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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 109


After exchanging with Shadow Clone, Akabane thought about the incident a while ago.

The caravan leader was named Yana Hikawa, who sold essential “iron tools” to and from the Land of Rivers.

“Akabane-San, it seems that our cooperation must be suspended first.” Yana Hikawa said pessimistically.

Initially, with protection from Tomoe, trade cooperation between the two parties can run smoothly. But they never thought that Tomoe had been killed recently.

If you haven’t made peace with the dominating local Missing-nin, newcomers who want to trade will experience difficulties.

“Sure, huh? Don’t worry, Ninja from Klanku will take care of it.”

Akabane then asked indifferently, “First of all, do you think comic books can be sold here?”

Yana Hikawa doubts that this matter will be resolved by force.

Hearing Akabane’s question, he thought for a moment and then shook his head as he said: “For that, we are not too sure either. The Land of Rivers area is filled with chaos. It will be challenging to sell entertainment products.”

A professional businessman must be authoritative in considering these aspects.

Akabane did not deny and asked the person next to him: “What about the Land of Wind?”

“Sorry, that’s not much different either.” an accountant replied.

“The Land of Wind has big ambitions. The use of their money is focused on financing research and weapons of war. It is unlikely that they will be interested in buying things like this.”

Yana Hikawa shook his head again.

If it weren’t for Izumi Yamano’s channels, he wouldn’t have agreed to Akabane to sell his comic book.

“Akabane, that’s true. It will be tough for us to sell comic books in the Land of Wind.”

Said someone from the Kurama Clan pessimistically.

They are also experienced in sales. Although their scope is only in the Land of Fire, they also understand some business information in the others Land.

“What if we don’t sell it?”

Akabane was in deep thought; anyway, he only needed points. Money is not his priority, and he only uses money when he needs it.

“Not selling it?”

Not only Yana Hikawa, but even the Kurama Clan members were also stunned by Akabane’s words.

If we don’t sell it… how can we expand our business routes?

“Yes, I just realized it when I saw some taverns in the area here. If they agree to cooperate with us, how about we supply comic books to various taverns regularly and for free?”

Akabane said with a small smile, “And don’t worry. I’ll still pay you guys!”

“Why do you want to do this?”

Yana Hikawa is confused and doesn’t understand Akabane’s true purpose.

What does he want out of business if not money?

This guy even spends money to entertain criminals like this Missing-nin!

“Well, in the early period, we’ll let them read it for free. Once we’re sure they’re really interested in comic books, we’ll put a price on this product.”

Akabane smiled slightly and said, “Even though people will definitely distribute and pirate this comic book, we will still benefit.”

“Your thoughts…”

Yana Hikawa was stunned when she heard Akabane’s explanation. To him, this was utterly absurd.

However, the benefits that are obtained still do not cover the capital.

“Why, right?”

“Um, no … but the benefits you get are not that high. You have to be mentally prepared.”

Yana Hikawa said.

“No problem. I want the habit of reading comic books for everyone, and it’s not a problem if I have to pay dearly.”

Akabane doesn’t care about the losses he will bear.

The early free period is a big investation in the late finale.

Of course…

Actually, Akabane has many ideas, for example, like mixing up promotional ads in comic books.

But he didn’t have any other industries worthy of promotion, so that he would put aside this idea for now.

“In this case, can we say that we have agreed to cooperate?”

Akabane said.

“Well then, I’ll be marketing your comic book asap, but you’ll have to negotiate with the tavern owners yourself.”

Yana Hikawa said.

“Don’t worry. We will take care of it.”

Yamada Kurama said on the side.

He is the leader of the Kurama clan’s caravan, and he is also a Jonin Leader.

“In that case, uncle Yamada will lead the group here, and the rest will enter the Land of Wind with me.”

Akabane said.


Yamada nodded, then started giving orders.

As they walked out of Yana Hikawa’s shop, Akabane saw many people gathered around the stall to read comic books.

“This seems like a bleak business.”

Orochimaru smiled a little. He had watched for a long time beside the door.

There are lots of people who come and go, and there are lots of people who are interested in reading comic books, but everyone just reads, and almost no money is made from selling comic books – at least he’s trying to start here, even though there isn’t a single comic book was sold.

“No problem. Losing money and earning money.”

Akabane is not too concerned about money. What is clear, there are many Ninjas in this town. Even though the strongest were at the Jonin Leader level, at least, they could contribute a lot of points.

As long as there are points, money and so on are not important.

“Then what next? Are we going now?”

Orochimaru looked back. They had wasted a lot of time. If they were here for too long, he was worried that there would be no way to reach the Land of Wind before night fell.

“Give me a little time to wait.”

Akabane sat down and left in no hurry, “This really can’t be delayed. We can stay here for a while anyway.”

“I’m more and more convinced Akabane-Kun, you have many faces, hehehe…”

Orochimaru smiled lowly. He works closely with Danzō, so he knows some information about several clan heads in Konoha.

Kazami Hatake has always been known to prioritize the missions he is currently on. Not only did he allow everyone to rest, but he even agreed to Akabane’s request to leave the team. After all, he treated Akabane extraordinarily.

“I’ve never eaten face fruit, so how can I save so many faces!”

Akabane curled his lips. He had met Kazami Hatake once before, but there was no special treatment at all.

“What is face fruit?”

Orochimaru was silent for a moment and did not understand the meaning and joke of Akabane’s words.

“A fruit in the imagination, everyone will save his face after eating it.”

Akabane casually joked.

Orochimaru was stunned and then reacted. This person must be being inconsequential.

There is no such fruit in the world.

At this time, Yamada Kurama walked out of his house.

He glanced at Orochimaru and then calmly said: “Akabane, I have entrusted those here to the five Chūnin, and the rest will go to the Land of Wind with us.”

Five Chūnin…

If I didn’t kill Sakin, these five people wouldn’t be strong enough to fight him.

But now, even though Orochimaru hasn’t done it, these five people can still handle the local Missing-nin who is here.

Due to frequent wars, the Land of Rivers was destitute.

Except for a few people who escaped, hardly anyone would run here, and most of those who fled were at the Chūnin and Genin levels.

But thinking about this, I fear that dealing with Sakin is no simple matter.

Akabane glanced at Orochimaru as he walked.

If Sunagakure sends that person, I’m afraid it will be a little troublesome in the future.

However, because Sakin’s death was caused by the Hiding in Mist Technique, as long as Orochimaru was not caught, it was easy to escape.

They walked along the road, and many people watched them like a tiger watching its prey.

This must be the result of the chaos that often occurs in the Land of Rivers.

It wasn’t long before Akabane saw Jiraiya – this guy might have done something stupid, so he was tied up by a rope.

“Oh, an idiot is an idiot …”

When Orochimaru saw this scene, he couldn’t help but start talking to provoke Jiraiya’s anger.

“Orochimaru, damn you, I’ll kill you!”

Jiraiya struggled, but because he was bound, he couldn’t move freely.

“So, what’s the situation?”

Yamada Kurama is a little confused. He remembers this man belongs to him!

Seeing the corner of his mouth trembling, Kazami Hatake said casually, “It’s nothing, let’s go.”

There is no need to talk about why he was treated this way.

Akabane shrugged. He showed no sympathy for his friend who was being tied up.

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