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C.L.S Chapter 202 Empire Goddess


After Yi Tianyun crushed the Wang Family, he quickly returned back to the Inn where two sisters and Ren Zhirou were waiting.

“Elder Yi, are you alright?” Yi Yuwei asked worriedly, Yi Yuxuan was also looking at Yi Tianyun worriedly!

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” Yi Tianyun said casually. After he looked around, he noticed that Ren Zhirou wasn’t in the room like the two sisters.

“Where did Miss Ren go?” Yi Tianyun asked the two sisters.

“She is standing outside, I don’t know why she did that. I am struggling to ask her to just stay in the room as she seems a bit cold.” Yi Yuwei said with an embarrassed face.

Yi Tianyun headed out to the balcony where Yi Yuwei said she would be.

“Miss Ren, why are you standing outside here, all alone?” Yi Tianyun asked kindly, with a smile on his face.

“I remember something when I saw you fighting earlier. I remembered where my family is!  I think I’m starting to recall the memories of my brother.” Ren Zhirou said while looking at the distance.

“Now, you know that I am not your brother right.” Yi Tianyun said with a kind smile.

“Yeah, I know that now. But you are very similar to him in a way. You are kind and honest, and something about you just reminded me of my brother. Usually, he would wait for me to wake up, but I don’t know why he didn’t wait for me this time.” Ren Zhirou said with a sad face.

“Hmm, it’s obvious that something big must’ve happened. That place has been secret and untouched for a long time, I think.” Yi Tianyun speculated as he found it quite unusual too.

“Well, I must find out what happened. I can’t speculate about what happened without seeing it myself! I shouldn’t waste any more time, I must leave immediately!” Ren Zhirou said with a resolved look on her face.

“You want to leave now?” Yi Tianyun asked quite surprisedly.

“Do you want my help?” Yi Tianyun asked as he felt somehow responsible.

“No, there is something that I have to resolve myself. Brother Yi, I hope that our path would cross again someday, until then, goodbye!” Ren Zhirou said while leaping into the air. A bright wing sprouted from her back, and she flew into the sky quickly.

This is one of Core Transformation cultivator’s power. They could condense their power into wings to fly!


‘Successfully activated hidden chain quest [Help the Empire’s Goddess!]’

‘Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 Crazy Points, 200 Ren Zhirou Favourability points, [Empire God Protector] Title.’

(Quest note: your choice may affect the pattern of the quest. Completing the quest may affect the future!)

Yi Tianyun was surprised after he saw the quest. Ren Zhirou was the Empire’s Goddess? Also, the quest completion may affect the future? This was his second quest, which will have an enormous impact!

This quest was even more ominous, as the empire’s rules were very strict, and not everybody had the chance to go in and out easily! He must think carefully whether to do this quest or straight up ignored it, as his surrounding situation would be affected as well.

His last quest didn’t affect his immediate surroundings that much, as he only released Ye Qingxuan from her prison. It’s her choice that would affect the world not him!

“No wonder she is so powerful! She is the Empire’s Goddess!” Yi Tianyun said while shaking his head.

Yi Yuwei approached Yi Tianyun from inside and asked, “What happen to Miss Ren? Where is she?” she asked wonderingly.

“She returned home. And we should too, let’s return to Heavenly Jade Sect so that you two could rest.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

She nodded as she knew that Yi Tianyun had another thing to do here in the Heavenly Border Continent, and looking after her and her sister won’t do him any good.

When they were on their way to Heavenly Jade Sect, everyone in the city was in a ruckus discussing the recent news of the fallen Wang Family and the unknown assailant riding a black dragon!

Hearing the black dragon part, Yi Yuxuan realized that the one attacking the Wang Family was none other than Yi Tianyun. She quickly realized how powerful Yi Tianyun really was!

“Let’s go, there is nothing to do here anymore.” Yi Tianyun said as he continued to walk toward the Heavenly New City’s gate.

As they walked quite far enough from the city, Yi Tianyun hugged the two sisters, causing their faces to turn red.

“Ready to fly back to Heavenly Jade Sect?” Yi Tianyun asked as he activated his Phoenix Wing.

The two sisters both had a shocked expression as they saw Yi Tianyun’s wings.

“Elder Yi! Did you already breakthrough into Core Transformation?” Yuwei asked excitedly.

“As much as I want to say that was the case, but sadly no, I am not a Core Transformation cultivator just yet. Hold that thought for later, now you have to bear the wind a little bit, we will arrive at Heavenly Jade Sect in no time!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

He didn’t want to use the black dragon to fly just yet, as Star Pavilion was on the lookout of any figure riding on a black dragon. He didn’t want to lead the suspicion back to Heavenly Jade Sect!

The two sisters looked at each other excitedly as they would be flying in Yi Tianyun’s embraces.

As Yi Tianyun saw the two sisters smiling at each other, he couldn’t help but felt that there was something funny about him now.

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