Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 158


The night is deep.
The Uchiha clan packed their bags.
Under the order, many old and weak women and children also put on ninja clothings and prepared to set off.
At the training ground of the clan, there are a lot of people at the moment, and Uchiha Yuan is in the front.
“Patriarch, when shall we leave?”
An elder asked.
Uchiha Yuan didn’t answer, his eyes scanned the audience, and only a few minutes later he slowly said: “A long time ago, our clan came to Konoha. This is not only the home of the Senju Clan but also the home on which we live. We will never come back if we leave.”
“Patriarch, what are you…”
The elders who had made up their minds to leave the Konoha were dumbfounded, he finally persuaded everyone to leave, so how come Yuan talked about this again at this juncture.
Isn’t this cheating!
“I just want to ask, are you really determined to leave Konoha?”
Uchiha Yuan’s voice was solemn.
Many of the people present were members of his blood family, if he had to be absolutely necessary, he would really not want to use his sword against his fellow clan.
“Yuan, you are going to regret it at this moment!”
An elder already felt that something was wrong, and screamed, and then hurriedly said, “You don’t want to go, but we want to go! Everyone, don’t listen to his nonsense, we will leave from the death forest route.”
After speaking, some of their elders took the lead to go outside the clan land.
Many people clenched their kunai and kept up.
Only a few people stayed where they were, a little hesitant.
Most of these people drag their families away. It is not easy for some old and young to leave.
They originally thought that the family had to go, so they followed the big stream.
But now, the patriarch seems to have another meaning.
“Although the situation is different, I can understand how Madara felt when he left the family at this moment.”
Uchiha Yuan’s voice was low and murderous, “Because you are so stupid!”
“Yuan, what are you doing!”
These elders were frightened and angry, and a group of Uchiha ninjas whizzed around and looked at Uchiha Yuan.
They saw a pair of blood-red eyes.
The three-tomoe turns, Uchiha Yuan is angry and sad, but his momentum continues to soar.
“you you……”
“From all what you said, I only agree with one of them. And that is the family really needs to change. If we want to survive, we must get rid of stupid assholes.”
Under his indifferent voice is endless killing intent.
In the next second, dozens of shurikens and kunai flew out of the dark, and a wide range of hidden weapons covered these people who were about to leave the village.
Earth Style: Mud Wall!
The earth wall rises, blocking the flying hidden weapon, but…
Earth Style·Dark Swamp!
The collapsed terrain made them have to dodge.
“Yuan, you are so vicious, how dare you help Sarutobi deal with your own people!”
The elders shouted.
They couldn’t imagine that Uchiha Yuan, who had always been weak in his methods and weak in character, suddenly became ruthless at this important time.
The most important thing is that there are so many people helping him.
Under the action of the Dark Swamp, the Mud Wall disappeared directly.
The fleeing crowd was exposed and re-entered the siege range of the hidden weapon.
“We must break through. If we drag it down, Konoha’s ninja will come over.”
“Break through the death forest!”
At this point, the Uchiha ninjas who were about to leave Konoha did not dare to delay and immediately turned around to flee.
“Demonic Illusions: Shackle Stakes!”
A wide range of genjutsu has been cast.
Everyone seemed to be held down by iron nails, unable to move at all, at the same time flames rose from under their feet.
All those who were anchored opened their Sharingan.
They dare to betray, so naturally, they have strength, many of these ninjas have Three Tomoe Sharingan, and their strength is comparable to a Jonin, but they are horrified to find that they cannot break free.
“Impossible, why can’t I break free!”
The elders couldn’t believe that the Demonic Illusion they thought was easy to break free using their Sharingan or even bounce it back to the caster was not working!
“The eyes of the patriarch…”
The painful screams were not only coming from illusions, but also from real shurikens and kunai.
Someone wakes up.
It cannot be cracked because this is not a pure illusion.
“Mangekyo Sharingan!”
“It turned out to be Mangekyo…”
The scale of more than a hundred ninjas was held down by an illusion at the same time.
This is the power of Mangekyo Sharingan!
It hasn’t appeared for many years, and everyone is shocked to see it again at this time.
Since it represents Uchiha’s strongest power!
Uchiha Yuan covered his eyes, releasing it on many ninjas at the same time, making his eyes bleed constantly. 
But it’s not only him who suffered, but also the ninjas who were hit by his genjutsu also suffered huge casualties.
At this time, the illusion was interrupted.
“So cruel, Uchiha Yuan, you are so cruel!”
“I won’t let you go, kill, kill…”
The red blazed into the sky, and amid the screams, a bunch of Uchiha Ninjas rushed towards Uchiha Yuan.
But before they arrived, Uchiha Ensho appeared to protect him.
Fire Release: Phoenix Fire Jutsu!
Although he could not awaken his Mangekyo, Ensho can still deal with a bunch of crazed dogs that were injured without any effort.
