Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 134


“Akabane Young Master, you’re finally back, I…I’m so happy!”

Kurama Yunlang said as tears drop from his eyes from happiness.

“What happened to you!”

Akabane asked in confinement as he stopped on his track, he didn’t expect Yunlang to be so excited to see him.

And he disgustingly pushes the brother who wants to hug him and thought ” I just haven’t seen him for a few days. But this guy’s orientation has become abnormal!”

“Update, where is the update? If you don’t update the comic they will kill me!”

Kurama Yunlang who couldn’t hold back anymore cried in grievance and his tears of happiness from seeing Akabane become tears of injustice he received when Akabane was gone as he recounted what happened during Akabane’s absence without missing any details.

Upon hearing what Yunlang experienced Akabane couldn’t help but sigh since it’s not strange that it happened since even in his previous world similar things transpired.

According to Yunlang, when the readers can’t find Akabane, they then switch their attention to Yunlang who was the store manager and keep nagging him about the updates of the comic.

Since their store is on a sideway that passed by dozens of ninja every day, so when they return to their clan, they stop first on their store to keep nagging Yunlang about the updates that even their younger brother and sister also stop on the store before they go to Academy just to ask about the updates.

And worst of all, even the lofty Grandma Mito who didn’t like to come out of her backyard also came just to urge Yunlang about the updates. 

And after diligently answering one by one, how can Yunlang not break down when even Lady Mito who was a legend in the heart of ordinary people also urged him.

Fortunately, Akabane works overtime to finish doing the updates or else it will be mayhem especially if Uzumaki Mito visit him just to ask about the updates.

“Akabane Young Master, when can you update it?”

Kurama Yunlang hurriedly asked.

“It will be delivered tomorrow morning so don’t worry, you get the banner and I will go back to deal with the poster.”

Akabane paused when he said that suddenly remembering something, and pointed at him solemnly, “Also, don’t use the banner from before, and just write what I am going to say!”


For Yunlang, nothing is more beautiful than this news so he didn’t bother to wait any longer and quickly went back to the store with Akabane in his tow.


The seventh chapter is about Chunin Exams, and Akabane soon has a poster image in his mind.

After arriving at the store, Akabane found a place and sat down and started to draw the poster in his mind.

And It didn’t take a few minutes to draw their outlines. 


The Ninja who entered the store was about to call Yunlang but was surprised when he saw Akabane inside.


Kurama Yunlang quickly made a gesture as he didn’t want him to disturb Akabane.

The visitor nodded his head knowingly, and after walking a few steps softly, he squatted down beside Akabane to look at the illustration.

And what he saw can only be described as a weird trio.

A gourd on back, a weird thing, and a fan…

What kind of weapons are these!

At this time, the facial features and clothes details are not yet painted, so he didn’t recognise them.

Akabane who was concentrating on his drawing moved his muscles a bit then turned his head and suddenly saw a man beside him.

The look is very familiar!

After thinking about it, he immediately remembered the name of the other side: “Mr. Nohara?”

“I didn’t expect you to remember me, hahaha!”

Nohara Cheng touched his head and laughed in delight.

It’s incredible that a genius like Akabane still remembers his name after so many days.

“It’s because I signed your name previously and also because of letting me borrow your stool that I remember you.”

Akabane chuckled and started drawing the facial features of the three ninjas at the same time. The faces of these three ninjas are better with paint in them.

For example, in Gaara, even the eyebrows are omitted.

“It’s all trivial things. By the way, is this poster an updated promotional poster?”

Nohara asked, pointing to the top.

“Yes, the comic book should arrive tomorrow. And we are preparing posters and banners in advance.”

Akabane said and took a look at the painting.

Well, the eyes are drawn well…

He nodded with satisfaction and continued to paint the other parts of Gaara.

Facial senses, hair, forehead protection, and finally infused with soul-thick dark circles painted on it, and “love” on the forehead.

When the rest are drawn, the picture becomes three-dimensional.

“So amazing!”

Nohara Cheng exclaimed.

Relying only on the rough and shallow paintings, people feel that there is an imposing manner at first glance, which is simply too powerful in their eyes.

Akabane slightly smiled and did not answer.

After completing Gaara, the difficulty of the other two people is even lower, especially Kankuro.

And it didn’t take long for the Illustration to be completed.

