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C.L.S Chapter 204 Heaven’s Top Mansion


After Yi Tianyun repaired the 5th Grade Great Array, the Spiritual Power in Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins has dramatically improved!

“Impressive, as expected of young master! with this Defence Great Array fixed, our Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins would be able to endure a Core Transformation cultivator’s attack!” Old Xuan said while smiling joyfully.

This fact given by Old Xuan shocked Yi Tianyun a little bit.  Now, he wouldn’t worry too much if Jade Sect was under attack, and he was not around!

Yi Tianyun only wondered, how did Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins when looking in its prime time, it must be something really amazing!

“Young Master, you really can fix all of this Great Array?” Old Xuan said while still looking at Yi Tianyun in awe. No master before Yi Tianyun was able to fix any of this Great Array, so, just by having Yi Tianyun himself fix the Great Array, this place wouldn’t be called Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins anymore, but this place would be Heaven Immersing Palace!

“With a little bit of training, sure! I will be able to fix all of this.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

Old Xuan was speechless! Yi Tianyun has been an incredible Master for this place, and Old Xuan was excited to see how much will Yi Tianyun improve for the sake of this place in the future.

Yi Tianyun spent a couple days in the Jade Sect to see the improvement within the Jade Sect. He found out that the Sect was well managed and the disciple’s cultivation has vastly improved. There was a huge amount of Spirit Refinement disciples and gradually, disciples and elders managed to break through to Core Condensation. The problem to promote the Jade Sect into a Jade Mansion was the amount of Spirit Core Stage Expert was nowhere near the standard amount.

It was only Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun at this moment who already broke through into Spirit Core Stage!

“There seem to be no issues here, the management was really on point!” Yi Tianyun said, feeling satisfied.

When he walked around the place, he noticed Jiu Lingyun sitting and teaching many disciples about the Divine Rune Mastery. She taught new disciples passionately. She has already reached the 2nd Grade Divine Rune Master!

This management was all thanks to Yi Yuwei, she made a system where the disciples would be directed based on their respective talent, in this case, Jiu Lingyun was the Divine Rune.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and walked around again, he felt that there was nothing he could do in the Jade Sect for now, so Yi Tianyun thought that this may be the right time to travel to Heaven’s Top Mansion now. There is the invitation to VIP dinner by the Star Pavilion Lord. He had to go soon.

After saying his goodbyes with Shi Xueyun, he used the phoenix wings to fly to the Heaven’s Top Mansion.

Heaven’s Top Mansion wasn’t that far from Star City so he knew the general direction. After flying for two days, he finally saw the nameplate of Heaven’s Top Mansion.

“I finally arrived!” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh of relief. He looked into the building and found it very captivating. Their downfall was because of the lack of resources, and so many disciples were hitting the slump and couldn’t breakthrough.

As he walked through the gate, a disciple stopped him and asked him what he was doing in the place.

“I came to see He Qianhan.” Yi Tianyun said politely.

“Do you have an invitation token?” The disciple asked.

“Sure!” Yi Tianyun said while pulling out the token He Qianhan gave to him and handed it to the disciple.

The disciple nodded and invited Yi Tianyun inside to meet He Qianhan.

As they walked inside, the disciples outside sighed. They thought that He Qianhan invited another trash into Heaven’s Top Mansion.

Yi Tianyun heard all of it, but he didn’t react to it as he was avoiding to make a bad impression.

After passing through the long walkway, he arrived at Heavenly Runes Palace. Yi Tianyun saw that more disciples passed through this room compared to the other rooms along his path. After entering, he noticed that this room also served as a Quest Hall.

“No wonder this room was so lively.” Yi Tianyun said to himself.

Any big faction’s disciple was required to complete a certain amount of quest, if they don’t finish the required amount, they will receive some type of punishment!

As he scanned the room, he saw a check-in counter with a familiar figure standing to hand in their Quest Token.  It was none other than Yang Zhaouxue that he encountered on the sea back then.

As Yang Zhaoxue finished, Yi Tianyun stepped forward and gave his invitation token to Yang Xixue.

“I am here to meet with He Qianhan, would you let me meet her?” Yi Tianyun said politely.

Yang Xixue looked at Yi Tianyun with a surprised look on her face. “Deacon He recommended such a  young fellow?” Yang Xixue said with a surprised look.

“Is there a problem?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“No, there is no problem. Come with me, I will test your skill.” Yang Xixue said while standing up and directing Yi Tianyun to Deacon He place.

“What?” Yi Tianyun said, surprised. What kind of test was she planning to do? Did she want to make him a disciple of Heaven’s Top Mansion?

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