Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 133


Knowing Shin’s intention for creating his comics, Akabane is slightly relieved.
Since he is not a banyan tree and does not have the ability to form a forest in a matter of seconds.
So the more manga being published, the hotter the industry becomes.
At this time, his Shadow Clone vanished, and the memory and fatigue returned to him that left him in a state of being exhausted and sleepy.
Although it made him tired for no reason, Akabane is still happy since he didn’t expect his clone to be so efficient to finish the chapters.
So after returning to his room.
The updated content of the comic has been completed and compiled into a book. And although the technique is rough, it is very easy for people at the factory to understand the publication.
“Let’s send someone back quickly.”
Akabane took the compiled book and went out to find his caravan.
After a few minutes of walking, Akabane saw Kurama Shanyuan happen to be occupied in comic donation work.
And on the side was a Hidden Sand Jonin responsible for receiving the comics.
“Akabane, you are here…”
Kurama Shanyuan said as he saw Akabane approaching them.
“Don’t be nervous, I just came here to ask Shanyuan Uncle to send someone to deliver something for me.”
Akabane said as he pulled out the updated content of the comics.
Hidden Sand Village Jonin glanced at him curiously, then his eyes suddenly shined when he saw the compiled comic and exclaimed: “Is that an update for One Piece!?”
“Unfortunately, no.”
Akabane laughed.
It seems that One Piece Comic is already taking its root in the Sand Village.
“I wish you could hurry up with its update, my child’s head was about to blow up from the suspense.”
The Jonin explained awkwardly and politely.
Aren’t you single!
The Sand Ninja who were carrying the comics and also at Jonin’s side froze for a moment and chid in his mind, but although he thought of that, he didn’t dare to say it out loud for fear of having his head separated from his body and rationally remained silent.
“Okay, I will send someone back.”
Kurama Shanyuan nodded. In order to ensure immediate delivery, he contemplated it and finally decided to let an Elite Chunin carry it to speed up the process of it being delivered back to the Land of Fire.
Akabane thanked him and went back to his residence to rest since he is really tired.
When he arrives at the residence, he notices Hatake Sagiki hasn’t come back yet. But it should be to be expected since not only is he their leader, he is also a Jonin from Konoha, and he is probably with others Jonin from other villages talking about important things.
According to Akabane’s estimation, it is probably tomorrow before they leave this village.
Entering his room, although he slept for half an hour in the examination room, he fell asleep shortly after returning to his room.
When he woke up, the sky was already bright.
Rubbing his eyes, Akabane couldn’t help but thought ‘No one called me?’
Thinking about it made him feel uncomfortable for unknown reasons. Usually, even if he likes it or not, someone will knock on his door to disturbed his sleep.
But now, no one bothered his sleep, so how can he not worry about it?
Opening his door and walking downstairs, Akabane didn’t expect to see all nine of them in the living room and couldn’t help but said.
“Hey, If we are about to go back, why no one wakes me up?”
Akabane who was expecting someone to answer him didn’t expect a silence as a response. 
Even Tsunade who keeps reprimanding him for his laziness just looks at him then once again glance down with her eyes clearly indignant.
While the rest were sorting out their stuff like they didn’t hear him at all, completely ignoring him.
Knowing that something is wrong, he carefully looks at them and found most of them were listless and became confused again.
But it didn’t take long for him to know why they are like that since the only thing that can make them like that is about the result…
“Is the result of yesterday Exam already out?”
The reply didn’t come from them, but from Hatake Sagiki who came out next door.
He started at Akabanes for a while before continuing: “You, Orochimaru, and Sakumo are qualified to be promoted to become a Chunin.”
“Ahhh, It’s not fair! This uncle here Win the battle but still didn’t pass!”
Jiraiya shouted unwillingly.
Only 3?
Akabane pondered secretly since this number is not normal!
At this time, Orochimaru who finished sorting his stuff asked: “Are you going back with the caravan?”
“No, of course, I will go back with everyone! “
Akabane answered, waking up from his deep thought.
These guys probably deliberately didn’t wake him up and plan to left him here.
Fortunately, he went to bed early yesterday and woke up relatively early. Otherwise, he will go back with the caravan that will take so many days to reach Konoha if he wakes up late.
“Don’t think you can laze around if you want to go back with us. Go pack your stuff.”
Hatake Sagiki indifferently said.
Akabane turned around and began to organize his stuff.
Of course, he didn’t actually bring anything when he came, just a few portable items, so he finished packing them up in a few seconds and threw them into the sealing scroll.
Without waiting for a second, after Akabane finished, they quickly set off.
And it didn’t take long for Akabane to understand the meaning of the phrase “Don’t think you can laze around” by Hatake Sagiki since the speed of going back is twice as fast as when they come!


