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C.L.S Chapter 236 Bad Luck Pill


“Sister, let’s have a bet! I bet that Zheng Wu will win!” Zhou Yu said excitedly.

“Don’t you think Mansion Lord Yi is a bit too calm for someone you consider would lose?” Yu Shiqian said as she observed the match.

“If I lose this bet, you will accompany me to see Young Master Hua! If you lose, you will tag along on my next cultivation! Agreed?” Yu Shiqian said teasingly.

“Sister, you are too crazy at cultivating! It’s not fun! But sure! I will take on your challenge!” Zhou Wu said while puffing his cheek.

In the arena, Yi Tianyun held his sword at his chest as he waited for Zheng Wu to attack.

This move confused everyone watching a little bit, why didn’t Yi Tianyun attack?

He would surely be on disadvantages as Zheng Wu’s sword was better for an offense.

Since Yi Tianyun’s action was quickly deciphered as a challenge by Zheng Wu, he quickly rushed forward to attack Yi Tianyun with all his might.

As he started to swing his sword, Yi Tianyun quickly parried Zheng Wu’s attack by slamming his sword to Zheng Wu’s sword, sending a shockwave to Zheng Wu’s arms.

Zheng Wu quickly felt the numbness on his arm and was forced to let go of his sword, Yi Tianyun quickly took this chance and kicked Zheng Wu with a considerable amount of force.

Zheng Wu was flung toward the edge of the arena with his aura became weaker by the second!


‘Successfully killed Zheng Wu!’

‘Reward: 170.000 Exp, 2.600 Crazy Points, 30 Sin Points, 500 Divine Rune Mastery, God Finger Martial Art, Qi Condensation Secret Art.’

Seeing Zheng Wu was killed in an instant, everyone was surprised beyond belief!

Zheng Wu’s cultivation was at 6th stage Core Condensation, which was not below average at all!

This revelation simply stated that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was much higher than Zheng Wu’s!

“You lose, Zhao Yu! That means that you will come to my next cultivation too!” Yu Shiqian said excitedly.

“How is this possible? He really is strong despite being that young!” Zhao Yu said as she was quite surprised.

“Mansion Lord Nan, he is the one who killed your Direct Disciple! He should be far stronger than Zheng Wu by default!” One of Divine Runes Mansion’s deacon said to Nan Fengyun.

“You should have told me sooner!” Nan Fengyun said bitterly.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t hear their conversation from that distance, but he could guess that whatever they talked about was not good for Nan Fengyun.

“Mansion Lord Nan, I wonder do I deserve my title now?” Yi Tianyun said challengingly.

“You sure are qualified!” Nan Fengyun smiled bitterly as he walked away from the arena.

He couldn’t send more people up there as that would be a fatal blow to his faction if by any chance Yi Tianyun kept winning over them.

And he couldn’t go up there himself, the age gap was too far apart, even if he won, people would look at him as a child killer in the future!

At the same time, Minister Cheng quickly applauded Yi Tianyun’s performance.

“Yes, you are amazing! To have such high cultivation at a young age! You will definitely be a great person in the future!” Minister Cheng said excitedly.

“But it seems that Mansion Lord Yi wins against such a weak disciple, how about we continue your performance? I want to see more of your power! Now that we know that you are strong, I will let anyone fight you! No age limitation needed!” Minister Cheng said while smirking.

Hearing Minister Cheng’s word, everyone was quite surprised!

Everyone couldn’t help but thought what has Yi Tianyun done to receive such hate from the Minister of Netherworld Empire?

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold, he definitely would make this man pay for his sin!

But as the time was already long enough, he couldn’t help but wonder, why didn’t the Bad Luck Pills he threw earlier activate yet?

‘Come on! Where’s the bad luck?’ Yi Tianyun thought to himself.


‘Bad Luck Pill’s effect activated! Time limit: 5 minutes.’

Yi Tianyun was surprised, he didn’t know that the pill’s effect was activated manually!

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  1. Wild Drongo Wild Drongo says:

    “Mansion Lord Nan, he is the one who killed your Direct Disciple! He should be far stronger than Zheng Wu by default!” One of Divine Runes Mansion’s deacon said to Nan Fengyun.

    “You should have told me sooner!” Nan Fengyun said bitterly.

    Wasn’t he literally told exactly that 1 or 2 chapters ago? Actually didn’t he walk in knowing that already? Screamed it out loud himself even?

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