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C.L.S Chapter 223 Pill Refining


Yi Tianyun began to refine the pill needed to cure the Mansion Lord from the poison on his body.

Everyone was surprised, as they didn’t understand how powerful Yi Tianyun really was.

How could a Rune Master also be an Alchemist! That was just too much!

Yi Tianyun activated his Crazy Mode to speed up the refining process, as he was worried that the Mansion Lord couldn’t hold on any longer.

After using Crazy Mode, Yi Tianyun saw that the refining time was reduced significantly from 1 hour to 8 minutes!

After 8 minutes, Yi Tianyun shouted that Refining is done!

Shocking everyone even more, as refining an intermediate level pill wasn’t supposed to be that fast!

Yi Tianyun quickly fed the pill he refined just now to the Mansion Lord. The effect was immediately shown, the blackened eye bags under the Mansion Lord’s eyes, throat, and nose was quickly fading.

“Quick, give the Recovery Pill to the Mansion Lord! There should be no problem now.” Yi Tianyun said hastily.

The Great Elder quickly come forward and fed the Recovery Pill given by He Qianhan to the Mansion Lord.

This time, there was no rejection symptom toward the Recovery Pill, and gradually, his complexion returned and his wound closed.

This progress brought relief to everyone, as The Mansion Lord has passed his critical condition.

“His condition has stabilized for now. I think it should be okay to move him to his room now.” Yi Tianyun said while grinning slightly.

Everyone sighed in relief and immediately nodded to Yi Tianyun as they quickly carried the Mansion Lord carefully upstairs.

“Thank you, little brother.” The Mansion Lord said solemnly toward Yi Tianyun.

“Your welcome, Mansion Lord. This is part of my responsibility too.” Yi Tianyun said humbly.

Even though the Mansion Lord has survived his critical condition, everyone knew that it would take a while before he completely recovered.

And there is another problem after that, even if he recovered completely, his cultivation was destroyed!

This is not a simple problem, it would take a hard and long time to recover his cultivation.

When they arrived at the Mansion Lord’s bedchamber, they quickly laid the Mansion Lord on his bed.

“With the Mansion Lord’s hand and feet cut off, there is a way to heal it. We need a Broken Rib Healing Cream, if you don’t have it, I can refine it if you have the ingredient for it.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling lightly.

“That medicine can only be refined by a 4th Grade Alchemy! Are you sure you can refine it?” Great Elder asked, surprised by Yi Tianyun’s Alchemy level.

Yi Tianyun only nodded his head in understanding. He knew that it was hard for anyone to process his capability considering his young age.

“Okay, Xian’er would show you the way to the pharmacy. I hope that you will find all you need to create one in there.” The Great Elder said while signing Mu Xian’er to help Yi Tianyun.

“I would happily help!” Mu Xian’er said while nodding her head to the Great Elder.

He Qianhan, on the other hand, kept wiping the blood on the Mansion Lord’s body and continued to take care of him to make sure he was comfortable in his bed.

“This way Master Yi!” Mu Xian’er said casually.

When they were out of the room, Yi Tianyun quickly teased Mu Xian’er.

“Why are you so polite suddenly, little witch? And what is this master you are calling me? you know I am not part of the Heaven’s Top Mansion just yet.” Yi Tianyun said while smirking.

Mu Xian’er face turned red in embarrassment instantly.

She knew nothing about Yi Tianyun when she pulled a prank on him earlier.

Now, that she knew Yi Tianyun was far more powerful than she could imagine, she was afraid to offend Yi Tianyun in any way.

“Okay, you need to stop acting like this. There is a more serious matter at hand than this you know. with the Netherworld Empire’s eyes on Heaven’s Top Mansion, you will always be restless as they would keep poking at you in some way.” Yi Tianyun said, annoyed that Xian’er kept acting too politely toward him.

That was true.

Even if all the traitors were already dead, Netherworld Empire would find another way to disturb Heaven’s Top Mansion. They wouldn’t stop until they get what they want, and that is Xuan Tian Divine Art!

Mu Xian’er nodded her head in understanding, but Yi Tianyun still didn’t see the cheerful little witch that he encountered before in Xian’er eyes.

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