Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 105


Even though Tsunade repeatedly asked Akabane to step up her training, once the two reached home…

What is practicing? All I need is sleep.

The comic exhibition takes half a day, and the event’s preparation takes three to four days.

Lie down and sleep. That’s what I have to do now!

And at midday the next day…

“Akabane, wake up. Great Elder is coming today.”

Akabane’s deep sleep ended when he heard a loud knock on the door.

Shit, I have no choice but to wake up.

“Great Elder? What is he going to do here?”

The main gate immediately opened, Saki Kurama and the little loli stood in front of the door.

“Looks like he came to meet you and brought some supplies and gifts from the clan.”

Saki Kurama said while smiling faintly.

“Um … this old man came here, that’s not a good thing.”

Akabane brushed his hair and was neither polite nor caring. Could that Great Elder come to send warmth without doing anything?

“Son, you shouldn’t say that.”

Saki Kurama laughed awkwardly.

Even though she feels the same way, she always feels rude to say it verbally…

“There are no outsiders after all. Tsukiha, don’t talk to him too much, okay!”

Akabane said with a smile.

“Umm, but that Great Elder might come here soon and find him soon.”

The little loli nodded.

The Akabane family’s perceptions are accustomed to Tsukiha’s abilities, but Akabane has repeatedly emphasized that she should not show her abilities in front of others.

“It’s too sudden. I have to wash and change my clothes.”

Akabane closed the door and quickly washed and changed his clothes.

When the Great Elder arrived, Akabane, who had just come downstairs, met the Great Elder in person.

“Murakumo-sama, what do you need this time?”

Akabane immediately sat down and asked.

He had used up too much spiritual energy yesterday and was still somewhat exhausted. If not, he won’t sleep too long.

“During the last comic exhibition event, the Genjutsu you used was a variant of Demonic Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu, right?”

Murakumo Kurama said earnestly.

“Well, that’s right.”

Akabane nodded, This kind of Genjutsu had been learned by the clan in the previous generation, but since everyone thought it was useless, they ignored it.

Murakumo Kurama is one of the oldest members of the Kurama clan, and his knowledge of Genjutsu is extensive.

“I knew it!”

Murakumo Kurama was taken aback for a moment, then took a deep breath and exclaimed, “Akabane, you are a genius from the Kurama clan who has never existed before.”

“It’s just a rude and childish Genjutsu Transformation. It’s nothing.”

Akabane said as if it was all normal.

With a little modification, I can achieve dream animation, games, and the like.

In order to master true Genjutsu, I’m afraid it will take a long time and hard training.

“But this is truly extraordinary!”

Murakumo Kurama said.

Genjutsu is different from Ninjutsu because mental strength is more difficult to control and understand.

The Kurama clan has spent years studying it, and many geniuses have spent their lives and still have not succeeded in completely transforming Genjutsu.

Murakumo Kurama knelt and leaned forward and said with a bow: “I want you to teach us this Genjutsu …”

“Murakumo Kurama-sama, please stop …!”

Saki Kurama froze when she saw a Great Elder begging her son.

“Well, this is also the legacy of our clan.”

Akabane scratched his head. At least he didn’t come and forced me to hand over this Genutsu to the clan.

But when he asked in this manner, I was delighted.

“By the way, you will soon have to take the Chūnin Exams. And this is the prize we have prepared.”

Murakumo Kurama said while taking out the Seal Scroll.

Akabane was a little surprised.

The Seal Scroll was very valuable. Generally, it was only used for storing valuables.

Why is it in Murakumo Kurama’s hand?

Akabane was very curious, and his body couldn’t help but lean forward.

Murakumo Kurama was too old, and his hand speed in the making Hand Seals was very slow, but he was serious about opening the Seal Scrolls.

It must be small in size. Otherwise, he would need to go to an open space…

Akabane guessed from the bottom of his heart.

“All right!”

As the sound fell, he had finished the seal.


Great Chakra Fluctance shot out from the Seal Scroll, and then two items appeared on top of the scroll.

Akabane’s eyes widened.

It was a special pen and drawing board.

Aren’t these two valuable items essential to Murakumo Kurama ?!

“These two items are …”

Akabane took the pen and gave it a try. As a result, when he was taken away, he suddenly felt the difference from holding the pen ordinary-item that sucked the user’s Chakra!

“Yes, this is a special weapon that requires Chakra to use it.”

Murakumo Kurama nodded.

The Chakra Weapon can hold Chakra within it, allowing Chakra to produce a Natural Chakra Transformation effect on the weapon.

Akabane took the drawing board and tried to drain Chakra into it.

The Chakra Layer appears on the drawing board screen, which looks like the Earth Attribute Chakra Transformation Nature.

Then he tried the pen again…

Ink automatically appeared from the pen’s tip, and it turned into a water bullet and came out continuously.

“Hey, Akabane, don’t use dangerous Ninjutsu like that inside the house!”

Saki Kurama’s face changed.

Akabane immediately used the drawing board to block these water bullets one by one.

Luckily he drained a little of his Chakra, and the damage caused by the water bullets was not severe.

On the other hand, the drawing board’s defensive ability was pretty good. These two items were a powerful ninja weapon and armor, but Akabane thought that the rudimentary Genjutsu was incomparable to this precious item.

Murakumo Kurama was willing to do this. For him, the clan’s future investation was more important, and this payment was nothing compared to what he asked Akabane to do.

“Thank you very much, Murakumo-sama!”

Akabane keeps the pen and drawing board, and from now on, he is a Ninja with a Chakra weapon.

“No … I should be thankful.”

Murakumo Kurama was stunned and replied stupidly.

Was it Water Artibut Realm’s Chakra Transformation?

He was silent in surprise to see the child in front of him mastered Genjutsu and the Natural Chakra Transformation of earth, water, and even more. The innate talent he possessed was too terrifying!

“He must make a big contribution to the clan!”

Murakumo Kurama said to himself.

He wasn’t interested in asking about the Chakra Transformation of the Water Attribute Realm, but after being silent for a while, he said: “We can’t help you too much in Ninjutsu. If you have other requirements, just say so.”

“If I could say other terms then … when I went to the Land of wind, I would go by caravan and bring some stuff. Originally, I was planning to bring workers from the Izumi Yamano factory. So…” Akabane said.

“Hahaha, if all you need is that, we used to do things like that ourselves when we were kids!”

Murakumo Kurama smiled heartily.

“Because of that problem, I’m afraid I will make trouble for you.”

Akabane bowed slightly.

“Well, that’s not a problem.”

Murakumo Kurama waved his hand and thought that his second requirement didn’t really matter, but he was pleased.

The more contact, the deeper the clan bond.

“Then, I’ll be going first.”

Murakumo Kurama stood up and walked out trembling.

“Are you alright?”

Akabane got up and tried to support him and then returned home after seeing him leave.

Seeing the Chakra weapon on the table, he felt a little emotional.

Two things must be adjusted first. This has nothing to do with the Genjutsu.

Whether or not there are comic shows, the Kurama Clan is sure to send something up to increase its chances of passing the Chūnin Exams.

It was hard when I thought about the clan’s state that was getting weaker and more abandoned.

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