Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 137


“hehe~ although my first work didn’t get approved by the teacher, it’s alright, since I thought of a new plot for my next comic that the teacher will surely recognize!”
Jiraiya exclaimed vigorously with excitement on his face, just thinking of his teacher recognizing his work made him want to draw again. But it didn’t take long for his excitement to become an embarrassment when he heard his stomach rumbling.
Akabane gave him a weird look, and asked: “You didn’t eat yet?”
“I have to go to eat first, later I will give you my comic so help me see if there is a need for correction.”
After saying that in a hurried manner, Jiraiya clutched his stomach and ran into the village quickly.
Too hardworking…
“Akabane, what are you looking at?”
“That guy is promising, maybe you’ll be able to cooperate with him in the future.”
Akabane said half-jokingly.
Yamano Izumi followed Akabane’s gaze with his own and saw Jiraiya running so fast that he only saw his back for a moment.
But his hair is so eye-catching that he can recognize it at a glance: “So it’s the kid with white hair. Yes, I also saw his work in the last comic show.”
“so that’s how it is .”
Akabane laughed tacitly.
After Yamano Izumi finished speaking, he immediately felt a little embarrassed.
But he is the director of the factory, and cooperation is not a small profit for the factory itself, so he suppressed his embarrassment and continued to say: “If he really wants to publish a book, he can contact me at any time, even if the factory is busy, I can also ask other people to help with the printing.”
“Let him speak about this matter himself.”
Akabane said.
“I see. Btw, where is the update of One Piece?”
Yamano Izumi asked.
“The day after tomorrow, I will finish it at that time. “
One Piece?
Akabane was taken aback. According to his original plan, he really didn’t arrange the update of “One Piece”.
But after earning points tomorrow, He can exchange for Chakra enhancement.
After all, if his life force and chakra are enhanced, his shadow clones can last longer before they disappear. And with two clones working together, completing Chapter 2 of One Piece is manageable before the day after tomorrow.
“It just happens that there are only more than two hundred books in this batch. So I will send another batch the day after tomorrow, and I will get the update of “One Piece” by then. “
Yamano Izumi said.
The sales of “Naruto” in Konoha have three-four hundred copies, and more than two hundred copies are obviously not enough.
“No problem.“
Akabane glanced at the sky, he was thinking of entertaining them but it seems not possible.
After pondering, he sent a clone to order a few boxes of fruit.
Half an hour later, the caravan bodyguards finished unloading the comic.
As it was too late, they brought the fruit and hurried back to the factory without stopping.
Akabane saw them off and when he didn’t see their silhouette anymore he intended to also go home and lie down for a while while waiting for dinner, but before he could take five steps away from his shop, he saw familiar faces running towards him or to be exact his comic shop.
The front runners were Inuzuka Ishi and his dog Iwamaru, and following him behind were Shimi Nara, Akimichi Kazue and Yamanaka Take.
Akabane is a little confused.
“I didn’t expect I would be lucky to arrive after it had just been updated!”

