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C.L.S Chapter 220 Your Turn Now


“Even if the Xuan Tian Divine Art is formidable, I don’t think that you will be smiling at the end of this unless you reached Core Transformation stage somehow!” The third elder said as he saw Yi Tianyun was smiling confidently.

He Qianhan had both confused and depressed look on her face, as she didn’t expect several of her elders were traitors!

“Traitor! You are a disgrace of cultivators!” she said, trying to spite on the third elder.

“No wonder that you are so committed to finding the Xuan Tian Divine Art, it’s for the Netherworld Empire’s cause! Rot in hell, you traitor!” Great Elder said furiously.

“Heaven’s Top Mansion has already fallen this low, did you really think I would continue to support this crumbling sect? I’ve always proposed Mansion Lord so we can become one of the Netherworld Empire’s Sub Faction, and he always rejects my offer! So I have my own idea of doing things!” the third elder said plainly.

“Save me, brother!” The second elder said, he was still bleeding the floor.

“Fuck you! You weakling!” The third elder said as he kicked the second elder quite hard. The second elder was once again thrown to the side while vomiting blood! Soon enough, he stopped breathing as he glared on the third elder without a single word, dead!


‘Successfully killed the Second Elder of Heaven’s Top Mansion.’

‘Reward: 24.000 Exp, 3.400 Crazy Points, 50 Sin Points, Liu Yun Knife, 100.000 Exp Pill.’

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised to see the notification even though he wasn’t the one who killed the second elder. He suspected that the system will give him the reward for the kill regardless of who killed the enemy as long as he already did some damage to the said enemy.

The third elder turned his attention toward Yi Tianyun and the Great Elder, “Ohh, stop looking at me like that! I will send you down to meet him again soon!” he said while giving a signal for the Shadow Guards to attack.

As the Shadow Guards began to move, Yi Tianyun quickly slammed his foot into several Shadow Guards closest to him, throwing them to the wall. He quickly rushed over to the ones he sent flying towards the wall and kick their head to kill them immediately.


‘Successfully killed a Shadow Guard!’

‘Reward: 170.000 Exp, 3.200 Crazy Points, 50 Sin Points, Shadow Blade (Middle-Grade Soul Tool), Shadow Step.’


‘Successfully killed a Shadow Guard!’

‘Reward: . . . ‘


‘Successfully . . .’

The rest of the Shadow Guards immediately stopped their attack after seeing their comrades fell so quickly. The Third Elder was glaring at Yi Tianyun in obvious shock! He didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to be able to kill so many of them in such a short time!

A Shadow Guard quietly sneaked up to Yi Tianyun’s back and immediately took a position to stab Yi Tianyun. The Great Elder saw this and proceeded to warn Yi Tianyun, but Yi Tianyun already caught on to this futile struggle even before Great Elder could warn him.

Yi Tianyun backhanded the Shadow Guard’s Head powerfully, almost lopping the head of the Shadow Guard off his shoulder!


‘Successfully. . .‘

Yi Tianyun quickly finished off the rest of the Shadow Guards, before they’re starting to do something fishy again. After he was done, he turned his attention towards the Third Elder.

“It is your turn now! Any last words?” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

The Third Elder was shaken by Yi Tianyun’s overwhelming power! He couldn’t speak as he continued to stare at Yi Tianyun in shock!

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