Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 113


“Disguised as a Sunagakure ninja and walking around carrying a comic book … what do you mean?”

Yamada Kurama looked at the note and tried to understand the sentence.

But because he believed in Akabane’s plan, he didn’t hesitate and kept the record.

After that, he thought of the figure of the Sunagakure Ninja he would use.

“Use the Transformation Technique and pretend to be …”

He accepted Akabane’s request as is.

Their strength was at the Chūnin level, and there was no problem sneaking around and gathering information at normal levels.

Before long, several people left.

Sasuke just watched them, then ignored him.

They are just Sunagakure ninjas.

Currently, Sasuke looks like an Anbu assigned to these Konoha people. His mission is to watch people and see what they want to do.

All they want is for people to read their books?

How absurd this excuse is!

Sasuke adjusted his Chakra while watching Akabane’s every move.

After a while, he heard several noisy footsteps.

What is this?

Sasuke looked warily at the gates of the training stadium…

He saw a group of children entering the training stadium.

“Look, this is a training stadium!”

“Woah, they provide comic books here?”

These children looked around excitedly.

“Please lower your voices, and don’t disturb the Ninjas who are practicing.”

Akabane stood up and reminded them.

Sasuke was stunned and couldn’t understand what was going on.

These kids…

“Kids, the Chūnin Exams are coming soon. You will disturb the ninja training with your noise.”

Yamada Kurama said pleasantly, “Here, you can read this comic book, but you can read it outside and return it when you’re done.”

“Okay, thanks, sir!”

The kids thanked him in a low voice.

“All right, you guys can go outside and be quiet.”

“Yes, we understand, sir.”

The kids happily grabbed the comic book and ran out of the place.

Sasuke was taken aback. The kids just came and got interested in their book. So, what did the ninja who just came out think?

Out of curiosity, Sasuke got up and walked over to Akabane’s stall.

“What is this book actually about?”

Sasuke asked with a serious face.

He’s trying to make a connection between painting, books, and the kids’ interests earlier, and it makes him feel a little uncomfortable – he’s starting to think that his teacher’s plans don’t live up to expectations.

“Well, nothing strange, it’s just a comic book.”

Akabane said as he took a copy for him.

Sasuke glanced at the cover.

One Piece?

What is this!?

He took it and opened the first page.

He saw there was a sea, a boat, and a teenager wearing a straw hat. The style of the painting was very different from the image Akabane had just painted.

Sasuke continued reading. Two pages, three pages…

His face gradually became serious. This book imparts knowledge to its readers, but it is a very boring storybook!

Well, more criticism!

He continued to look at the comic book. To him, the sea depicted in this book was very strange. He did not know whether this image was real or just an absurd fantasy.

“Devil Fruit? This… this is a weird fantasy.”

Sasuke sneered silently.

Suppose such a thing existed in this world. The Land of Water must have been dominated for a long time, and they must have been cornered. That way, the battles in the Land of Water did not last so long.

Such boring books should be banned!

Sasuke thought silently in his heart.

While having this thought, he was already subconsciously on the last page.

“It’s not bad.”

Sasuke put back the comic book, such an adventure in the sea is very different from the life of the Sunagakure people who are in the middle of the desert and have never seen the sea. In fact, Sasuke is very interested in this comic book.

After reading the last page, he put down the book and began to think about what action to take on this matter.

Should it be prohibited? But it’s still…

He hasn’t made up his mind yet, he is still trying to think about a few situations while shaking his head, and then he hears the noisy conversation around him.

He saw dozens of trained Genins in front of the small warehouse holding comic books and read them with pleasure.


Sasuke was stunned. When are these people here? Why don’t I feel them coming at all ?!

Is it Genjutsu?

He looked at Akabane warily.

“Don’t get me wrong, Sasuke-Kun, I’ve been busy drawing myself since earlier.”

Akabane pointed at the painting in front of him.

Currently, Akabane has finished his painting. The painting shows Sunagakure and a figure carrying a large jug on its back standing on the sand.


Sasuke apologized insincerely, then clenched the comic tightly, and looked back at the genins reading comic books.

Of the many Sunagakure ninjas, only some are interested in the comic book.

Others just look at the cover and put it back. They are clearly not interested in it.

Seeing that, for some reason, Sasuke felt relieved, then he saw the people suddenly gathered behind Jiraiya and Shinku Yūhi.

“Woah !!”

“This kind of painting is really …”

Those who were about to leave instead gathered behind Jiraiya, Shinku Yūhi, and the others.

It didn’t take long before many people surrounded Jiraiya.

In terms of painting skills, Shinku Yūhi is certainly better. However, Jiraiya was currently better than him in this aspect.

“Is this also a comic book?”

The Ninjas who saw the paintings were stunned. They did not know that there were such things in this world.

“Of course, this is an art you don’t know yet.”

Jiraiya glanced at Akabane and said in a tone of admiration, “Fortunately, there are still people who are secretly looking to the future.”

“I see. This is a truly extraordinary art.”

They still wanted to see more, but some of them still felt embarrassed.

These people make me feel a little embarrassed…

“Now, since you are the first batch reader, I will give this picture to you.”

Jiraiya had learned a little from Akabane, gave the illustrations he painted, and promoted it, “Who wants this?”

“Me, me, me!”

“Just give it to me…”

Those who were embarrassed before, now join in fighting over the picture.

Sasuke was still watching them, and his face turned red.

He took a deep breath and then shouted: “Stop!”

In an instant, the crowd fell silent.

“All Sunagakure Genins, get back to training, right now!”

Sasuke said with a serious face.

“Eh …”

Everyone fell silent in disappointment.

There was finally a break after a long training session, but now the rest time is up.


Sasuke’s position made them not dare to refuse his command.

They went to the practice site with a slight bow, and they had to put the painting problem aside.

The other genins who haven’t watched the manga have no choice but to get back to training.

“And Akabane-San, I will report this to Kazekage-Sama.”

Sasuke continued.

“Of course, we are just guests, and you have the right to decide.”

Akabane shrugged. He didn’t really care about Sasuke’s actions.

The most important thing is that I’ve planted the seeds. It’s not a big problem if we get kicked out.

“Very well then, I’ll bring this book as evidence.”

Sasuke raised the comic book in his hand, then bent down and left with the Body Flicker Technique.

Seeing this incident, Jiraiya was momentarily stunned. He still didn’t understand what truly happened, but he had a big heart, and he would still paint even if no one were interested.

Shinku Yūhi pondered for a moment and said anxiously: “Will they forbid it?”

“I also do not know.”

Akabane shook his head.

If they really forbid it, I can only use the smuggling method. This is why Akabane wanted Jiraiya to come.

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