Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 112


Sasuke led the caravan to the training stadium.

He looked around and finally looked at a corner of the door: “If you only need a little space, it looks like this corner is perfect.”

Even though it is the corner of the door, this practice stadium is cleaned every day, and the entire room is clean. The corner is no exception.


Because Akabane and the others were carrying many goods, they attracted the attention of ninja from other villages who were training.

“Yes, this looks good, thank you very much.”

Akabane doesn’t have high requirements for this.

As long as the location obtained is not near toilets or garbage dumps, he feels it is acceptable.

Sasuke nodded after listening and then looked at the Genin who was still training at the venue, hesitated for a moment, and said: “By the way, if you can, I hope you don’t make your voice too loud.”

“Hey, you guys … we don’t ask you money, if you can, listen to what this guy has to say!”

Jiraiya barked.

According to him, these people still suspect free comic books.

This is completely absurd!

Akabane didn’t speak, but his expression had already answered.

“Sorry, I made the wrong decision.”

Sasuke gave a light bow and apologized, but no apologies showed on his face.

“Are you interested in comic books, by the way?”

Yamada Kurama tried to offer.

“No, I’m not at all interested in those books. I thought practicing was more interesting and fun.”

Then he sat on the side.

“Well, everyone, let’s unload the stuff and set up a stall.”

Yamada Kurama was not surprised at his answer, and he immediately waved his hand to order his men to work.

“Be lighthearted, don’t offer it too much to the people of Sunagakure.”

Akabane whispered, then removed a few benches and let Jiraiya and Shinku Yūhi sit down.

Shinku Yūhi hesitated, then approached Akabane and asked: “What should we do?”

“Draw a Comic Book character. You are free to choose. Just draw as you like.”

Akabane took a special glance at Jiraiya.

Yes, this sentence is intended for him.

“Eh … is that really okay?”

Jiraiya was a little surprised.

Because in Konoha, he was always influenced by Tsunade, his talent’s main power could not be used at all.

“Trust yourself. The burning blood within Youth Power will never admit defeat!”

Akabane gave a thumbs up and posed like Guy.

“I didn’t expect that you would have the courage to devote yourself to art, fufufu…”

Someone finally acknowledged me!

Seeing Jiraiya, who was full of motivation, Akabane didn’t want to waste this opportunity. He immediately gave him a drawing board, paper, and a brush right away.

Jiraiya took it and then took out a torn paper piece from his hand and held it in his hand like a treasure.

Akabane’s face darkened.

Why does he still keep this painting…

Shinku Yūhi didn’t know what was going on, so he came over to take a curious glance, and then suspiciously said:

“Isn’t that a picture that Akabane-San painted? Is that painting precious to you?”

“No, this wasn’t painted by Akabane.”

Jiraiya said while shaking his head thoughtfully.

Akabane also shook his head and tried to give a hint, but Shinku Yūhi didn’t see it and said confidently: “Apart from Akabane, who else can draw with such a beautiful pattern?”

“That’s not the case …”

Jiraiya’s expression was stiff, and he turned his head to Akabane.

“Oh, I was drunk, and I accidentally painted the picture.”

Akabane tries to hide the facts.

“Did you really draw it ?!”

Jiraiya’s voice was three times as high, and he looked surprised.

“Well, that’s me.”

Akabane was very embarrassed to say yes.

Shinku Yūhi, who was sitting beside touched his nose and thought it would be impossible if Akabane-San told Jiraiya the truth.

At this time, he was also looking closely at the painting.

This kind of painting… well, no wonder!

Shinku Yūhi became convinced that he had done something wrong and got up from his seat to retreat calmly.

“Oi, Shinku, don’t go yet.”

Akabane smiled and squeezed his shoulder, then apologized to Jiraiya, “I never had any intention of hiding this from you, so… I’ll teach you how to draw.”

Who wants to learn this!

Shinku Yūhi growled in her heart, but he didn’t dare to say it verbally.

This smile was too gloomy and terrifying.

In comparison, Jiraiya was very different.

He looked so excited and immediately forgot his disappointment at being deceived.

Since Jiraiya obtained this painting, he has made it his Supreme Treasure and worked hard to study its depictions.

Unfortunately, it has torn.

He couldn’t learn any further, and it confused him.

But now that he had met the creator in person, because he was still interested in that exquisite skill, how could he possibly refuse it.


No, he must have done it to protect his fame and fortune, so he is reluctant to show his talent openly!

Jiraiya was already a fan of this painting creator, and automatically he wanted to learn directly from his idol. He couldn’t stop his desire because he was afraid Akabane would regret it.

On the other hand, Shinku Yūhi was very panicked, and he was afraid that Akabane would no longer guide him in drawing, so he didn’t dare to refuse.

“First of all, you have to know the cool side of this kind of painting …”

Akabane took a stool and sat down.

Then he paused for a moment and asked: “Jiraiya, when you were gathering material when was the most exciting part, after or before the idea came up?”

“Of course that’s when it first appeared.”

Jiraiya said without hesitation.

“Then understand the feeling, then paint based on the idea that is in your head, you can definitely make the perfect painting.”

Akabane smiled slightly – lesson over.

Shinku Yūhi also thought about it for a while, then nodded slowly.

In this field, he doesn’t have any particular experience.

Unlike Jiraiya.

This gave him an incredible new perception, and he immediately understood how it worked.

At this moment, Jiraiya’s mind was like a flowing waterfall, and his inspiration was like collapsing diabetes. He didn’t say much and drew straight away.

Sasuke, who sat across, looked confused.

He knew that Akabane was teaching the two people something, but he was eavesdropping from the start really didn’t understand it.

He understood the meaning of the words Akabane spoke literally but could not understand the meaning contained in them.

Cool side?

Gather material?

What does that mean? Aren’t they aiming to sell books?

Why do they think of such things!

As a Sunagakure ninja, he couldn’t understand any of this.

Sasuke was eager to find out, but in order to hide his identity, he couldn’t just go up and check it out. He could only stop himself and sit there, staring at the three of them ” inadvertently” from time to time.

Akabane noticed the big question mark in Sasuke’s mind, but he just paused and laughed silently.

Exemplary young man!

Seeing Jiraiya starting to paint, Akabane sat down and started painting to make sure that someone sitting on the other side could see him ” inadvertently”.

After a while, the first painting was finished.

Sasuke’s eyes were curious about the painting, and he couldn’t help but look at the image.

The painting drawn using Akabane’s special pen was rich in color and much more beautiful, and Sasuke couldn’t help but take a look of surprise in his eyes.

Because in the painting, there are ninja characters from Sunagakure!

The more Sasuke looked at it, the more shocked he became. This painting is so realistic that the Sunagakure ninja characters in it look real.

“These people, are they…”

Sasuke glanced at the book that Yamada Kurama was carrying, and he wanted to see what kind of book it was.

I have to be able to endure it; things like this won’t interest me!

He gritted his teeth and shifted his interest.

After that, Sasuke really didn’t look again but stared intently at the training stadium.

Akabane is drawing again, and then he finds that Sasuke is not paying attention to him anymore, and he is shocked.

I’m sure he must be inquisitive, but he can handle that curiosity well… this kind of self-mastery, no wonder this person could be such a talented person!

But don’t worry, I still have other tricks.

Akabane smiled slightly, took out another piece of paper, quietly wrote a sentence, and handed it to Yamada Kurama.

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