Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 157


“Yuan really has such a determination, I will not treat Uchiha badly.”
Hiruzen said wholeheartedly when he saw the whole scene.
For Konoha, Uchiha’s thorough integration is definitely a good thing.
Their powerful Bloodline Limit, Fire Mastery, and other many secret techniques can increase Konoha’s strength to a whole level.
In this case, what reason is there to turn away?
Hiruzen has basically the same ideas, but there are subtle differences.
On the basis of trustworthiness, he doesn’t mind allowing Uchiha to participate in the management of the village.
Of course, the Hokage is not the only one who is thinking about it.
“Hokage-sama, you telling me that is useless, you should tell it to the Patriarch of the Uchiha.”
Akabane said as he got up.
After watching the drama, the next thing that was about to happen is as expected, nothing good.
Hiruzen took a breath on his smoke pipe and did not answer.
He believed that Uchiha Yuan understood what he meant; if he didn’t agree, he would have stopped it for the stability of the village.
But seeing Akabane’s movements, he knocked on the table with his cigarette stick and said,
“Where are you going?”
“Go back.”
After Akabane finished answering, he immediately felt that it was not very good.
This situation…
Is it possible to be arrested?
“sit down.”
Hiruzen pointed to the front position.
Akabane regretted it in his heart and seemed to lose himself in order to watch the drama.
He sat down at the table and waited for Hiruzen to continue talking.
“I heard Danzo say that the root has been handed over to you?”
“Yes, but I haven’t taken over it yet.”
Akabane explained quickly, lest it falls on him.
Hiruzen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he sighed helplessly and said: “What are you anxious about, I dare not give such a big thing to a kid like you.”
“Hmm, then let’s continue.”
Akabane nodded quickly.
“It’s not just Uchiha who needs to be prepared tonight, we also have to prepare manpower, once someone flees…”
Hiruzen did not say what will happen to the one that flees, but the meaning in his words is very obvious.
 Kill without mercy!
“Do you want me…”
“Yea. I want you to participate in the defence tonight, and use illusion to cooperate with others.”
Hiruzen took out a Konoha map and marked the locations of landmark buildings such as the Hokage Building, the Uchiha Clan, and the Death Forest. At the same time, all the routes for the Uchiha Clan to escape or attack were drawn.
The different colours of the lines probably represent the probability of the Uchiha family going that way.
It can be said that it is quite comprehensive!
And from his understanding of the Map, it should be from the second…
Hiruzen glanced at him, seeming to guess what he was thinking, and explained: “The map is made by the Second Hokage. This is a copy.”
“I understand, please continue.”
Akabane made a gesture. Anyway, the second Hokage has gone to the river of death to sell dried tofu. He can’t just use the forbidden jutsu just to ask him why he drew it right?
Hiruzen was silent for a moment, then spread out the map and pointed to one of the red routes.
“When you arrive at the place, you will keep this path with other ninjas and watch out for Uchiha ninjas trying to escape…”
“I know!”
Akabane took a deep breath.
There is a net around Konoha, not to mention a big living person, even if a bug wants to crawl out, they have to ask the oil girl first.
“Okay, go and rest.”
Hiruzen waved his hands, since after the matter was explained, keeping this lazy thing was an eye-opener.
It’s better to let Akabane go back and regain his strength, and work hard in the evening.
All the way back to the comic shop, Akabane was still thinking about tonight’s affairs. The Uchiha people who planned on leaving were definitely doomed, and he was not pitying them.
Instead, he thought about how to profit from it.
Judging from his experiment from little Tomiko Blood, the blood of someone who has a Bloodline Limit can indeed bring a certain point reduction.
If he gets Uchiha’s blood or eyes, he might be able to get a bargain in exchange for Sharingan. 
of course……
He has to consider the cost.
If the price of the deduction is to make his eyes blind, then he can’t make a move.
He is not Itachi!
Akabane sighed softly and had already returned to the shop unknowingly.
“Uchiha was annihilated?”
“The plot is too strong, and Uchiha’s Clan will definitely blow up their asses when they know about this.”
“Boss, run away, the guards will definitely come over and knock your shop off.”
As soon as he arrived in the perimeter of the shop, Akabane heard many people discussing outside the shop, and many others were half admonishing and half-joking with Kurama Yunlang.
Akabane turned and saw the people talking.
Most of these people are Konoha’s ordinary people and low ranking Shinobi, and they are in awe of the guards.
What does the guard do?
To say it better is to protect the villagers of Konoha and ensure Konoha’s stability and peace, while the more ugly one is the Konoha version of the urban management army.
If Uchiha Yuan did not hold them down, according to what he saw in the Crystal Ball Jutsu, a group of Uchiha guards will definitely come to his door to talk to him ‘kindly'”.
Akabane was hesitating, should he be walking out in the street like this?
What should he do if he got chased when he was just walking!
The troubles of being a celebrity!
