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C.L.S Chapter 237 Bad Luck Pill Terrifying Might


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After the Bad Luck Pill took effect, Cheng Feng was immediately covered with a circle of light.

Except for Yi Tianyun, it seems that no one else saw this light.

“I agree with Minister Cheng. It may be Zheng Wu’s sword was faulty from the beginning. What do you think, Mansion Lord Yi?” Nan Fengyun said challengingly.

“I have no problem with whatever you’re scheming.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“That is an attitude of the Mansion Lord indeed.” Nan Fengyun said as he walked towards the arena.

As he walked towards the arena, suddenly Minister Cheng tumbled towards him and hit Nan Fengyun’s back as they both fell down.

In their fall, their hands and legs become intertwined, making the end result to be very intimate!

Many people were covering their faces in shame for seeing a high ranking officer acting like this.

“No, this is an accident!” Cheng Feng said as he immediately stands up.

Nan Fengyun also stood up at almost the same time, and they quickly tumbled again for the second time.

This time, Cheng Feng and Nan Fengyun fell directly on top of each other while their mouth was pressed against each other!

Yu Shiqian immediately covered her eyes and Zhao Yu’s eyes, she didn’t want Zhao Yu to see a man kissing another man!

Many people also did the same as they didn’t want to see Minister Cheng’s private moment.

Minister Cheng Feng immediately stood up in anger and pushed Nan Fengyun hard.

He felt ashamed for kissing a man and on top of that seen by every Mansion Lord and their trustee of Heavenly Border Continent!

“This is all an accident! You hear me! None of this should get out! If I hear any of this, I will be your personal enemy!” Minister Cheng said in anger.

“Now, bring me a glass of water!” Minister Cheng said as he ordered his guard.

As he drank his water, Minister Cheng coughed.

It seemed that he drunk too fast!

“Son of a bitch! What kind of water is this! Why am I coughing after drinking this shit!” Minister Cheng said as he threw the glass away.

As he threw the glass, Minister Cheng wobbled and he fell on the guard who stood next to him.

Weird things happened one after another, the sword that the guard was handling easily penetrated Minister Cheng’s body!

His physique wasn’t weak. In fact, he had the strongest defensive physique among Netherworld Empire’s personnel, but the guard’s sword was at least a lower grade soul tool rank, so the sword could do a lot of damage if the target wasn’t prepared.

Cheng Feng screamed in pain.

The guards panicked as they never encountered this kind of accident.

Furthermore, the guards were afraid that they would be the main target of his wrath!

Cheng Feng began to stand and tried to pull the sword out of his body, he refused all the help that his guard was offering and ordered them to stay away from him.

“I can handle this myself! Don’t get near me! Stay away!” He said in frustration.

He pulled out the sword smoothly from his body and immediately closed up his wound.

With his cultivation, it was easy to stop bleeding.

The one thing that he hated the most was that the shame he got from all this.

How could a minister of Netherworld Empire act this shameful!

Cheng Feng immediately took a Medicinal Pill from his storage ring without checking it first and immediately swallowed the pills.

After a few seconds, he was vomiting black blood!

That was the effect of poison, it seemed that he mistakenly took a poison as a medicinal pill!

With his cultivation ability, he quickly suppressed the flow of poison in his body and took the real medicinal pills and antidote for his own poison.

With his life no longer in critical condition, he was pale and weak from the constant accident.

Although he was not weak, he was still affected by all this continuous bad luck.

As he walked toward the stair to rest, Cheng Feng once again found himself humbled by the stairs.

That was because he was still dizzy and unstable from the blood loss earlier.

He immediately hit the gift that was given to him earlier at the bottom of the stairs.

The bright long sword was already waiting for him there, as he hit the gift basket, the High-Grade Soul Tool with 5th Grade Divine Rune on it cut through his back, almost lopping off his arms!

Yi Tianyun, on the side, had a cold sweat on his face.

The Bad Luck Divine Pill was truly divine!

From the look of it, Cheng Feng could die at any minute now!

Yi Tianyun couldn’t wait to see what he got if Cheng Feng really died after all this!

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