During this time when they were together, Hatake Sagiki clearly understands Akabane’s Physical fitness so he knows that Akabane can withstand this level of speed.
On the contrary, Moonlight was the first to gasp for breath, but unlike Akabane, she still continues running while struggling to support herself even though she was tired and didn’t stop to rest.
With their speed, it didn’t take long for them to formally enter the Land of Fire.
But it also didn’t take long for the lazy Akabane to complain.
“Uncle Hatake, this…isn’t this too fast!”
“Moonlight, Shin, do you need to rest?”
Sagiki ignored Akabane and asked the two.
Since it’s been a long time of running, even Shin Yūhi is tired with his brows full of sweat, but Akabane who was complaining only have a sweat on his forehead, that even his gasping breath is clearly disguised.
From that alone can be seen who was the real one who was struggling and faking it.
“Lord, no need!”
Moonlight loudly said as she clenched her teeth while shaking her head.
She knows that she is weak, but if she doesn’t break her limit, her body will always be in that state.
Although she defeated her opponent in the exam, what is there to be proud of beating a Waterfall Ninja?
An enemy like Zack is what she wants to defeat.
Besides, Akabane who was from Kurama Clan has a stronger body than her when he is supposed to be frail because of their clan innate.
So how can she rest here!
“I can do it too.”
Shin Yūhi also loudly said.
“Very good.”
Hatake Sagiki glanced at Akabane coldly and didn’t slow down his speed.
What a bunch of training madmen…
Witnessing it, Akabane couldn’t help but think. 
If he knew this will happen, he should have stayed a little longer and left with the caravan.
As everyone knows, Moonlight is already very tired.
However, since their teammates insisted, they could not refute, and could only support her silently.
Looking at her, Hatake Sagiki slowed down a little.
Seeing the gate of Konoha, Moonlight who was physically and mentally exhausted almost lost consciousness.
“If you have a poor physical condition, enhance your Willpower and make your Willpower strong to overcome your physique, then your sword will be unbeatable!”
Hatake Sagiki coldly said.
“Yes, I understand!”
But hearing Hatake Sagiki words, Moonlight Night Dance insisted forcibly on tempering her willpower.
This is Samurai’s training.
Although Akabane can’t understand it, he admires Moonlight Night Dance Will.
Like Moonlight, he also has a weak body at the start, so he understands how difficult it is to support a weak body to keep up its speed.
Reaching the Gate, Hatake Sagiki turned his head, he looked at Moonlight at his side who has her whole body trembling from exhaustion but still standing and a smile appeared on his face and said: “Go back and rest, if you want to learn more about kenjutsu, you can come to the Hatake residents to train.”
Moonlight Night Dance hearing it was filled with joy.
Her clan was not a real Kenjutsu User since it’s derived from the Second Hokage.
But Hatake Clan is different.
In Warring States Period, they are the famous Samurai clan. After the ninja era came, they integrated Chakra and Ninjutsu to create sword art.
Hatake Sagiki saying this sentence, almost expressing that he would accept her as his disciple, so how can she not be happy.
“The rest can also have a good rest and wait for the Chunin ceremony to be notified.”
After that, Hatake Sagiki left.
Moonlight Night Dance who was supported by Sakumo was walking slowly, and said: “Everyone, go back, I’m fine.”
But Tsunade walked up to her, she checked her body with a various method and after a few minutes she nodded at everyone and said: “She’s okay, with a rest she will be fine.”
“I and Murasaki will go home with her, so you don’t have to worry.”
Shin Yūhi added.
On hearing this, they finally feel relieved.

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