Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 116



Kazami Hatake spoke nonchalantly.

“Wait a minute…”

Akabane rubbed his temples, and he felt exhausted from repeating the same activity over and over.

However, he said that because someone had come to them.

Kazami Hatake was a little surprised. He saw a Sunagakure’s ninja has come.

“Okay, everyone, you can rest!”

Kazami Hatake waved his hand to signal everyone to rest.

An exhausted Akabane lay down and closed his eyes on the bench before Sasuke arrived.

He admitted that he had underestimated the training given by Kazami Hatake.

As the Leader of the Hatake Clan, he was quite comprehensive in providing training and mentoring. Even though Akabane was the teacher who trained Shinku Yūhi, he couldn’t survive his evil clutches.

That’s right, Illusory Domain.

It’s been all day. Basically, someone can still survive. He has to perform Illusory Domain repeatedly, and this is really challenging his reputation.

I have to admit that I am more sensitive in Chakra Control.

Knock, knock, knock…

Someone knocked on the door, and Akabane snapped his fingers.

A Klan’s caravan came to set up a stall. However, they are not from Konoha. Akabane and Kazami Hatake watched them.

The knock on the door continued, and Akabane returned to focus on the sound from the door.

When she woke up, Kazami Hatake was already walking to the door.

“Sorry … uh, Mr. Kazami, I didn’t expect you to open the door.”

Sasuke immediately apologized and bowed when he realized that the person who opened the door was tall and dressed utterly differently from Akabane.

When I lifted my head, I could see that it was Kazami Hatake.

“It’s okay. It’s because everyone’s tired.”

When Kazami Hatake had opened the door, he turned around and sat down.

Sasuke looked inside and found that Akabane and Kazami Hatake were on the second floor.

Why are there only these two people? How about the others?

“Ah, it’s Sasuke-Kun. Sorry, I fell asleep and didn’t hear anyone knocking on the door.”

Akabane looked sleepy.

This person was half exhausted by pretending that he still had enough Chakra to perform Illusory Domain for eight people two to three times.

“It’s fine. It looks like you just finished doing some tough special training.”

Sasuke glanced in various directions and said confusedly.

He saw no trace of training or activity at all.

“No, I just slept all day.”

Akabane sat down, his eyes blank, and after glancing at him, he pointed at the chair. He was too lazy to say anything.

Sasuke calmed down and didn’t talk about it too much. He didn’t want the other party to know.

He sat on the chair, thought for a moment, and said. “I’m here to talk about comic book promotion, and Sensei decided to put comic books on the first floor of the Kazekage office building for everyone to read. Sensei sent me here to ask your opinion.”

“This is indeed a good plan. If you like it, I will donate all the comic books I brought this time to you. I really support this plan.”

Akabane certainly didn’t think much of it.

Ever since he left for the Land of Wind, he didn’t plan to get a lot of money out of the pockets of these desert people.

“Uh … we’re very grateful.”

Sasuke was stunned and a little embarrassed.

What’s the point of him giving out a hundred comic books? It was only worth about 10,000 Ryō.

I haven’t even got the information I’m looking for here.

“It has to be like that. The friendship between Wind and Fire must last forever. These comic books are nothing.”

Akabane said with a smile.

Sasuke choked for a moment and couldn’t resist. Then he asked after muttering: “Then I have a personal question …”

“Comic books are the stuff I brought to the Land of Wind. Just ask if you have any questions.”

Akabane said confidently.

“I heard you recently had a Comic Exhibition in the Land of Fire. What exactly is that?”

Sasuke asked as he continued observing.

However, apart from seeing Akabane’s tired face, Chakra, and spiritual energy, he paid no attention to others.

What the hell are these people doing!

Kazami Hatake gave a cold smile, then he got up and walked upstairs.


I’m sure that they do special training and don’t want other people to know, so they train at the residence.

Sasuke silently said in his heart.

His mind became restless. Even everyone above could feel it, including Akabane and Kazami, who came face to face with him.

Akabane waited for his gaze to shift away from Kazami Hatake, then smiled slightly and said: “The Comic Exhibition is actually a collection of comic book fans, and its goal is to sell artwork, role-playing, and performances related to comic book stories.”

“I see … role plays, and related performances in comic book stories, well, that’s not bad …”

No, no, no, I’m here to observe them!

Sasuke shook his head and threw away the fantasy image that crossed his mind.

Without waiting for him to continue talking about the topic…

“If you’re worried that you can’t do it, that’s fine. I have talented people who are good at the development process, and I’ll lend them to you.”

Akabane said.

 Talented and proficient?

Sasuke was dumbfounded. He had no idea this conversation would go that way.

“Yes, he is a white-haired ninja named Jiraiya.”

Akabane laughed, “Don’t underestimate him. He’s a very reliable person in the comic book field.”

White-haired ninja?

Sasuke thought carefully and finally remembered who Jiraiya was.

How can someone like that be relied upon ?!

That guy drew comic characters indecently, and how could we leave the Comic Exhibition to him. Everyone knows what kind of chaos will happen in Sunagakure.

As Sasuke thought about this, his body trembled with fear, and the corners of his mouth twitched, then he said: “We do not have a Comic Exhibition for now. I’m just asking personally, and I’ll contact you if there’s a need.”

“Is that so, are there any other questions?”

Akabane yawned as if he wanted to remind Sasuke of something.

“Nothing else, sorry to interrupt your break.”

Sasuke got up, turned around, and left.

He realized that his motive was known, and it was impossible to ask anything more.

Being here too long will waste my time and energy. So, I’d better step back for now and redesign my plan.

“Let’s continue.”

As soon as Sasuke left, Kazami Hatake’s voice came from upstairs. He didn’t intend to give it a chance to rest at all.

“Okay, okay, I can’t wait to protect Konoha.”

Jiraiya was the first to come out, and the others followed closely behind. They immediately walked out of the door and gathered on the first floor.

Akabane sneered and said, “Protecting Konoha? No, I just had a new idea, and you will be satisfied with it.”

“What ideas?”

As soon as Murasaki said, he felt something strange gripping his mind.


Since when was it activated !?

He paused in surprise – Akabane’s Genjutsu was getting harder and harder to fight.

Restrained, he opened his eyes and found himself in an endless desert.

Having experienced this all day long, they were used to this situation, and no one was surprised.

“Survival game in the desert!”

“Food, weapons, and information are all in this desert, you guys must go find them. You can only survive depending on these three! “

Just like before, there was a voice within the Illusory Domain that everyone could hear.

However, this time they faced a different situation.

Murasaki had been walking around for a week, but as he looked back at the place he was in — it was the same place they had passed on their way from the Land of Rivers to Sunagakure.

I can understand food and weapons. But what about information?

He was pensive but never let go of her guard at all – in this survival game, enemies could appear at any time.

“I think I should go to Sunagakure first. Maybe there I’ll get a lead.”

Murasaki didn’t take long to make a decision.

Searching for information was not only thought of by him, but everyone in this Illusory Domain was also thinking the same thing.

“The person who gets the information first could have a greater chance of surviving.”

Hearing this, Orochimaru smiled, using the Summoning Technique to summon a group of small snakes and use them to search for information in the middle of the desert.

“You have to get some information first. Otherwise, you won’t know the background of the Illusory Domain this time.”

Everyone made a quick decision. Even Jiraiya, who was usually the most unreliable, quickly grasped the situation and then headed for Sunagakure.

They didn’t know about the Illusory Domain this time, but the most important thing was information based on the hint.

Just like in the battles in the Ninja world, gathering information is the essential part!

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