Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 136


“hehehe, how do I didn’t expect this type of clothes when it’s this cute.”
Jiraiya mumbled as he kept on taking out his drawing board and paintbrush while smiling foolishly, then he started working on it.
His painting skills are very intriguing. When he draws a male image, it looks very rough, but when it comes to the female images, they are the opposite of the male since when he draws them, they are both exquisite and delicate. 
“What the hell is this guy painting!”
Kurama Yunlang clenched his teeth, restraining his curiosity.
“So cute, I really admire myself!”
After the first draft has been completed, Jiraiya couldn’t help but praise himself like an idiot. 
His drawing is almost finished with only the details left.
Seeing him painting while watching the poster, Kurama Yunlang had a bad guess and thought “This guy is not copying Young Master illustration right?”
The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible. And quickly rush towards Jiraiya ignoring his customer.
“Hey, how can you….Wow!”
Kurama Yunlang who was about to burst out suddenly stopped and exclaimed when he saw the content on Jiraiya’s painting board. But when he recalled what he said, he couldn’t help but back away with redness on his face while pointing his trembling finger at Jiraiya.
Whether it is from embarrassment or Anger is unknown.
The image in that picture is not Temari that he thought, instead it was a female character imagined by Jiraiya himself.
But if it’s just a picture of a female character, he wouldn’t react like that.
But besides the female ninja that Jiraiya imagined, there are also two puppets he drew. And the two puppets were placed in front and the back of the female character and were entangled with each other so that it made the image impactful.
Is the imagination of a child already this potent that even an adult like him was affected by it?
Don’t say Yunlang doesn’t know what it feels like, even a veteran who has been on the battlefield can’t stand the power of such a painting.
“hmph hmph, are you so amazed by this uncle’s amazing artistic creation!”
Jiraiya said triumphantly.
This painting was made by him, and after drawing the character, a whole story quickly popped up in his mind.
I have to say, this guy is really talented when it comes to something like this.
“N-not that good!”
Kurama Yunlang stuttered like a little boy feeling ashamed.
‘I can’t forgive myself for being tempted by that kind of painting!’ he thought.
“Yunlang big brother, it’s not good to lie, why don’t you have to be honest with your feelings?”
Jiraiya said as he twitched his lips contemptuously.
Obviously, you like it very much when you have that kind of reaction, and you still deny it. Your behaviour is too shameful.
“Shut up!”
Kurama Yunlang was even more embarrassed.
Jiraiya glanced at him disdainfully, and at the same time confirmed what was in his mind.
The painting that he gave to his teacher that should make normal people bleed when they read it was not attractive to his teacher at all.
So it’s not that there is a problem with the painting he made, but his teacher’s realm is just too high.
As expected of the Teacher!
Jiraiya sighed in admiration.
“Hey, what are you doing, don’t draw here!”
Kurama Yunlang who couldn’t take it anymore rage out in humiliation and the only thing he wants was to make Jiraiya left the store so his mind could also calm down.
After all, that kind of painting…
When he thinks of the picture, he has an endless Heart Demon in his mind.
“Understood, I already understand the problem anyway.”
Jiraiya didn’t care as he whistled happily, and at the same time carefully packed his tools, put away the drawing paper, and started thinking about his new problems.
How can I get Teacher’s approval?
It’s really difficult, and Akabane gave me this kind of a big problem!
He sighed and reflected in his heart.
If he wants his Teacher to recognize his work, there is no doubt that his plot and drawing skills should be improved.
“Believe in yourself, you are the invincible Jiraiya!”
I must let the teacher approve!
He clenched his fist and cheered himself to keep it up, and then ran out happily, ready to find a place to slowly ponder about the plot of his new masterpiece.
At the Hokage’s Office.
Hiruzen sat down and couldn’t help but relax after Utatane Koharu left.
Fortunately, he has a great wit, or else when Utatane Koharu saw it, he would really lose his face as the Hokage.
However, when he relaxed, his heart started to itch again.
Although he only saw the cover at the time, he could guess one or two of the plots inside…
“Should I see it?”
Hiruzen hesitated for a moment, and after thinking about it, he took out his crystal ball.
Peeking Jutsu!
It didn’t take long for the outside picture to appear on it.
The picture on the crystal ball starts from Hokage’s Office and moves around slowly.
After a while, he spied on the surrounding area.
No one at the moment.
Hiruzen quietly lit his pipe to ease his excitement and locked Crystal Ball Jutsu outside the Hokage’s Office.
“It is for Jiraiya sake, I know it’s not easy to draw this many pages and since he wants me to check it, I will help him point out any advantages and disadvantages on his story.”
He secretly persuaded himself, and quickly took out the manuscript Jiraiya gave him and put it on the table.
In the cover is a female ninja, which looks similar to the female protagonist painted on Akabane’s comic with several points of similarities.
Obviously, this work is a copy of Jiraiya.
Hiruzen turned to the first page, and couldn’t help but modded with satisfaction, there is a separate plot at the beginning, which is not bad.
And with the heroine being painted beautifully, plus points!
unconsciously, he has sunk in it with his whole body.
At first glance, Jiraiya’s paintings are not exquisite, and the character details are completely incomparable with Akabane.
Page by page, the wonderful and exciting plot makes Hiruzen unable to stop reading it, and it made his heart beat faster and faster.
In the beginning, he only gave a “good” evaluation, but after seeing the wonderful plot-it is definitely a perfect work!
