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C.L.S Chapter 219 Collide


“Are you sure you want to do this? There must be a reason for the Spirit King Xuan Tian to not pass the Divine Art to the disciple at that time, you know!” Great Elder said while glaring to the second elder.

The Great Elder was absolutely right. In fact, Yi Tianyun already knew the reason Spirit King Xuan Tian didn’t bother to leave this Divine Art behind as his legacy. This Divine Art was full of holes. One big mistake, the user could damage their Blood Qi and ended losing their cultivation or worse, become crippled for life!

Not to mention that the Divine Art wasn’t perfect at the time, it was halted at Void Spirit Cultivation Stage! This could be improved by the successor but a person compatible with this Divine Art was so rare!

“Great Elder! Are you really trying to make Heaven’s Top Mansion better? You know that Mansion Lord wants this Divine Art for our disciple too, right!” the Second Elder said with a frustrating glare toward the Great Elder.

“Second Elder, I’m starting to think that you’re only doing this because you want the Divine Art for yourself! You fail to get it before because you’re already so far ahead with your Divine Art! Didn’t you hear yourself? Are you really gonna share the Xuan Tian Divine Art once you get it?” He Qianhan said challengingly.

“I am willing to share it! As long as the disciples have a great Innate Ability and have contributed to Heaven’s Top Mansion, they would get their chance to learn the Xuan Tian Divine Art!” The Second Elder said with a serious face.

“Stop! Why the fuck are you talking about the Divine Art like it was already yours! This is MY Divine Art! I am the Successor of the Spirit King Xuan Tian! Not you! If anyone wishes to learn this Divine Art, I don’t mind teaching them if I feel like it!” Yi Tianyun said cockily.

“Rest assured! I have many means to extract it from you!” The Second Elder said with a smirk on his face.

“Rest assured, I have so many ways to kill you before that happen! I doubt that you could resist me when I go for your throat!” Yi Tianyun said with his smirk still on his face.

 “I’ve had enough of your arrogance, kid! You are wasting the Divine Art’s potential. Therefore I would extract it from you!” the Second Elder said coldly as he released his killing intent.

Yi Tianyun quickly rushed over to the second elder, ready to kill him, but he was stopped by the Great Elder.

“Second Elder! Stop this! Stop ruining our reputation any further in front of our guest!” the Great Elder said desperately.

“Great Elder, you have disappointed Heaven’s Top Mansion!” The Second Elder said as he ignored the Great Elder and released his aura more intense than before.

The Great Elder also released his own aura to stop the Second Elder, “Grandpa, stop! You will open up your injury!” Mu Xian’er shouted at the Great Elder.

As the two of them were ready to attack each other, Yi Tianyun quickly rushed toward the Second Elder and slapped him in the face! Throwing him into a wall with his face heavily injured.

“I really despise people like you! A greedy pig whose greed doesn’t know bounds! You think you are above everyone, aren’t you?!” Yi Tianyun said with a cold glare.

“Son of a bitch! How dare you hit me! I will kill you!” The Second Elder said as he rushed toward Yi Tianyun with all his might.

Yi Tianyun wasn’t bothered with the Second Elder’s hostility, he watched the second elder movement, and when he got close enough, Yi Tianyun kicked the second elder right on his chest, this time hard enough, as the wall was destroyed when the Second Elder’s body hit it!

The second elder was lying on the floor unable to move, it was clear to everyone by seeing his body that several of his ribs were already broken!

Everyone stared at Yi Tianyun, completely shocked to see Yi Tianyun easily defeated the second elder.

“Save me!” the second elder stuttered to the third elder. The third elder licked his lip in greed and quickly crushed a Jade Pendant.

“You are amazing kid! But now, there is no way you can escape!” The third elder said while grinning. As the crushed pendant hit the floor, 8 shadows like figure appeared in the room.

“You! You are colluding with Netherworld Empire!” the Great Elder said, he couldn’t believe one of his elders was capable of doing such a thing.

“Great Elder, you are too stupid to see the betrayal when it is right below your nose! Even the Mansion Lord didn’t see it coming.” The third elder said while laughing hard.

“What did you do! What did you do to Mansion Lord!” Great Elder said while looking paler than before.

“Mansion Lord? He is in the basement with his Blood Qi sealed and injured.” The third elder said sarcastically.

“You traitor!” Great Elder said furiously, while his nose and mouth were bleeding out.

“Grandfather! Your injury!” Mu Xian’er said while rushing to help her grandfather.

“You clearly underestimated me. These people you summon are nothing but food to me! No matter. Time to clean the house a little bit!” Yi Tianyun said as he released a little bit of his aura.

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