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C.L.S Chapter 222 Mansion Lord


“You came to check on Heaven’s Top Mansion?” He Qianhan said as she felt a little bit excited. But she couldn’t express her excitement, for she didn’t know Yi Tianyun’s position even if he decided to join Heaven’s Top Mansion.

“Little Brother Yi, to tell you the truth, your level is way above all of us. If you choose to join us, I will give you the Great Elder position!” The Great Elder said with a serious face.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t say anything as he felt overwhelmed, he wanted to say that he had no problem joining Heaven’s Top Mansion, but he was afraid that he had no time managing it.

“I know that Heaven’s Top Mansion is declining at this moment, but please consider your choice. We really need you now, and we don’t ask you to give us anything in return.” The Great Elder said with a little bit of desperation.

As Yi Tianyun was thinking of the Great Elder’s word. They arrived at the dungeon in the basement. When they entered the dungeon, the Great Elder lit up a torch so they could see everything around them because the dungeon was in pitch-black darkness.

As they walked, they soon heard a coughing sound on one of the cages in front of them. They quickly rushed to see what was inside.

“Heh, you came again to torture me, aren’t you fucker?” The Mansion Lord said with a weak painful voice.

“Mansion Lord!” shouted the Great Elder as he immediately opened the cage and examined the Mansion Lord. He was shocked to see how severe the injuries on the Mansion Lord’s body. There was so much wound, and the Mansion Lord’s hands and legs have been amputated!

“Great Elder?” The Mansion Lord said with a hopeful voice.

“It’s me, I am here to save you!” Great Elder said with a sad tone on his voice.

As the Great Elder tried to lift the Mansion Lord’s body, he screamed in pain, and there was a stream of blood coming out of his wounds. Mu Xian’er couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

Yi Tianyun frowned as he saw Mansion Lord’s condition. Clearly, the Second and Third Elder didn’t have any compassion toward their own Mansion Lord.

“Quick! Gave the Mansion Lord a Recovery Pill!” The Great Elder shouted to He Qianhan.

“Don’t worry about me, you have to get out! They would come here again. If they saw you here, you would be in trouble!” The Mansion Lord said faintly.

“You don’t have to worry, Mansion Lord! We already cleaned them up along with the Netherworld Empire dogs that come with them.” The Great Elder said solemnly.

“Is that so? That is great!” the Mansion Lord said faintly.

The Great Elder quickly fed the Recovery Pill to Mansion Lord’s mouth. But as soon as he swallowed the pills, The Mansion Lord immediately vomited blood!

“This is the symptom of poisoning!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw the black blood, the Mansion Lord vomited black blood.

“The Recovery Pill wouldn’t have any effect as long as the poison is still in his system!” Yi Tianyun said knowingly.

“Damn fucker!” The Great Elder shouted furiously.

“Don’t worry Mansion Lord. For now, you should eat the Detoxify Pills!” the Great Elder said hurriedly.

“It’s useless! This poison was not a common poison. If you don’t know what the poison is, there is no way to cure it.” The Mansion Lord said as he remembered what his kidnapper said while laughing at his face.

Yi Tianyun didn’t like this situation at all, “Is it okay if I try?” He said casually.

“Try? What are you gonna try?” The Great Elder said with confusion written all over his face.


‘Quest [Save The Mansion Lord!] taken!’

‘Reward: 1.000.000 Exp, 10.000 Crazy Points, 100 Favourability Points on Mansion Lord, Great Elder, Mu Xian’er and He Qianhan, 100 Prestige Points.’

Yi Tianyun said nothing as he immediately examined the Mansion Lord’s blood using the Appraisal Eye.

The Appraisal Eye could analyze almost anything, not only showing other people’s information but it could also show the information on certain effects of an item. This included Poison and Medicinal Pill recipes.

However, if the pill’s grade was too high. The Appraisal Eye wouldn’t be able to analyze it.

‘Successfully analyze the toxin on the blood.’

‘Antidotes Ingredient: Butterfly Venom and Dropping Clouds Grass.’

Yi Tianyun immediately took out the Purple Fire Divine Furnace and quickly took out the necessary ingredient along with his Immortal Fire.

“Pill Refining?” The Great Elder was surprised to see Yi Tianyun was even able to do a pill refining!

The Great Elder wasn’t the only person who was shocked to witness the fact that Yi Tianyun could refine a pill.

He Qianhan and Mu Xian’er were starstruck! They don’t believe their eyes.

How could a teenager be this powerful?!

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