Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 108


Akabane’s goal in growing his business was not to make money, but he wanted to get more points.

For him, having a successful business in Konoha is not enough.


If I want to do business smoothly on the Land of Rivers, I have to have good relations with the authorities here.

This is one good option for dealing with them head-on.

Akabane followed Orochimaru while quietly observing the streets of the town.

There are many shops actively trading on both sides of the road. Opening a business in this town is indeed feasible; moreover, this town is the most prosperous Land of Rivers.

“Up ahead … it’s Tomoe’s house. This morning, our leader killed Tomoe …”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Keep going.”

Orochimaru stared at him coldly, and several Missing-nin suddenly fell silent.


Without answering much, he continued leading the way.

At the door, several people’s legs were trembling.

They did not get loot from the streets but are now bringing in outsiders when they return…

They could imagine what terrible punishment their leader would bring.


They could not breathe easily, only anxiety and fear.

If they entered this door, they would likely die.

If they don’t get in the door, they’ll die too!


When I opened the door, there was a smell of blood that could be smelled.

Orochimaru sniffed and immediately understood. It looks like Missing-nin here has strict rules.

“You will come back so soon. Does someone feel dissatisfied?”

An indifferent voice was heard.

“No… Uh, yes, yes.”


Sakin felt something was wrong, and he walked into the hall.

Orochimaru frowned slightly.

From his appearance, this man was a ninja from Sunagakure.

These missings from Sunagakure?

Orochimaru’s face became serious.

Missing-nins beside Orochimaru and Akabane crawled quickly to Sakin’s side, then pointed at Orochimaru and shouted: “Sakin-sama… Sakin-sama, this is the one!”

In the next second, several people suddenly had a seizure and then fell.

Sakin glanced at the fallen people and looked at Orochimaru.

This person, a poison user!

“Who are you?!”

“I just want to ask, the Land of Rivers is the territory for us, Missing-nin of the Land of Rivers, you are the Ninja of Sunagakure … are you looking to die?”

Orochimaru’s killing intent was revealed.

“Oh, if you also say that this is Missing-nin territory. Of course, I’m a Missing-nin here too. “

Sakin sneered.

In the darkness, Akabane saw a silhouette emerging from the sidewall.


Speaking of attracting attention, then stealthily attacking using the Puppet is Sunagakure’s ninja fighting style.

He got up and killed the Puppet.

Orochimaru quickly locked onto Sakin’s hand movements and tried to dig deeper into the information.

“That’s not true. You may very well be a spy from Sunagakure, and you want to dominate this Missing-nin area.”

A cold smile spread across Orochimaru’s face, and his killing aura was very thick at that moment!

“How could I be killed because …”

As Sakin started to open his mouth, he tried to move the fingers on his back.

Tuk tuk ~

The Puppet flew up to the ceiling and shot a poison needle from its hand.

However …

Orochimaru’s body bent in an unusual manner, and the poison needle was successfully dodged.

Then he held the kunai in his hand and threw a quick punch at the Puppet.


The Puppet was poorly hit and was thrown very far. Even though Sakin’s Puppet Technique was very high, it still couldn’t evade attacks perfectly. Orochimaru successfully damaged the Puppet’s arm.

Soft Physique Modification?

Even though it was just a basic Soft Physique Modification, it could be seen that Orochimaru’s research was effective.

“I didn’t expect you to have so many abilities.”

Sakin pulled his Puppet back to protect him, and his face became even more severe.

Compared to Tomoe, the enemy in front of him was currently much stronger!

“I didn’t expect you to have this kind of ability either.”

Orochimaru sighed.

Hearing that this person was a Jonin Leader from Sunagakure, I thought he was an expert, but I didn’t expect…

“If you aim to disgust me, then you are successful.”

Sakin said lightly.

As he spoke, the Puppet suddenly rushed towards Orochimaru.

I see. This time he used the Chakra Thread, which was shorter and faster in moving the Puppet. And it actually flies towards me so fast.

At the same time …


Below him, a strange-shaped puppet appeared from the ground.

Two Puppets?

Orochimaru was slightly taken aback and quickly created a Hand Seal.

Wind Release: Breakthrough!

Puppet movements were slowed because the wind was blowing very hard.

Orochimaru twisted his body to avoid the Puppet attack and created a Hand Seal in the next move.

Tiger Seal?

What kind of technique will he use ?!

Sakin quickly tried to remember. He couldn’t find a Technique that started with the ‘Tiger Seal’ in any book he read.


Akabane let out a thick fog.

 Hiding in Mist Technique?

“Is he a Kurugakure Ninja? How could a Kirigakure Ninja appear here ?!”

Sakin was shocked and tried to run away.

However …

In the next second, he felt several sword shadows appear.


 Is he the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist !?

The moment that thought occurred, Kubikiribōchō flew up and slashed his neck.

In fact…

As the fog cleared, Orochimaru saw blood spurting upwards.

“Let’s go!”

Akabane’s voice came from behind him.

Did he get killed by Genjutsu?

Orochimaru was a little taken aback and couldn’t be trusted.

This person can control two Puppets at once. No wonder he can become a Jonin Leader.

Is this just Genjutsu…

But a Genjutsu with this destructive power was utterly unscientific!

“His spiritual energy is so weak, and it’s even easier to deal with him than a Chūnin.”

Akabane explained.

“If you do kill him, you can take this place as your own and make it your stronghold.”

Orochimaru licked the corner of his mouth and said.

“If you’re interested, you can use it. If you’re not interested, I’ll use Shadow Clone to clean it.”

“No, I’m interested.”

Orochimaru readily agreed; on the way here, countless violent thoughts flashed through his mind.

Just now, one of them was surprised.

“Then the condition is you have to help me to hide that I can use the Hiding in Mist Technique.”

Akabane said lightly with a smile.

“No problem … by the way, are you interested in learning my Soft Physique Modification?”

Orochimaru smiled friendly — but with his Transformation Technique figure, he looked a little scary.

“Soft Physique Modification? No, I’m not interested!”

Akabane immediately shook his head and refused the offer.

You are Orochimaru, and you will be a snake man in the future. I just want to live as a human…

“Too bad, I thought Akabane-Kun would be crushed.”

Orochimaru sighed softly, lamenting that the results of his research were not attractive to others.

According to him, if Akabane mastered this ability, he would release Genjutsu even more hidden and frightening.

But it can’t be helped. Akabane wasn’t interested.

Why did I should modify my body to be flexible like that?

As for the release of Genjutsu…

After I redeemed a Physical Body equivalent to the Uzumaki Clan, I just changed places with the Shadow Clone.

My Chakra, overflow!

“Anyway, just leave it to the Shadow Clone here, to keep things under control and not to make people suspicious.”

Worried that the previous battle would be difficult, he didn’t dare to separate the two clones, and he didn’t want to interfere with Orochimaru’s fight either.

Now that Sakin has been defeated, of course, there is no worry in this.

“No problem.”

Orochimaru nodded and made a Shadow Clone.

He doesn’t have as much Chakra as Akabane, but the duration of his shadow clone is enough to solve the problem here.

He has a lot of experience related to these Missing-nins.

Prevention adds little to the benefit, and these people won’t dare to cause trouble. In terms of prevention, Sakin’s death was already terrifying enough for them, and that’s good.

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