Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 117


“What else this time?”

Kazami Hatake sat down and looked around slightly curiously.

Even though he is Sakumo’s father and the Jōnin who leads his team, Akabane remains silent.

I will make you curious until you finally find out for yourself!

Akabane cursed in his heart.

The Desert Illusory Domain was a fantasy world that Akabane had been thinking about since entering the Land of Wind.

But before, he had never been able to control it perfectly.

After getting used to using the Illusory Domain continuously, he gradually felt that he could do it.

Of course…

Based on Akabane’s character, who doesn’t like to bother himself, he knows that these people are still obsessed with protecting Konoha!

“I guess this is a desert.”

Kazami Hatake closed his eyes as if he didn’t care what was in the Illusory Domain.

But if you really don’t care, you won’t bother guessing.

Akabane continued to remain silent and focused solely on the Illusory Domain – creating and controlling such an enormous Illusion Domain squeezed out a considerable amount of Spiritual Energy.

More than that, with his abilities, he could pay attention to everyone inside the Illusory Domain. It was like watching a live broadcast.

“Summoning Technique is cheating in information gathering!”

Countless snakes spread across the desert.

Even though they couldn’t adapt to the desert climate, as Summoned Beasts, they could still carry out their mission of gathering information.

There is a sheet of paper.

“A comic strip?”

Orochimaru studied the paper in his hand and read it carefully after hesitating for a moment.

“In order to cultivate Ninja, Sunagakure put their Ninja into the desert, and at the same time put a poison mist in the desert. They can only survive if they go to Sunagakure and find the antidote.”

Even though this was just a little bit, the content was enough for Orochimaru to understand everything.

The poison mist will spread out soon, but the antidote is only partial…

Only a few people can survive this Survival Game, and this comic strip contains essential information.


Orochimaru grinned grimly.

For him, fighting his friends over something was an unprecedented experience.

Meanwhile, elsewhere.

Sakumo and Spike are still excited. He relies on the Summoned Beast for information.

Spike is still small, but it already has a sharp smell, and now he smelled a strange one.

After several searches…


“It’s not quite as good as my short sword, but at least it’s still usable.”

Sakumo was talking to himself while moving the kunai in his hand. He still had enough confidence to use it.

With a weapon, his fighting power could increase significantly.

“Spike, let’s find someone else first.”

He held the kunai and went to find his friends.

Woof ~ woof ~

The canine replied excitedly, and it started guiding Sakumo in a direction.

“Good work!”

Sakumo complimented him and continued.

One person, one dog, searching the desert.

After a while, he met the target Spike was aiming for.


Sakumo was surprised, then asked strangely, “What’s in your hand?”

“Well, this looks like a pot.”

Shinnosuke noticed the direction Sakumo was pointing with his kunai, then looked at the pot with the flat bottom in his hand, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

This is his weapon!

“Looks like this pot from Sunagakure… it’s still useful for self-protection and offense.”

“I also think that way.”

Shinnosuke put the frying pan around his waist and sighed helplessly.

“Come with me to find someone else.”

Sakumo smiled at Shinnosuke and let Spike continue to lead the way in earnest.

Soon after that…

Woof ~

The wolf-like canine was lying on the sand. It tried to stand up, but it wasn’t strong enough. It was barking at Sakumo after trying it twice.

“What is wrong?”

Shinnosuke was dumbfounded. He didn’t know why the canine had suddenly fallen.

Sakumo crouched down to check on Spike’s situation. I must say that the Illusory Domain Akabanes are very real. Even though Spike is a shadow image, all conditions are the most realistic.

He touched it, and from his understanding of his companion, he immediately understood what was going on–

“Spike poisoned.”

“Poisoned? What’s the matter? Did it accidentally eat poison?”

Shinnosuke’s face turned pale, and he looked around warily.

“It’s impossible if Spike eats the wrong thing. Animals are more sensitive to poison than humans. It’s possible that the poison entered Spike’s body in a way that he wasn’t aware of …”

Sakumo rarely spoke much.

