Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 104


The four of them returned to Konoha together and met many Konoha residents on the way.

“Akabane, good job!”

“The program is excellent, but unfortunately, you have to prepare again for the Chūnin Exams …”

“What are you talking about? They should be happy to participate in the Chūnin Exams!”

Thanks to the Fantasy Game, those who were ordinary citizens now had quite an understanding of Ninja.

So when we encounter this condition, everyone will sympathize, praise, or ask about the Chūnin Exams.

“What good work? We are the ones who work hard to make the Comic Exhibition good!”

Jiraiya said with dissatisfaction.

Akabane is indeed the laziest person, but he is the center of attention.

“Yes, you guys are great too!”

This voice sounded familiar…

Everyone turned their heads and saw that the voice came from someone they had known for a long time.


“Uncle Sarutobi, it turns out to be you, hehe.”

Tsunade touched her head in embarrassment, and she forgot to invite Sarutobi Tsuyomu to the Comic Exhibition. For Tsunade, the current situation was very embarrassing…

“Since you didn’t invite me, I have no choice but to follow that annoying Clan Leader.”

Sarutobi said in an annoyed tone.

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Hahaha, that’s just a joke, stinky brat. You guys have progressed fast and have surpassed this useless teacher.”

Sarutobi smiled.

Unlike Hiruzen’s Sarutobi, he didn’t have too high an innate talent and was now only a Chūnin.

Among the four people with Akabane, all of them have powers that are not much different from him, except for Jiraiya.

Their progress is so fast…

He touched Jiraiya’s head and said: “Jiraiya, you must not lose to them.”

“Damn, me again, Tsuyomu-sensei, I’m already so strong!”

Jiraiya tried to shake his head.

His hair was messy. Sarutobi thought of hitting him, then smiled and retreated, giving Jiraiya no chance to fight back.

He laughed happily in the forest.

“It’s just a joke, but don’t just focus on finding material to draw, so you forget to go to practice.”

Akabane said lightly, “If you were the only one who lost the Chūnin Exams later. Then we would all be embarrassed.”

“Don’t underestimate me, and I will become stronger!”

Jiraiya became even angrier and felt guilty.

Looking for material to draw?

What the heck is this guy? He knows everything!

“Is it looking for material to draw?”

Tsunade frowned slightly, her heart feeling uncomfortable.

“It’s Nothing. To paint, we need inspiration. Don’t think that I sleep at home all day. In fact, I’m also looking for material to be inspired me.”

Akabane tries to explain without having to expose it.

Since Jiraiya looked pathetic already, I was sure he couldn’t solve her question.

“Never mind, I’m going to Mount Myōboku!”

After Jiraiya finished speaking, he immediately looked for an opportunity to leave. He was afraid that Tsunade would understand that and beat him up.

“I’m very jealous of you. You can work hard even though you don’t have a talent like me.”

Murasaki shrugged and left.

If only Jiraiya didn’t leave soon, Tsunade might think about those bad things even more, but now the doubts in her heart disappeared, and she quickly forgot about them.

There are only three days left before the Chūnin Exams, so everyone really needs to train well.

“I still have to learn more about Chidori.”

Sakumo said while glancing at his blades.

Even though he had successfully developed Chidori, it wasn’t perfect if that Ninjutsu didn’t suit him.

“If you want to learn more about it, you can consider expanding the range of the Chidori or condensing it into a Chakra weapon.”

Akabane gave directions based on the Chidori Current and Chidori: Chakra Blade that Sasuke had performed. According to him, these two types of transformations were more suitable for Sakumo.

“I have that kind of idea too.”

Sakumo said as he pulled the blade from his waist.

When Chakra flowed, there was a stream of lightning enveloping the blade.

This Lightning Artibut chakra condensed in the blade side, but it was unstable. Sometimes the Chakra filled the entire blade side, and sometimes the Chakra become splash and spread aggressively in all directions.

“Chakra control is not enough.”

At a glance, Tsunade knew the problem because she had experienced the same problem before.


