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C.L.S Chapter 233 Present


Apparently, some people in the courtyard didn’t really think highly of Yi Tianyun’s arrogance.

They didn’t know that the real reason for this behavior of Yi Tianyun was because of Divine Runes Mansion’s egotistical ways of doing things.

People in the courtyard thought that would be the end of Heaven’s Top Mansion for sure!

Angering a Mansion Lord from another faction was so bad for the current Heaven’s Top Mansion!

“Brat, you are so brave! Did you know who I am? Or did you have a strong backer up your ass?” Nan Fengyun said in bitterness.

“Mansion Lord Nan, you don’t need to know if we have any. It is none of your concern.” The Great Elder said confidently.

“Good, since this matter can’t be solved here, I would personally visit Heaven’s Top Mansion in the near future!” Nan Fengyun said while sneering.

Among the crowd, Zhou Yu overheard the exchange of words between Nan Fengyun and the Great Elder.

“Elder Sister, that boy has dug his own grave! He doesn’t think before he said anything, he didn’t mind his manner even though he was speaking with Mansion Lord of Divine Runes Mansion!” Zhou Yu said while frowning a little bit.

“Yeah, we still don’t know if he really has a strong backer or just plain stupid!” Yu Shiqian said as she shook her head in wonders.

Star Pavilion which was also there, was even more shocked!

They were in thorn between the status of Guest Official held by Yi Tianyun, or the Mansion Lord of a prestigious Faction!

“Pavilion Lord Li, Guest Elder Yi was too bold right now, what should we do?” Elder Yun said in worry.

“I didn’t expect this myself, I didn’t expect he was such a troublemaker!” Pavilion Lord Li said, he clearly didn’t know what to do himself.

Star Pavilion has always been neutral from the very beginning, so he couldn’t afford to help Yi Tianyun. By doing so, he would be a target for revenge later!

At the same time, a handsome middle-aged man came out from the Netherworld Empire building.

He exerted a little bit of his aura as he saw that nobody noticed his presence.

As he did so, everyone turned their heads to see who was coming, and immediately bowed their head while welcoming the Minister of the Netherworld Empire’s arrival.

“Welcome everyone to my humble abode! I am grateful to see that every Mansion Lord of the faction that I invited was able to come here. I know, I must be a little bit late, but it is because my messenger gave one invitation to a low-level faction without noticing me. But rest assured, all has been taken care of at this moment.” Minister Cheng Feng said assuringly.

“This time, I invite everyone here to discuss a few things for the greater future of Heavenly Border Continent. It is coming from the Emperor himself!” He said while emphasizing the word Emperor, so there should be no question at all.

Everyone took a glance at each other and then turned their head to look at the minister again.

They didn’t know what they should do at this point.

“Oh yeah, today happens to be my birthday as well, I expect that everyone would give me a present appropriately.” Minister Cheng Feng said excitedly.

Everyone was a little surprised to hear this news from the minister, as they didn’t prepare anything in advance.

The Mansion Lord who stood closer to the minister, quickly handed over a 100-Years Ginseng on his personal inventory while praying for the minister’s longevity as the present for Minister Cheng.

“This is great! I can use this ginseng to gain more blood qi, thank you very much for your generosity.” Minister Cheng said humbly.

After this little exchange, many Mansion Lords quickly took something worthy from their personal belongings as a gift to Minister Cheng.

“Minister Cheng, this is a High-Grade Soul Tools which has a Dragon Clan Blood as its core. It can release an electric wave to stun the enemy.” One Mansion Lord said while giving the said weapon to Minister Cheng.

After that, one after another, Mansion Lord from various Factions gave a gift that worthy of praise from Minister Cheng.

But this interaction made Yi Tianyun frowned as he thought, “How could such a man of his caliber has no shame at all!”

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