But not everyone loses their mind like them, because most of the Uchiha ninjas, especially the elders, used Enshos’ ninjutsu as a distraction and ran out of their enclosure.
The leaders are the elders who are determined to leave.
“Patriarch, we…”
“Chase and kill them, we can’t let them escape.”
Uchiha Yuan answered while still covering his eyes, with blood flowing from his fingers.
“But this is the village…”
“Which still Village are you still worried about, kill them all first, and be careful not to hurt the villagers!”
Uchiha Yuan said angrily.
Konoha has already cast the net, just waiting for them to get caught.
If they die here, at least their eyes won’t be lost, but if they escape outside and enter Konoha’s enclosure, it’s hard to tell whether their eyes will be lost.
Uchiha Ensho immediately led his people to follow.
The ninjas who had originally planned to leave and finally chose to stay were surprised and terrified. If they had left like everyone else, they would also end up here.
They didn’t dare to ask or leave, they could only stand still while shivering.
The one in front of them is the only existence that has awakened Mangekyo Sharingan in recent years.
The elders are not his opponents, so how can they fight.
Uchiha Yuan turned around and barely opened his eyes.
He looked at the people who chose to stay and said in a low voice: “Leaving Konoha will only lead us, with the ending similar to the Uzumaki Family. I hope you don’t hate me.”
The Uzumaki family?
Everyone fell silent. Most people still don’t know what happened in the Land of Uzumaki, but they believe the patriarch will give them an answer later
“What happened to Uchiha?”
“It looks like a fight.”
“Are you going to have a look?”
Of such a large-scale battle, the villagers can certainly hear the movement.
However, when some people went out and wanted to take a peek at the battle, the Anbu appeared immediately–
“There is a fight over there, please don’t go out 
With these Anbus’ appearances, no one in the village dared to come out to join in the fun.
Because of this, the escaped elders and their clansmen quickly fled from Konoha Village and reached the outskirts of the Death Forest.
Their plan was to pass the cover of the forest and leave Konoha over here.
However, by the time they got here, more than half had been killed and many were injured.
Uchiha Ensho and his men were not merciful even towards their clansmen, and they did not hesitate to hunt them down all the way.
Fortunately, they escaped!
“Across the forest, we will leave Konoha, everyone stick to it!”
The elder comforted everyone.
“Elder, no…not, here…”
A Jonin stuttered when he spoke, his Sharingan opened looking at his front clearly terrified from what he saw.
“what’s the situation?”
The elders are highly powerful, but they have been out of the battle for too long.
In terms of combat power, even the elites crushed them.
So when the terrified Jonin noticed the ambush, they didn’t notice it at all, and instead prepared to go forward into the forest.
The Jonin pulled them back and said bitterly: “We are surrounded.”
The rest were stunned.
At this time, a group of figures appeared from the woods.
Hyuga, Aburame, InoShikaCho…
At a glance, almost everyone waiting for them belongs to big families in Konoha.
And their leader is Hatake Sagiki
“Uchiha Teru, you can’t escape, surrender.”
Sagiki said lightly.
“Surrender? What a joke!”
Uchiha Teru is the great elder of Uchiha and the leader of the group who escaped Konoha.
He used to be an elite ninja, but that was in the past because right now he is just an old man.
And he hasn’t fought for several years, and his strength is half his peak.
“Then you will only be destroyed here.”
When Hatake Sagiki heard that, he drew out a short knife, and the meaning was self-evident-kill!
In an instant, everyone started.
Akabane was buried in the dark and did not appear. Thanks to the “silent assassination technique” he had exchanged, he has a very strong ability to hide his breath and hide his figure.
As long as the opponent does not have super perception or Byakugan, they will not be aware of him. Hiding in a place.
The weak ninjas had been killed before, and it was only the Jonin rank Uchiha ninjas remained or ex Jonin to be specific
Although Akabane had reached 100 points of mental power, he still had some difficulty in defeating Uchiha Jonin who owned a Sharingan.
But it’s not a problem for him since his mission was to not let anyone escape.
The battle between the two sides was fierce, especially Hatake Sagiki. The knife in his hand seemed normal, but at the moment he used it, the lightning flashed to the extreme.
Jonin has a high insight and can indeed see the trajectory of the sword.
But what’s the use of seeing it?
Even if they saw the trajectory, their body couldn’t keep up with the lightning knife.
So in the next second, heads fly into the sky.
of course……
The most terrifying thing is that not only the knife is fast, but also Hatake Sagiki that disappeared in the blink of an eye.
And when he reappeared, it was another lightning strike with head flying!
A knife is not necessarily deadly, but when it is combined with lightning, it becomes disastrous.
 “So strong!”
It’s the first time Akabane saw Hatake Sagiki fighting, and he was afraid that it would be too late to run if he encountered this kind of ninja, let alone use illusion or ninjutsu to distract him.

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