Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 114


“One piece? Comic Book?”

Shamon, who was studying and perfecting his Magnet Release technique, was shocked.

“That’s right, Sensei. The book they brought was not a book about science, but an entertainment book.”

Sasuke said anxiously.

Books filled with knowledge can make people strong, but entertainment books of this kind will only destroy people’s morale.

Shamon opened the comic book and read it.

After a while, Sasuke asked nervously: “Sensei, what do you think?”

“Not bad, the storyline is quite interesting.”

Shamon said.

“Really? Wouldn’t that book only have a bad effect on our people?”

Sasuke said.

The Second Kazekage looked at him, put the comic book and research scroll in his hands, then sat down on the chair and said, “Sasuke, it’s okay, the war is over.”

When Sasuke heard the Second Kazekage say this, he was taken aback and then said in a high voice: “The time for us to enjoy the glory days is still far away!”

“Sasuke, you have to understand that such a view can only exist in times of war, and you shouldn’t adopt it in times of peace like now.”

Shamon shook his head, and his face became serious, “If we try our best to develop combat readiness and strength, what’s the point of spending a lot of resources on holding the Chūnin Exams?”

Sasuke finally accepted the Second Kazekage’s thoughts, and he said reluctantly, “So, are you going to let this book spread?”

“Of course not.”

Shamon got up and went out.

He had already decided in his mind, and he was still not satisfied with Sasuke’s behavior until now.

Since the First Kazekage, Sasuke has been cultivated to become a great Ninja and become the previous Kazekage’s successor.

However, until now, Sasuke still did not meet the requirements to become a Kazekage.


“Akabane, here he comes.”

Yamada Kurama felt an aura and immediately patted Akabane with a serious face.

“Don’t worry, even though we are forbidden to trade it, we won’t lose much.”

Said Akabane, dismissively shaking his head.

Even if they were forbidden to trade him, Akabane had only lost a few comics, and besides, he had almost earned a hundred points, which was a decent income.

“Is it true?”

Yamada Kurama didn’t understand, but he didn’t say much. He was worried that the Kazekage might hear it.

Within half a minute, Shamon arrived at the training stadium.

As soon as he appeared, everyone felt a strong aura and immediately stopped their activities, including the outside kids.

“Good afternoon, Kazekage-Sama.”

Yamada Kurama bowed and saluted. Akabane and the others naturally followed suit.

“You don’t need to be so polite. I got word from Sasuke that I misunderstood the book you brought. I with this apologize.”

Shamon bowed slightly after speaking as if he had forgotten his title as Kazekage.

Seeing this, Sasuke didn’t understand at all.

Why is Sensei doing this?

“Looks like Sasuke-Kun already told you. Actually, this book is not the book of knowledge you have been waiting for, but it is a comic book.”

Akabane said as he picked up the comic book on the shelf.

“Yes, I understand about that.”

Shamon nodded, sat on a bench with a calm expression and was kind, but still not as good as Hiruzen Sarutobi.

“Then you must already know about our goal.”

Akabane smiled. Judging by Shamon’s gesture and expression, the other party didn’t mean to forbid him.

It’s enough.

“I’ve read it a few pages, and it’s great for free time, but Sunagakure doesn’t have a lot of people. I don’t think you need to take it in a caravan.”

Shamon said.

“You mean, you’re going to send people over to our shop?”

Akabane understood what he meant.

“I heard you also sell this comic book on the Land of Rivers, and we can go over there and buy it.”

Shamon’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was pointing.

“Well, it might save you some money, but the comic book you bought is only available in Sunagakure.”

Akabane said knowingly.

That’s right, if you remember, Sakin came from Sunagakure.

Shamon must have had some information about this comic book, and he probably thought that a ninja had killed Sakin from Konoha.

But he clearly has no proof, otherwise Akabane will have more of an advantage.

Now Sunagakure doesn’t really care about Sakin. Akabane didn’t care how many copies Shamon would buy and whether they would print them out themselves after buying them.

Both sides open one eye and close the other. Everything is well controlled!

“Nice to work with you.”

Shamon nodded, got up and left.

Sasuke froze for a moment, then followed his lead.

Arriving at the Kazekage’s Office, he couldn’t help but ask: “Sensei, what are our plans next?”

“What do you think?”

Shamon opened the door and asked casually.

Sasuke started thinking.

As the successor to the Kazekage, he was quite qualified. It was just that his thinking was a bit radical.

Now that the time has changed, his thinking must also be changed.

After thinking for a moment, he said: “What if we use this plot to arouse people’s fighting intent.”

“What else?”

“Make comic books as prizes, and the winner can get the prize.”

Sasuke continued.

As he said this, Shamon’s eyes grew brighter.

“Any other?”

“And … perhaps, we can also print some of them and sell them elsewhere in the Land of Wind at a lower price.”

Shamon was surprised at the third suggestion and looked at Sasuke with a strange expression.

Sasuke only realized after thinking it over. He just realized that the Land of Wind’s stupidity is too sad, how people would be attracted to buy it.

“Your last suggestion was good, but it’s still not enough.”

Shamon said, “I’ll put some comic books on the first floor so that residents can read them for free.”

“Wouldn’t that be too burdensome for you?”

Sasuke didn’t understand.

“If there is the first volume, there must be a follow-up volume. So, I’ll put the first volume in my building and use the second volume as a present, and so on …”

Shamon said indifferently.

“So like that, something like that didn’t cross my mind!”

Sasuke muttered to himself.

Compared to Shamon, Sasuke felt that he was very bad.

“Now go and carry out the plan.”

The Shaman waved his hand to signal Sasuke to leave.

He also didn’t want to be bothered while learning a Ninjutsu.


“Seeing the Kazekage have his foresight, I firmly believe that this kind of art can flourish in the Land of Wind!”

Jiraiya said hopefully.

“What makes you so happy? Do you have a photo album to sell on the Land of Rivers?”

Shinku Yūhi viciously quipped Jiraiya’s fantasies.

“Huh ?!”

Jiraiya was stunned for a moment and then understood that was the case.

Shinku Yūhi didn’t expect to inspire him.

He looked at the painting in his hand. After pondering for a moment, he tore off the indecent painting.

Now he understands.

In his mind, Akabane invited them only for a ruse. In fact, he didn’t plan to help them.

After having this understanding, he no longer thought of continuing to comply.

As for Jiraiya…

He is an idiot. Of course, he doesn’t notice!

Shinku Yūhi held his chin and thought, he decided to change the content he drew based on what she wanted.

“Akabane, can you print some paintings for me and sell them in the Land of Wind?”

Jiraiya approached Akabane and asked in a low voice.

Hearing that, Akabane immediately considered it and then said: “When will you get recognition from the Third Hokage through comic books if you always rely on me? I thought you could find a partner and publish it yourself.”

“Got recognition from Sarutobi-Sensei?”

Jiraiya touched his head. Akabane’s words made him realize something.

Meanwhile, Shinku Yūhi and Yamada Kurama did not understand at all. Such comic books would not have earned him recognition from the Third Hokage.

“Isn’t that proof of the success of a comic if it impresses people?”

Akabane smiled as he gave Jiraiya a thumbs up.

“That’s very impressive!”

Jiraiya nodded, and his eyes filled with fighting spirit.

In order to get Sensei’s recognition, I will fight on the path of art!

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