Inuzuka Ishi ran over excitedly, and quickly picked up a comic from the shelf impatiently and turned the page.
Iwamaru on the other hand who is on the floor agilely jumped on Ishi’s shoulder, and after looking around, it then lowered its head. Looking at the comic seriously.
InoShikaCho on the other hand walked over slowly after they saw Akabane, not in a hurry.
However, when they approached Akabane, the only person who greeted him was Nara Shimi while the other two immediately rushed inside the store and began to grab a comic with great interest.
After greeting Shimi back, Akabane couldn’t help but ask in a low voice when he saw Shimi’s troubled face: “Is there a problem?”
“It’s nothing, are you also going to the gathering?” “
Shimi sighed after saying the gathering.
“Gathering? “
Akabane was stunned and thought about who made this idea.
“Hyuga Kazuhiko, do you know him? “
Shimi continued.
“If I remember, he should be from the Hyuga Branch House, I remember him since we were in the same class before.”
Akabane recalled.
The Hyuga Clan is in a special situation. Most members will be cultivated in their clan, and Hyuga Kazuhiko is the only Hyuga Clan in their class.
When he graduated from the Academy, he was on the same team with Inuzuka Ishi and a kid from Aburame Clan.
Akabane and Inuzuka Ishi relationship is very common, not to mention with Hyuga Kazuhiko.
“Yeah, I think I understand what you mean. “
It’s very troublesome.
Akabane and Shimi thought similarly.
One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, and Hyuga Kazuhiko suddenly organising a gathering is obviously not without a motive.
As for their intention….. It is obvious that it’s about the Chunin exam.
Except for Tsunade, The rest who participated in Chunin Exams were not members of the Great Clan. However, all of them added together can form a powerful network with great potential. In addition, the majority of the participants who participated are related to the Third Hokage, and there is a high probability among these nine there will be a shadow.
“Why do people in Hidden Sand Village carry these strange things on their backs? “
“A gourd, a big fan, and the last one who has an unknown thing on his back… It’s really strange. “
“This Gaara looks very difficult to deal with. “
Looking at the three who were reading the comic while chatting enthusiastically at the side.
Shimi couldn’t help but walked to their side listlessly and glanced at what they were looking at. After scrutinising it, he said: “It’s a Puppet. And judging from his look, he should be a Puppeteer from Sand Village.”
“A Puppet?“
“Is this a Puppet? No wonder it needs to be wrapped in cloth. “
Of course, they heard of what a Puppet is from their clan, but through childhood, none of them has seen what a real Puppet looks like.
“Akabane, I heard that their Puppet can pretend to be an adult, is it true? “
Yamanaka Take asked curiously.
“It is indeed possible since It is a Ninjutsu similar to Transformation Jutsu, but their principle is different. “
Akabane nodded.
Since he has seen this kind of camouflage in his battle against a Sand Ninja.
Inuzuka Ishi rubbed Iwamaru’s head, At the same time, he said enviously: “It’s amazing, but it’s a shame that I can’t participate in the Chunin Exams. “
“Chunin Exams is like a second battlefield, and there is nothing to envy about it. “
Akabane sighed softly.
Although the theory test is normal, but that’s all since when the second exam began until the third, it really became a small battlefield that even if you are killed, your teammates can’t get a revenge for you.
“Still, it’s already amazing to be able to go to the Chunin Exams. “
Yamanaka Take exclaimed, “After all it’s the first Chunin Exam after the war, and if you can be promoted it’s even more incredible!”
Shimi glanced at Akabane and leaned on the pillar of the Comic room without speaking.
Promoted to be a Chunin?
Then the one in front of you is very likely to be promoted.
Shimi thought inwardly.
“Is Chunin Exams dangerous? “
“Of course.“
Akabane answered with a solemn expression and then said, “I will draw some thoughts about the Chunin Exams into my comic and make a summary for it. “
“So the plot behind it is the Chunin Exams? “
Akimichi asked as he put the comic book in his right hand and stuffed snacks with his other hand, making him extremely busy.
“I’m excited just thinking of reading about it…”
Inuzuka Ishi said as he turned to chapter 36 and saw the handsome character on the page with no pupils and asked incredulously, “Is this character from Hyuga Clan?”
“He really looks very handsome. “
“Those eyes are unexpectedly cute. “
“Not handsome at all, Byakugan is really scary. “
Inuzuka Ishi hearing their praise couldn’t help but retort loudly. And Iwamaru on his shoulder seemed to understand and couldn’t help to nod.
“Why do you think so? “
Akabane asked since he was interested why he said it like that and moved to a small bench and sat down waiting for him to tell his tale.
InoShikaCho also enthusiastically gathered around his side, waiting for Ishi to talk.
“One time when we went out on a mission, Kazuhiko was on night duty, and I got up in the middle of the night to take a piss. As a result…”
When Inuzuka Ishi said this, his body couldn’t help trembling.
Everyone who listened pondered about what he said and a picture emerged in their mind.
A white eye with veins emerging near his eyes after using Byakugan.
When you saw such a pair of eyes in the dark after waking up….
Thinking of this, sympathy appeared on everyone’s faces.
“It’s really hard to be a ninja. “
Kurama Yunlang muttered to himself with some fear, as if he was lucky that he had no talent to become a ninja.
“Woof! Woof!”
Iwamaru barked twice as if comforting his master for what he experienced.
Because of his experience with Byakugan, Ishi immediately turned over the page and saw the other team of Neji and his focus was especially on Rock Lee.
“This ninja with watermelon rind hair is so funny… Is this guy also strong? “
Yamanaka Take wanted to taunt mercilessly, but turned to the next page and saw that the watermelon rind ninja like a wind generally appeared between Sasuke and the genin named Nakanin, blocking their attacks.
The funny guy just now is obviously a disguise!
“By the way, did you forget, we came to invite Akabane for the gathering? “
Shimi said as sighed heavily.
When he is with these three, he always feels tired since he is like their nanny.
“Yes, the Gathering! “
Inuzuka Ishi, who was immersed in the comic, jolted from his seat. Because of the comic, he forgot about the gathering.
“Barbecue! Barbecue! “
When it comes to eating, Akimichi’s eyes are shining.
“Then, let’s just bring the comic over, since it’s also good to read it while eating right?”
After saying that Yamanaka got up and took a bunch of comics on the shelf.
After taking a dozen books in one go, he took out two thousand ryo and handed them to Kurama Yunlang.
“Hey, I didn’t even say that I will go.“
Akabane said with a headache.
“How can you say that? Let’s go together! “
After saying that, Inuzuka Ishi grabbed Akabane’s hand while holding a few comics in his other hand, and walked to the barbecue restaurant with Akabane in tow.
Akabane was helpless, so he could only call out: “Yun Lang big brother, please tell my parents. “
“No problem. “
Kurama Yunlang smiled brightly and thought.
With Young Master’s contacts getting wider and wider. Maybe the Hyuga clan will also come frequently to buy comics in the future like the Uchiha!
This is really very good!
“Then Brother Yunlang, we are going. “
Nara Shimi said as he exhaled and followed everyone.
There are not many Konoha barbecue stores. So it didn’t take long for Akabane and the rest to find the place.
And when they approached the store, Akabane saw Orochimaru who was also being pulled to the store like him.
And the person who dragged him was Shin Yūhi.
Akabane and Orochimaru looked at each other, and each saw the helplessness of the other side.
After going to the Land-of-Wind, the nine of them experienced the virtual Illusory Domain and Chunin Exams which made them quite close to each other.
So it’s not weird for Orochimaru to come when it’s Shin who invited him, but if it’s other people, then for sure Orochimaru wouldn’t give them any attention and ignore them like air.
“Since we are here you can let go of my hand Ishi.“
Akabane said as he broke free, and then tidied up his clothes.
After all, he has to take care of his image even when he leaves his house. If he enters the door while still being pulled all the way, he will be embarrassed if that happens.
And as if they have a tacit understanding, Orochimaru also made the same move.
And the two of them glance at each other again.
“You guys go in first, and I will go in with them later. “
Shimi said as he motioned the others to go in.
As someone who was also forced to come over, he felt that he had more common topics with Akabane and Orochimaru.

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