?” Yuwei said smiling lightly to Yi Tianyun to ease him a bit. Even though she knew that Yi Tianyun was very powerful, she couldn’t help but worried about him.

“You guys can go back now, I have something to do first. Ren Zhirou would accompany you just in case.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Ren Zhirou only nodded her head and gave Yi Tianyun a smile, while Yi Yuwei still worried about Yi Tianyun’s safety. But nonetheless, she obeyed Yi Tianyun’s order.

After they left, Yi Tianyun summoned the Black Dragon and quickly flew towards Wang Family Pavilion. Wang Family didn’t know the demise coming toward them at high speed.

“I wonder what happens over there, has Lin Li finished the brat already? What took him so long?” Wang Family Chief said worriedly.

“He was accompanied by Elder Wang Qing, there is no way they would fail!” Elder Wang Shaohua said while sneering menacingly.

“Yeah, it’s supposed to end quickly. He brought this on himself by allying with that Zhu Family! I would crush anyone dares to stand in my path!” Wang Family Chief said coldly.

As they finished speaking, a booming voice came from outside. Wang Family Chief immediately felt something was wrong!

“What is that? Let’s check it out!” He said to his elder.

When they came out of the pavilion, they saw that their buildings were in flames! They saw their disciple running out of the building in terror, and the one who caught on fire immediately burned out to ashes.

“What is this? What happened?” they all said while staring at the flame wide-eyed.

One of the guards immediately rushed over to them and said in a voice full of terror that a man riding a black dragon was coming in and burned all the building with his Black Dragon’s Flame!

“Black Dragon?” they were all stunned again. A Divine beast was not supposed to be here if they were here, that meant a powerful individual was nearby!

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  1. some says:

    Still disturb me how they just “Took” Mc’s last name, pretty sure that it doesn’t work like that, just look at all the other novel where the MC is a trash and everyone hates him in his clan yet he doesn’t change his last name to the grandpa that taught him everything like they were some sort of dog

    1. Wild Drongo Wild Drongo says:

      Are you expecting something to make sense in this thing? They can’t even keep the power levels consistent between one chapter and the next…

  2. Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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