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C.L.S Chapter 203 Tender Feeling


With the Phoenix Wing, Yi Tianyun arrived at Heavenly Jade Sect not that much slower than using the black dragon. The thing is, these wings weren’t at their best just yet. If Yi Tianyun reached Core Transformation Stage, his flying speed would be enhanced 3 times by his wings effect! Which was so much faster than any winged creature!

As he landed, Yi Tianyun put down the two sisters and went inside the Heavenly Jade Sect. As he came in, he realized that the amount of disciple strolling around has increased!

“Elder Yi! Elder Zhu!” The disciples shouted as they walked in.

“You all have to call me Elder Yu in the future, as it might be confusing later if you use my surname.” Yuwei said while chuckling.

“Okay, Elder Yu!” They all shouted excitedly. They didn’t think of it that much as they don’t know that Yuwei changed her surname to Yi just yet.

Yi Tianyun only shook his head in defeat, the two sisters already made up their mind about the name, so he could only support their decision as best as he could, by allowing it!

“You are back!” Shouted Shi Xueyun as she walked to the front hall.

“I am back!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“Oh yeah, this is Yi Yuxuan! Yi Yuwei’s sister.” Yi Tianyun said introducing Yi Yuxuan to Shi Xueyun.

“Nice to meet you, Palace Lord.” Yi Yuxuan said respectfully.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to be so formal to me here, you are free to do what you want around here.” Shi Xueyun said with a smile to Yuxuan.

“Now, how come I never receive any news about you?” Shi Xueyun said while puffing her cheeks to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun immediately explained everything to Shi Xueyun as he didn’t want to get lectured by her later.

Yi Yuwei helped by adding some information, as Yi Tianyun explained to Shi Xueyun.

“Now, aunt, I intend to make her an elder, the same as her sister, but I am afraid that it would cause some dissatisfaction among the disciples due to special treatment! So, I would like her to start from Deacon and she will climb to an elder position with her own skill. I believe that she would be qualified to do so!” Yi Tianyun said to Shi Xueyun regarding Yi Yuxuan status.

“Elder Yi, there is no need for that! I would gladly help Yuwei here in Heavenly Jade Sect, there is no need for any status! I am already glad that Heavenly Jade Sect wants to take me in.” Yi  Yuxuan said as she didn’t want to cause a misunderstanding later about her status here in Heavenly Jade Sect!

“Nah, that is too stupid for us to neglect you like that! If Elder Yi said that you have the qualification to be an elder, then you are already an elder! But as to honor others, I agree with Elder Yi, you should start from a Deacon and work yourself to an Elder title.” Shi Xueyun said casually.

“Thank you so much, Palace Lord!” Yi Yuxuan said while bowing her head, showing great respect toward Shi Xueyun’s decision. She would certainly make an all-out effort for Shi Xueyun, to prove her that her decision wasn’t wrong!

After Yi Yuxuan’s problem was resolved, Shi Xueyun took a glance at Yi Tianyun.

“You are really skillful! Every time you come back, you successfully bring back another pretty lady!” Shi Xueyun said while pouting.

“Aunt, don’t put it like that! You make it like I was some kind of womanizer!” Yi Tianyun said helplessly.

“Haha, it’s just a joke, obviously! It doesn’t matter who you bring back as long as you come back safely!” Shi Xueyun said warmly.

Yi Tianyun only nodded and asked whether she has broken through her cultivation stage or not.

“Sure, I did! If I don’t breakthrough quickly, I should be ashamed as a Palace Lord!” She said while showing a little bit of her Spirit Core aura to Yi Tianyun.

“Don’t work too hard, aunt! You still have me don’t you!” Yi Tianyun said worriedly.

“Even though I have you, I still want to be stronger! I can’t let yourself carry all of the weight of this sect! how could I lead Heavenly Jade Sect to become much more powerful, if I am not strong!” She said boldly.

Yi Tianyun nodded, and he immediately remembered something. He quickly reached inside his inventory and gave Shi Xueyun the storage ring that Lin Li gave as a reward earlier, and Yi Tianyun used it as a place to store the loot from Wang Family. Although he was sure that there was something worth it to convert to Crazy Points, he still gave it all to Shi Xueyun.

Shi Xueyun took the ring, and without seeing the content of the ring, she put it in her pocket!

“Why don’t you see it first, aunt? Don’t you wanna know what is inside?” Yi Tianyun ask her, surprised she didn’t even bother to check!

“Silly! You obviously work too hard!” Shi Xueyun said while knocking Yi Tianyun’s head lightly and hugged him afterward.

“If it’s for you and Heavenly Jade Sect’s sake, there’s no such thing as too hard!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling lightly. Shi Xueyun was moved by Yi Tianyun’s word, she feels loved. This word almost made her shed tears.

“It seems that you are no longer the little boy that I need to protect anymore!” Shi Xueyun said while sighed to hold her tear.

“Is it not natural that when a kid grows up, he will protect the people he loves?” Yi Tianyun said playfully.

The two exchanged some warm words a little bit more, and they immediately went to do their own job afterward. There was still so much to do for both of them that quality time together was no longer easy to do.

Yi Tianyun walked toward the front door to start repairing the 5th Grade Great Array of Defence.

“Master, are you finally going to fix the great array?” Old Xuan asked when he suddenly appeared beside Yi Tianyun.

“Yeah, is there a problem?” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“No, but, if you fail, there is so much thing that may go wrong, you know.” Old Xuan said, unsure how to say it directly to Yi Tianyun.

But as Old Xuan speaks, Yi Tianyun already started repairing the great array.

When Old Xuan was finally able to convey his word, Yi Tianyun already finished repairing the great array.

“Is that so? What happens if I fail?” Yi Tianyun said while smirking toward Old Xuan.

Old Xuan, who finally saw that the great array was already fixed, only stared at Yi Tianyun speechless!

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