“The Three Ninja from Hidden Sand Village coming to take the Chunin Exam!”

After the line was written, Akabane directly handed it to Kurama Yunlang and asked him to post it on the billboard at the door.

Although this street is not prosperous, many people pass by every day.

So hanging it over there, someone will still see it soon.

After finishing the work, Akabane was free, and then asked: “Did Uncle Nohara come to ask about the comics update?”

“The smelly brat at my house urges me all day… “

“Do you have a son?”

Akabane who heard that asked in surprise.

“Yes, one or two years younger than you, but unfortunately there is no good innate talent.”

Nohara Cheng sighed.

He is just a Chunin, and the help he can do for his son is only a little.

As far as commoner ninja is concerned, without the clan teaching, only Ninja with innate talent can be trusted.

One or two years younger than me…

So, his son should be the father of Nohara Rin in the future?

Nohara surnames in Konoha are not many, so maybe what he guesses is right.

Akabane pondered for a moment, then sighed a little remembering her future.

At this time, Nohara Cheng’s expression become stagnant, since he suddenly thinks that he still has important business —

“I remember I still have something to do so I will come over again tomorrow for the updates bye!

After he finished speaking, he used a Body Flicker Jutsu and ran out of the store.

“Hey, I…”

Akabane looked up and was about to talk, but saw him already outside.

“Do you want me to call him back?”

Kurama Yunlang said after he finished hanging up the propaganda poster.

“No, I just wanted to give him some gifts to his child, but it’s okay since he said he will come back tomorrow.”

Akabane said as he shook his head.

At the Hokage’s Office.

Hatake Sagiki reports to the Third Hokage so as to arrange the promotion of Chunin as soon as possible.

While listening and reading the report documents, the Third Hokage gradually gained some insight.

When Hatake Sagiki finished speaking, he took his tobacco pipe, and then he meditated for a while and asked: “Let’s not talk about the Chunin’s promotion first, what do you think of Magnet-Style?”

“Without a doubt, this kind of Ninjutsu is very powerful.”

Hatake Sagiki answered in a serious expression. Although the magnetic force alone is difficult to deal with, it does not make him so jealous.

But this time is different.

Tsunade’s defeat over Zack’s iron sand attack and iron sand defence is enough to show that Hidden Sand Village has found a sophisticated development direction for Magnet-Style.

“Can Lightning-Style restrain it?”

The Third Hokage asked as he frowned.

“I don’t know, I think that Shamon cancelled the second round, maybe because he didn’t want us to get more information about their Magnet-Style.”

Hatake Sagiki expressed his opinion.

“It is very likely since neither he nor the First Kazekage cares about their face.”

The Third Hokage sighed.

Magnet-Style is really troublesome…

“Third-Hokage, forgive me for speaking bluntly, I think Hidden Sand Village will not be content with the status quo. And sooner or later, war will come between our countries.”

Hatake Sagiki said solemnly.

The Third Hokage did not answer directly. Instead, he thought for a while and said: “About this, let’s discuss it later.”


Hatake Sagiki bowed slightly.

“You have been working hard this time. If you have nothing to do, you can go back and rest. I will discuss with Homura about the promotion of Chunin.”


After saying that, Hatake Sagiki turned around. And after closing the door, he turned around again in a corner and kicked the “trash can” on the side.


Jiraiya who’s Transformation Jutsu was broken couldn’t help but laugh embarrassingly.

“It’s over, you can go.”

Hatake Sagiki said as he glanced at the comics pile in Jiraiya arms with a frown on his face, and left without asking.

Jiraiya hearing it quickly got up and walked into his teacher’s office while carrying his proud work.

The Third Hokage just got up and was about to find Mitokado Homura, but was surprised when he saw Jiraiya entering his office and couldn’t help but ask.

“Jiraiya, is there something you want to say to your teacher?”

” Teacher, I want you to take a look at my growth this period!”

Jiraiya exclaimed proudly.

The Third Hokage slightly smiled, he walked over and touched his hair and said: “Sagiki told me that you are doing very well, so you can continue to study the Earth Style you are good at, but you shouldn’t neglect your Taijutsu either…”

“No, Teacher, it’s not about that, What I mean is about my drawing, please take a look at my training results!”

After saying it with passion, Jiraiya handed the comics he drew with his blood and sweat and handed it to Sarutobi Hiruzen who was stunned.

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