After thinking for a moment, he finally approached, but it was a little different from what he had imagined. The villagers who had surrounded the shop the moment they saw Akabane started running away all at once.
This is embarrassing.
Akabane raised his hand in the air, then stiffly stroked his hair, pretending to be indifferent to what’s happening in the shop.
“Master, you are back?”
Kurama Yunlang was a little embarrassed, and pointed to the direction the group of people fled to then explain, “They just chat casually, don’t worry about it.”
“It’s nothing, the comics are just fiction, so you don’t have to worry about it.”
Akabane said lightly.
Then he looked around warily, then asked in a low voice, “Have he been here?”
Kurama Yunlang didn’t answer but pointed carefully to a corner where a “child” was walking around aimlessly, holding a comic book.
After a period of training, Jiraiya’s transformation technique is quite mature.
But although he can change his appearance, his temperament cannot be hidden.
From time to time, the ‘kid’ glanced at the corner where the Love in the Desert was positioned. He is clearly interested in asking something but was holding himself back for fear of hearing he didn’t want to hear!
Seeing Jiraiya, Akabane turned and prepared to leave.
But before he could leave, the ‘kid’ who was fidgeting at the corner, the moment he saw Akabane, he immediately ran in Akabane direction blocking his path and asked. “Akaba, why did my masterpiece get placed in the corner!”
“First of all, this is Yunlang’s idea. Secondly, Yunlang is responsible for the display of the store. It has nothing to do with me. In the end… your comics weren’t sold out. That’s not right, since one person bought it.”
Akabane’s words made Kurama Yunlang stunned.
His idea?
Didn’t Akabane order it!
People sit in the shop and pots come from the sky.
He opened his mouth, thinking a thousand times in his mind, and finally did not dare to tell the truth.
Jiraiya also said angrily: “Brother Yunlang, I know you like my masterpiece so why do you do this to me!?”
“Your painting is too special. Considering the image of the store, I must make certain adjustments.”
Kurama Yunlang bit the bullet and answered, admitting it’s his adjustment even though it’s not.
Jiraiya was almost crying, when he heard his masterpiece had been printed, he immediately came to the shop to see how many copies it could sell, but when he arrived and searched the entire shop here, he only saw his masterpiece sitting in a corner feeling a little lonely!
The most excessive thing is that the cover is still facing down!
“Jiraiya, what Yunlang said also makes sense, but I can call the shots and give you a few more positions.”
As Akabane said that, he winked at Kurama Yunlang.
Kurama Yunlang wanted to cry, but he could only follow Akabane’s advice and silently took out three more copies of Jiraiya’s book from the counter…
Then Akabane placed three books next to the previous one.
“Three times more than before, so inconspicuous?”
Akabane pointed to the corner.
Jiraiya also looked from the outside and saw the four books at a glance, and a happy smile suddenly appeared on his face: “Perfect!, as expected of you.”
Previously, his book although different still feels a little lonely with how many books at its side, but now that there are four copies of it, customers can differentiate that it’s at least different from the surrounding book! 
However, in fact, if he hadn’t come for this book specifically, he wouldn’t have noticed a different comic book here.
After all, there are too many books in the comic shop, and this bookshelf is in an inconspicuous position…(Uchiha Ensho is an exception )
“If in the future when the number of your printed comics increases, I will clear the entire bookshelf for you. This is the limit I can do. After all, in the store Yunlang is usually in charge. I shouldn’t have interfered.”
Akabane said righteously.
Jiraiya although felt that something was wrong, he was still unable to find fault in his words, that’s why he nodded his head excitedly.
Kurama Yunlang felt bitter and couldn’t say anything.
All good and bad things were done by Akabane alone, but who called Akabane the boss?
At this moment, he realized the darkness of the workplace.
However, there is one point. Although Akabane restricts the position of “Love in the Desert” in the comic shop, for the other caravans, he let Yamano Izumi take the initiative to contact them.
These kinds of business were very eye-catching and were agreed upon in one fell swoop, guessing that sales would not be too bad.
Jiraiya didn’t care too much about money.
For him, selling comics at Akabane shops feels like “achievement and fame”.
However, although art painting will not be banned, it is not very easy to become mainstream in this world.
That’s why Akabane’s words successfully convinced Jiraiya.
He didn’t worry about the position of his comic anymore, but happily felt that he had made a profit.
So, he left happily, probably going to find others to show off.
“Master, before you cheat me next time, can you make it clear first?”
“Ah, I will try my best.”
Akabane gave a dry laugh, then used to go back to rest as an excuse to slip away instantly.
Kurama Yunlang did not take it to heart.
Today, the two books are updated at the same time. There are a lot of customers. He hasn’t settled his account yet. How can he worry about these things?
Besides, if it weren’t for this method, with Jiraiya’s personality, I’m afraid he would have to get the location where children can see it.
“Yes, I forgot to ask the young master why Uchiha Clan was annihilated…”

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