Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 107


They were used to sprinting like this and almost recovered after a few minutes of rest.

After half an hour, Kazami suddenly stood up. Everyone looked at him and immediately stood up.

It didn’t take long for them to enter the Land of the River.

“The environment here looks good.”

Orochimaru was surprised, did not think there was such a country surrounded by mountains and rivers besides the Land of Winds.

“This is the border area between the Land of Wind and the Land of Fire.”

Kazami Hatake answered while leading the way.

“This country is very miserable. Currently, its fate is more or less the same as the Land of the Whirlpools.”

Akabane said after pondering for a moment.

This country has fertile land but is flanked by two large nations, making it have many rebellions by Missing-nin.

With so many rebellions, many people will become victims!

“We’re going to a town in a more affluent River Country, but there are also many Missing-nins there.”

This is the information Akabane got from Izumi Yamano.

“Missing-nin … huh?”

Orochimaru licked his lips. He didn’t look scared, but his eyes were filled with joy.


That means I don’t have to take responsibility if I kill a few of them.

“Hey, Orochimaru, what makes you look so excited?”

Jiraiya whispered.

“It’s nothing. I just thought that maybe we’d be faced with some Missing-nin, and a fight is unavoidable, so it got me a little excited.”

Said Orochimaru nonchalantly.

“They will not dare to deal with the ninja from Konoha.”

Kazami Hatake said.

Missing-nin has its own rules. They shouldn’t do anything related to Konoha. That is one of the rules of the River Country Missing.

They were too close to Konoha. If they dared to find trouble, it would be tantamount to digging their own grave.

Akabane and the others were moving very fast, and it didn’t take long for them to pass through forests, mountains, and cities.

In the end, they came to a small town, compared to all the cities in River Country, this city was already the most prosperous area.

“I’m going to find my caravan. You guys can wait and do whatever you want.”

Akabane went to the middle of the city and left everyone behind for a while.

“Hey, it’s too dangerous if you go alone!”

Tsunade said anxiously and followed Akabane.

Kazami Hatake didn’t speak, and he just watched them calmly.

“If you’re worried, I’ll come too.”

Orochimaru smiled faintly and said, “Incidentally, nothing is interesting for me here either. Going with these two people will help me get rid of boredom.”

“Um … alright.”

Kazami Hatake saw them and nodded.

After receiving an objective from Kazami, Tsunade and Orochimaru followed Akabane and left the team.

“Dad, is that all right?”

Sakumo frowned. He felt that the reason the two of them left the team was too simple.

“It is okay.”

Kazami Hatake replied casually.

As a Jōnin and clan leader, he must have known that Akabane didn’t just go looking for a caravan.


What should I do with it?

The Territory of the River Country was chaotic and unpredictable. All of the Missing-Nins here were mischievous criminals.

Regarding the battle that ended in murder, Kazami had no opinion for that.

However, if Akabane and Orochimaru went together to part with the team, they would already have enough weight to go.

“Besides, when entering the city, dividing the team into two groups will make it easier for us to move.”

Kazami Hatake said the reason and led the way to the city.


“Then why are you following us?”

Tsunade said curiously.

“I thought you were going to meet something fun, so I came along to have fun.”

Orochimaru licked his lips, excited.

“Akabane-Kun, how about you? Do you accept my excuse?”

Akabane just glanced at him helplessly.

Geez, in such a crucial situation, why is this person acting like Jiraiya instead?

“My caravan has teamed up with several caravans here, and they came to the Land of Rivers with hidden identities. Since I want to open a long-term trade route, we shouldn’t reveal our identities as Ninja from Konoha. “

Akabane explained.

Through Izumi Yamano’s negotiations, another caravan agrees to try the Comic Book trade. He did this cooperation to open trade routes in the Land of Rivers area.

Even though it’s an underworld, it also has rules.

If his identity as a Ninja from Konoha were published, it would be even more challenging to supply merchandise, let alone places like this Land of Rivers.

“It turned out like that …”

Orochimaru smiled, then he took off his headband.

Transformation Technique!

In an instant, his figure turned into another person.

Akabane was taken aback for a moment.

I admit that Orochimaru’s mastery of the Transformation Technique is very skilled and is equivalent to my system exchange skills.

“I just want to experiment with the Ninjutsu I just created. If there is no enemy I have to face, I’ll just keep quiet. Take it easy; I won’t bother you.”

Orochimaru shrugged.

“We will all always go together, and what do you mean by that?”

Akabane shook his head and used Transformation Technique to change his appearance.

Then they go to the agreed place.

“Akabane-Kun, it would be better if you didn’t say that.”

Orochimaru sneered, and his pace quickened, “I’ve been able to predict it, many Ninjas who…”

Akabane walked casually.

However, Orochimaru did it anyway. He likes to save energy–

If Akabane can’t handle ordinary Missing-nin, Orochimaru will just leave.


“Comic book? What is this?!”

“What’s the point in trading booklets like this? Have you agreed to sell this?”

Several voices were sounding ahead.

“We’ve got Tomoe-Sama’s approval, and he’s allowed us to trade here.”

The caravan leader explained.

” Tomoe, huh? Unfortunately, we have killed him.”

Missing-nin said with a sneer, “So you have to pay us to sell that useless thing here!”


The caravan leader was dumbfounded, couldn’t believe what this person was saying.

We just met him the day before yesterday. How could he be killed in one day ?!

“You are only a Chunin, do you think … how strong are you?”

“But our Master is a Jōnin Leader!”

Missing-nin looked them in disdain.

In particular, the strength of a Jōnin Leader differs greatly from that of a Jōnin. To them, a Chūnin was no match.

It seemed that it was impossible to be kind…

The caravan leader sighed helplessly, and he prepared to expose the Kurama Clan’s Ninja identity within him.

Before that happened, a voice from behind was heard.

“Are you Missing-nin in charge of this path?”

A stern figure walked out of the darkness, and everyone saw his face clearly, suddenly dumbfounded. This man had a scar on his face, and it didn’t seem like he was to be taken lightly.

“Who are you ?!”

“We are Master Sakin’s subordinates. If you dare to deal with us, Master Sakin will not let you go.”

This man’s face looked like a war veteran character who had just returned from battle. The strength of these Missing-nin was not high, and they only dared to threaten ordinary people, but in the Ninja level, they were at the lowest level.

They were afraid of death, so they didn’t dare to do anything with the other party except threaten them.

“Who is he?”

“More missings are here!”

The ninja from the Kurama clan hid in the caravan and became even more alert. This person’s aura was tens of times stronger than Tomoe’s!

Due to having used the Transformation Technique, no one recognized Orochimaru.

“That is Sakin? He is a Jonin Leader, right?”

Orochimaru smiled coldly, a murderous aura in his eyes emitted, “Who is responsible for this path? Do I need to use my hands?”

“I… my lord, please don’t kill us, don’t kill us!”

Before Orochimaru spoke again, they knelt and begged for mercy, and then they hurried away.

Does Orochimaru intend to find a leader on the opposing side?

The opponent is the Jōnin Leader…

Akabane frowned slightly, then sealed his hands with both hands and created a Shadow Clone.

There was no need for any communication between the main body and the Shadow Clone, both of them had the same intention.

Let’s go.

Orochimaru’s face was cold, and there was no point in doing anything about it.

A Jōnin Leader? This is very interesting!

As they turned around, Orochimaru couldn’t help licking the corners of his mouth vigorously.

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