He wasn’t out of mind, but he was thinking about and sorting through the whole series of events.

“You mean the air is poisonous ?!”

Shinnosuke took a cold breath.

Desert, poison, and puppets are Sunagakure’s Ninja fighting styles.

He thought so, and he was suddenly shocked.


There is something wrong!

There was movement under the desert sand, Chakra churned, and immediately felt the enemy under the sand.

“There are enemies!”

“Needless to say, I also know …”

Sakumo kicked Shinnosuke away, and then he drained electricity from all over his body.

Chidori Current!

Hit by lightning, several puppets emerged from the sand and were crushed by the strike.

“This ninjutsu …”

“There’s no time, run!”

Sakumo gasped for breath. The more Chakra he used, the more he could feel the presence of poison mist.

If he didn’t run, then he would die in a mist of poison.


Shinnosuke got up, pulled Sakumo, and then made a Hand Seal.

Earth Release!

“Idiot, underground is also poisoned. Let’s just run!”


The escape from the poison mist begins!

Akabane sneered, this is the Domain of Illusions but not reality.

Earth Release is good enough, but will it keep you away from poison?

But it was Tsunade who surprised him. Others gather information and look for weapons.

This girl was impressive, she didn’t need a weapon, and with the medical skills she had learned, she immediately felt that the air was poisonous.

This is the most important thing!

Other people allowed her body to consume more of the poison mist, but it seemed that it did not affect her.

Other people were running from poison, while she was like being in the back garden.

The physique of the Senju Clan was too strong…

Akabane complained from the bottom of his heart.

He scanned the entire Illusory Domain. Almost everyone has a problem with the poison mist. While trying to escape, almost everyone gathered useful information around him.

However, depending on the physical, the events faced by each person are also different.

Like Hayate Gekkō.

He was weak and sickly. Although he could run away, it was in vain.

The poison mist wouldn’t let him escape.

Under the poison mist’s erosion, his physical strength and Chakra were being consumed very quickly, plus the Puppet…

“Hayate Gekkō has been killed by a deadly mist of poison.”

A voice resounded within the Illusory Domain.

In an instant, everyone was dumbfounded.

Then everyone laughed coldly – to death from the poison mist, it was so bad!

Someone has been eliminated, so even if I die, I won’t be at the bottom.

 Shinku Yūhi laughed, then thought with a headache about his teammate, who had quit the game.

“But in this game, it looks like there aren’t any teammates. After all, there are only three antidotes.”

He has a folded paper in his hand.

This paper is the single most crucial piece of information gathering so far!

“Looks like you have excellent information too, Shinku-San.”

A hoarse voice was heard.

This voice… It is Orochimaru!

Shinku Yūhi looked up and saw a figure who was standing proudly on a nearby dune.

“This is the Illusory Domain. The goal of this game is to survive and escape. We not only have to find the antidote, but we must also flee to Sunagakure to survive.”

Orochimaru said as he approached.

“What do you mean by this?”

Shinku Yūhi asked warily.

“Exchanging information, I want to know what was recorded on the paper you are holding.”

Orochimaru said.

“Really? Hmph, that sounds too simple.”

Shinku Yūhi had a severe expression. He didn’t know Orochimaru because he had a cold temper, so he didn’t really like him.

In terms of strength…

I admit that I am no match for him.

“What’s the point in killing you? You have no antidote at all, and I just want to have the information in your hands. “

Said Orochimaru shrugged.

“Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death Explosion!”

Genjutsu took effect in an instant, but…

In the next second, he saw Orochimaru in front of him turning into a snake.

A Shadow Clone?

No, this person is trying to distract me…

Shinku Yūhi became even more alert and quickly leaped forward.

But he was one step slower.

Her leg got stuck.

“Earth Release: Headhunter Jutsu!”

“I only need information in your hands. I’m afraid that if I kill you, there will be an announcement in person…”

Orochimaru took a sheet of paper from his hand and apologized, “Sorry, I can only ask you to stay here for a while, and good luck.”

“Arghhh… damn you, Orochimaru!”

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