Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 110


“It was years ago when I first came to the Land of Wind with my father.”

The same vast desert, the great yellow wall that surrounds the whole of the same land.

Looking at the scene before him, Yamada Kurama could only sigh with emotion.

Kazami Hatake was silent as he watched the surroundings warily, then he shouted: “Friends from the Land of Wind who are hiding in the dark, we came from Konoha to participate in the Chūnin Exams.”

“Long time no see, Kazami! I didn’t expect that you would lead the team for the Chūnin Exams.”

It’s a Ninja from the Land of Wind!

Everyone was shocked and quickly looked towards where the voice came from – a strange ‘Monster’ had appeared in front of them.

“It’s a puppet!”

Yamada Kurama’s face became serious.

“Is that a puppet?”

Tsunade stared at it curiously. In her eyes, the monster looked like some mechanical doll being controlled by someone.

“His controllers are hiding, and he’s fighting using puppets …”

Murasaki secretly memorized information about the puppet user.

These Sunagakure ninja fighting techniques will help them a lot in the next Chūnin Exams.

“Let’s go.”

Kazami Hatake didn’t see him anymore and walked sideways towards Sunagakure.

“Damn, this guy!”

The ninja hiding in the sand froze for a moment, then gritted his teeth angrily.

This person didn’t even greet him.

However …

Who remembers the name of a nobody?

The Hatake Clan innate talent is extraordinary, as is Kazami, who is an Elite Jōnin.

For him, enemies who haven’t yet reached Jōnin level need not be remembered.

Not to mention that he only showed the puppet without showing his real body.

After walking for a while, Yamada Kurama drove the caravan, then saw Akabane, who was walking with a limp, and asked with concern: “Akabane, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, I’m just a little … collapsed.”

Akabane said weakly. Half right, half pretending.

Since entering the Land of Wind, dry weather, hot air, and sandstorms have made it difficult for Akabane to adapt.

If I feel like my body isn’t feeling well, of course, I have to lie down!

“Your acting looks a little better. Usually, you just lie down on the ground all of a sudden.”

Tsunade came to take a look and said confidently.

He had learned several medical skills from Mito. Despite not being used for a long time, he knew that Akabane was not sick, and it was clear that he was not experiencing any symptoms.

“What are you saying, … I’m very sick … cough.”

Akabane choked.

I’m not sure if this flat chest has any medical skills?

Finally lying on top of the caravan, he was reluctant to get up and walk on this damn desert sand.

“You just want to be lazy!”

Tsunade scoffed at him, but she was also feeling a little tired herself …

“Shut up. You also want to rest, don’t you?”

Akabane lay down peacefully.

There is a saying, don’t be afraid if your opponent is smart, but be afraid when your opponent has no desire.

Because Tsunade has a wish, so Akabane is easy to guess.


Tsunade laughed, sat on the edge of the caravan and didn’t want to get off.

Yamada Kurama initially wanted to open his mouth, but he chose to be quiet and be wise in the end.

If you want to live a good life, you have to close your eyes to a few things. After all, he didn’t want to offend the two of them.

After all, hitchhiking a caravan is a trifle.

However, even within the great wall, this desert still made even a horse uncomfortable.

They walked slowly, and by the time evening came, the air was getting cooler.

Until the sky turns dark, finally …

“It’s Sunagakure. Finally, we are here!”

Jiraiya screamed with joy.

Akabane immediately lifted the curtain on the caravan door. Not far from there, a Sunagakure-style building appeared in front of him.

Even though the sky was already dark, the moonlight shone on the entire surface of Sunagakure, making it a very beautiful place to everyone’s eyes.

“Finally arrived!”

Seeing this Sunagakure-style building, Akabane was already very sure that his long journey was over.

“Come on. We have to go to the residence. I can’t wait to take a shower.”

Tsunade shouted.

After a long journey in the desert, they finally arrived at Sunagakure. Everyone is eager to go to the residence to bathe and rest.

Akabane got off the caravan and entered Sunagakure with everyone.

While walking to the gate, everyone suddenly felt a murderous aura.

They all turned their heads and saw a slightly bigger teenager than Akabane and the others, sternly looking at them from afar.

Kazami Hatake looked at it briefly and then ignored it.

“Are you guys… Ninjas from Konoha?”

At first, the Chūnin gatekeeper didn’t recognize them, but when Kazami Hatake looked at him, the person immediately remembered.

He was a little frightened, and the pen in his hand couldn’t stop shaking.

At this time, the teenager came over to Akabane and the others.

The Chūnin gatekeeper looked embarrassed, then nodded slightly at the teenager, took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

The teenager nodded in response, then he looked at everyone one by one, frowned and said: “Are you Chūnin Exam participants who came from Konoha? Feeling there are so many people?”

“Regarding this caravan, I have obtained permission from the Kazekage-Sama.”

Kazami Hatake said lightly.

“So that’s it, all right. Now write your names on the attendance list first, then I will escort you to a resting place.”

He seemed to act indifferently but still said politely.

Akabane watched him silently.

This dark blue-haired teenager did look young, but why did that Chūnin bow to him? What was clear was that the status of that teenager was not low.

Such treatment was very unusual …

Future Third Kazekage?

Besides, this teenager wasn’t wearing Chūnin clothes. Maybe he was still a genin now!

“Sunagakure has a violent background.”

Even though the teenager said calmly, his heart was filled with hatred.

The Third Kazekage is the strongest Kazekage of all time. Even though he died tragically, he was indeed a good man before his death.

I have to warn everyone …

Akabane looked away from him and looked at the list of attendees on the table.

There are already several names on the list held by this Chūnin gatekeeper.

Kazami Hatake looked at the attendance list, then calmly wrote down his members’ names, and handed the attendance list to the Chūnin gatekeeper.

“Guests, come with me.”

The blue-haired youth respectfully walked forward and led the way.

After a while, Akabane spoke up: “What’s your name?”

“My name is Sasuke.”

He smiled without threat.

“As you can see, I am a member of the caravan, and I want to ask, where is the trade place?”

Akabane asked.

“Trade place?”

Sasuke was pensive for a moment and then understood the meaning of Akabane’s question.

After some thought, he said: “It’s late, let me lead the way and stop talking.”


Of course, Akabane would not refuse. However, it was true.

In Naruto, the Third Kazekage is not shown, but Akabane is certain that this person is the Third Kazekage.

Because of the caravan, their speed was slower than the others, so along the way, Akabane and the others saw many Ninjas from various Hidden Villages.

However, Kazami Hatake surveyed the entire street, not a single person from the other village dared to provoke them, and they all dispersed.

While walking, Akabane saw a box.

In the square, many ninjas were practicing, and some of the surrounding ninjas were watching and gathering information.

“Sasuke-Kun, can we set up a stall here?”

Akabane started asking.

“Set up a stall? Here?”

Sasuke hesitated and said, “I’m not the one who can decide that. I have to ask the Kazekage-Sama first.”

Without waiting for Akabane to answer, Yamada Kurama immediately spoke up to avoid this boy from continuing to make excessive demands.

It was such a shame to ask him to place a stall in a training stadium!

In contrast to Akabane, Murasaki thought it would be easier to gather information here. His eyes suddenly lit up.

Sasuke nodded apologetically, then stopped when he reached the corner.

He pointed forward and said: “Dear guests, the front is your residence.”

This house is full of sand and gravel piles but looks more majestic than the others, which shows that Sunagakure treats Konoha special.

“Thank you.”

Kazami Hatake nodded and thanked him, then entered the room first.

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