Hiruzen eyes were already fiery-hot, and when he was about to flip for the next page, but suddenly….
A scoff came.
Hearing it, Hiruzen’s expression was stiff, and immediately knew it was not good.
But in the end, he is a great man. Even if someone is in front of him, he still is neither slow nor hurried. He closed the comic indifferently, took a breath of cigarette “comfortably”, and said, “Danzo, you are looking for me so Is there anything wrong?”
“Hiruzen, you really have a thick skin.”
Danzo spits out mercilessly and then sat down unceremoniously.
The two are enemies while also comrades-in-arms.
“Oh, what’s the matter?”
Hiruzen gave a light cough and asked again.
“You used to be like this, using your shameful skills to do some ridiculous things.”
Danzo continued without answering his question.
Upon hearing it, Hiruzen clenched his hand, the flesh on his cheeks trembled slightly.
This guy is doing it deliberately!
Taking a deep breath, Hiruzen recovered his calmness and let Danzo stay there.
When Danzo saw that he didn’t respond, he looked up and glanced at the calm Hiruzen, and then no longer continued to stimulate him.
And said as if the previous episode didn’t happen.
“I came here because I heard about the Magnet-Style.“
Hiruzen smoked in shock and motioned for him to continue.
“I think Hidden Sand Village should be investigated to find out to what extent their Magnet-Style has reached.”
Danzo solemnly said.
As a new type of force, the threat it has to Konoha is also unknown.
So far, Hidden Sand Village only has the ability of sands, but now they hand the Magnet Jutsu, so it’s not weird for them to also have other hidden jutsu.
Once a scale is formed, and they lack understanding, Konoha will surely become passive in the future war.
“I understand, but what do you want to do?”
“Have Anbu infiltrate and slowly investigate.”
Danzo replied.
“Magnet-Style Jutsu development originated from Second-Kazekage. If you want to obtain information, you must go to Shamon or start with that child, but the identity of that child is probably a Kazekage candidate for the next generation. So if something happened to that child, isn’t it the same as waging war?”
Hiruzen sighed.
He also wants to figure it out, but obviously now is not the time.
Danzo is also aware of this point, that’s why he added the word “Infiltration”, but infiltration is too difficult and the failure rate is very high.
In an enemy country, doing an infiltration will definitely lead to one’s death. And Hiruzen cannot accept this price.
“War is not terrible since the Land-of-Wind is more difficult than us. They will bow their heads first.”
Danzo coldly said.
“And then?”
Hiruzen said as he put the thing he was reading earlier back to the drawer artlessly.
At this time, the two keep arguing, both of them still have different political views. And their argument could not be finalized and fell silent.
“Well, since you said that, I will take a trip myself.”
After a few seconds of silence, Danzo finally said and left the building.
It doesn’t make sense…
Hiruzen thought-feeling irritated and took the manuscript back to the table.
Danzo’s arrival interrupted him who was already in the middle of the story. When he was about to read again, he suddenly stopped and got up from his seat then walked towards the door and locked it so no one would come in without him noticing.
After doing it, he came back and sat down and continued reading.
“Jiraiya’s comic is really good, but if I let him publish a book…Forget it, I will try his word first before he can publish it.”
Who would agree to publish Jiraiya’s book with his age if he doesn’t help him?
After all, not everyone is Akabane, who can make a deal like that. 
However, Hiruzen did not know that Jiraiya had already started a new creation outside of the Forest of Death.
“Female Ninja Series – Desert Flower”.
“Teacher, just you wait, I will definitely create a work that you will recognize!”
Jiraiya claimed with his eyes burning with passion, and besides him, there are already several pages of his comic.
Full of energy!
If Akabane has this momentum, the comic update may speed up a lot.
After drawing for a while Jiraiya suddenly felt a little tired after drawing a few pages and pack his things and planned to head home.
From the morning till now, it seems that he hasn’t eaten anything yet…
Since suddenly his stomach kept growling when he was walking. At first, he didn’t feel it due to excitement, but when it passed, a strong sense of hunger suddenly surged in his body.
“No, I have to go faster.”
Jiraiya quickened his pace, but when he passed by the comic shop, he saw that the caravan carrying the manga had arrived.
A bunch of workers are unloading goods and transporting down the comic that has just been printed.
And when he saw a familiar face his eyes shined since he suddenly thought of a good idea.
Akabane seems to be looking for his cooperation…
Jiraiya, who was hesitating whether to ask if his book could also be published like Akabane, suddenly felt someone’s hand in his shoulder.
“Jiraiya, what are you doing here?”
Akabane asked with a smile as he looks at Izumi Yamano from a distance, and hearing no reply continued “Did the Third Hokage agreed to publish your book?” “
“No, not yet.”
Jiraiya answered as he lowered his head, feeling ashamed.
After all, Akabane taught him to draw, but it turned out that he couldn’t impress his Teacher. So he was feeling ashamed of himself.
“You have to work hard. If even the Third Hokage can’t be impressed, it will definitely not become popular if you publish it.”
Akabane sighs, feeling a little “regret” about it.
“Yes, although what I drew can make brother Yunlang excited it must be because Teacher standard is too high.”
Jiraiya said.
Akabane looked towards the store in surprise. He didn’t expect Kurama Yunlang to also have this kind of fetishes.
Sure enough, you can’t judge a person by their appearance!

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