Sakumo sighed and returned the blade to its sheath.

Chakra Control…

That is one of the points for using Ninjutsu that a Ninja must understand, but everyone has a different understanding.

Unlike Tsunade, who can develop rapidly from regular training, Sakumo needs extraordinary things to overcome this problem.

“I go first.”

Sakumo waved his hand, then jumped into the tree and quickly disappeared into the forest.

Akabane held his chin and pondered for a moment.

It seems like something is wrong. They leave one by one…


“Well, what’s the problem?”

Akabane stopped and looked at Tsunade with a confused face.

Tsunade clenched her fists, loudly threatened to say: “When you drew Haku dead, I really wanted to hit you …”

Hey, but the original story was like that!

“But an ending like that really touched me. Seeing you put on such a beautiful ending, I gave up my intention of beating you up!”

“Thank you very much. “

Akabane replied weakly but couldn’t help but feel like spitting in his heart.

To the point that that appearance deeply moved me… Forget it. After all, women are mysterious creatures.

“Akabane, is it true that a dead person will become a bluebird?”

Tsunade asked emotionally, looking at the sky while walking.

Art knows no boundaries.

Even though the story adaptation of Liang Zhu Huadie in this world had great destructive power for her, at least Tsunade must have missed him a lot.

“The bluebird is sustenance, and I think that’s what it is.”

Akabane felt that he had to smoke a cigarette this time, to have a profound and literary temperament.

However, he didn’t even have a smoking pipe.

“If we really want to be bluebirds, grandma and grandpa will be together in the future.”

Tsunade missed.

The First Hokage died many years ago, and the butterfly couldn’t go with him.

Besides, who also wants to reincarnate into a dirty land and be able to summon the First Hokage to have a chat, and think hard about it?

But if I say these things, the chances of me getting beaten are as high as 98.7%.

Akabane couldn’t speak wisely.

“By the way, what reward do you want from Sensei?”

Tsunade suddenly remembered.

In the stands, Akabane and the Third Hokage had talked about this, and when he met the Third Hokage when the Comic Exhibition had not yet been made, he went to the Hokage Residence first.

Come to think of it, the Comic Exhibition I created must have fulfilled the Third Hokage’s agreement.

Although I can’t entirely agree with the Third Hokage about the Comic Exhibition being held for free.

“Nothing important. I asked the Third Hokage to take me by caravan to the Land of Wind.”

Akabane didn’t mean to hide this from her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked the Third Hokage in front of so many people beforehand.

“Take you by caravan to the Land of Wind?”

Tsunade was a little surprised. Did she want to promote ‘Naruto’ Comic to the Land of Wind too …

Tsunade pondered and then persuaded: “You better be careful in Sunagakure during the Chūnin Exams. As I know, the two countries are not yet at peace. You may be faced with more difficult problems than in the Land of Whirlpools.”

“I know that. What I want to bring is actually One Piece Comics.”

Akabane shrugged.

The people in Sunagakure can not rest easy when there are matters involving other villages. They always think of growing and surpassing other villages, let alone Konoha. It is clear that they will not like Naruto Comics.

However, One Piece is different.

The story tells about the life of a pirate, and the hordes of land ducks there must be very interested.

“Oh, that new comic that has that weird style.”

Tsunade said.

“What do you mean the style of the painting is weird? One Piece is still okay. There are weirder styles, like this book, you will know the persona of this style of painting.”

Akabane was filled with self-confidence-

In fact, he wasn’t lying. The style of painting in One Piece Comics is indeed excellent.

In his previous life, he wanted to enter the world of comics and compete with other comic artists, but he eventually withdrew because of his style of painting. Now he was a little regretful thinking about this.

“Really? I’m looking forward to it… but at the same time, I wonder if I can wait until that day comes.”

When Tsunade woke up, it turned out that she was muttering to herself. Akabane was already far away when she reacted.

“Wait for me, why are you leaving so fast?”

“I’m going to go home and go to bed.”

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