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C.L.S Chapter 201 Thorough Eliminate


After he finished off all of the elders, Yi Tianyun walked over toward Wang Family Head and looked at him with an ice-cold glare.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to us? What have we ever done to you!” Wang Family Head said desperately. He lost the family that he built from scratch himself! There was nothing that he could do anymore, with almost all his men being wiped out and all the buildings filled with all his wealth and treasures collapsed, there was no coming back from this.

“If you really need a reason, then I can give some reason for you. ‘Lin Li’ is that good enough reason?” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

“Lin Li provoked you? He is not part of our family! He is from the Divine Rune Mansion! You misdirect your anger here!” Wang Family Chief said desperately.

“Are you really that stupid? Of course, Lin Li isn’t alone in his stupid action. There is a pair of brothers helping him under your order, Wang Qing and Wang Shui, do those names ring a bell? or are you gonna say that you’re amnesia?” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

“Wang Qing Elder? Wait! Are you that brat’s associate?” Wang Family Head said, shocked from the truth in front of him.

“No, of course not!” Yi Tianyun said while taking off the Hundred Transformation Mask covering his face.

“It’s you!” Wang Family Head said with a bulging eye.

“Who else do you think would attack you? Or do you have that many enemies?” Yi Tianyun said mockingly.

“Let this be a lesson not to provoke anyone you don’t have any clue about later in your next life!” Yi Tianyun said while signaling his dragon to come over.

“Wait! You can’t do this! I am one of the Family Head of Star Pavilion! If you kill me, Star Pavilion won’t let you live!” Wang Family Chief said desperately.

“Do you think anyone would recognize me?” Yi Tianyun said while putting back his Hundred Transformation Mask, changing his face once again.

“YOU FUCKER!” the last word Wang Family Head shouted before his death as the black dragon burned him alive,


‘Successfully killed Wang Family Chief!’

‘Reward: 270.000 Exp, 3.600 Crazy Points, 1.000 Divine Rune Proficiency Mastery Points, 100 Sin Points, Cloud Waves Palm Martial Art, Heavenly Wind Fist, 1x High-Grade Divine Rune Paper, 100.000 Exp Pill’

Destroy Wang Family wasn’t even that hard for Yi Tianyun, and it didn’t take too long. There was nothing that hinders Yi Tianyun action for now, yet he couldn’t help but think that this would get messy if Wang Family successfully requested for the support!

Sure, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be afraid of the incoming support, but it would complicate things in the future!

Yi Tianyun shook his head and proceeded to collect every storage ring he could find and any good treasure in the buildings.

He knew that Heavenly Jade Sect was still missing a lot of resources to become a 3rd Grade Faction, so he needed to find a lot of resources!

After he was done searching the place, he unsummoned the black dragon and flew off the vicinity using his phoenix wings.

Once Yi Tianyun flew off far away from the place, support from Star Pavilion finally arrived at Wang Family’s residence. They were all stunned, seeing the place was in shamble! There was nothing usable left from the building, and there were so many burnt corpses on the ground and burnt marks all over the place.

“What the hell is this? This is not an ordinary flame! It’s an Alchemy Master flame or Blacksmith Master’s flame! Why would Wang Family provoke such a person?” One of the Star Pavilion elders said as he investigated the place.

“That is still unclear! But there is no more Wang Family for sure! I need to get back and report this as soon as possible! We can’t find any info about the attacker. Still, as the fact goes, there is no one in our level dare to provoke Star Pavilion, as so this must be done by stronger faction!” Another one of the Star Pavilion elders said seriously.

“Is it the empire?” another elder said worriedly.

“It can’t be, why would Wang Family provoke the empire? I don’t think they are that stupid.” The first elder said hastily.

They all simultaneously shook their heads and leave the vicinity to get back and report on what they have seen.

Soon enough, the news about Wang Family being wiped out was spread all around, causing some mockery toward Star Pavilion. This news angered Star Pavilion to a tee! This is like a blow to the face as Wang Family was one of their main subdivisions.

Star Pavilion soon enough, sent a search order to find any sort of information about the one behind Wang Family’s destruction! They imprisoned anyone resembling the description provided by some eyewitness. At the end of the day, they issued a wanted poster providing all the information about the attacker as they couldn’t find him anywhere!

‘Wanted: 27-Year old cultivator with unknown cultivation base. Has a Black Dragon Divine Beast as his mount. If you can provide any information regarding this person, you will receive rewards from Star Pavilion! Anyone who could personally capture the said person, you will receive a High-Grade soul tool, 5th Grade Medicinal Pill, 1.000.000 Gold! Dead Or Alive!’

Yi Tianyun read over the news with a smile, as he knew that this news was completely unusable!

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